Everglow/C4 Did I drive you away? I know what you'll say. You say, "Oh, sing one you know"
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Everglow/C4 Did I drive you away? I know what you'll say. You say, "Oh, sing one you know"
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C4 Did I drive you away? I know what you'll say. You say, "Oh, sing one you know"


Did I drive you away? I know what you'll say. You say, "Oh, sing one you know"

"You seem annoyed," Missy greeted me. She sat beside me while I worked on my paper. "What's up?"

I rolled my eyes. "Someone is flooding me with calls and text messages for the last week." I strongly traced the tip of my ballpen in the paper. "Ugh, I hate him."

"Who's that? The nursing guy? Why don't you block him?" She suggested.

"Oh," I agreed. "Why I haven't thought of that?" I groaned in frustration.

I picked up my phone and clicked his number. I was supposed to block his number because why should I not when he's nobody.

But...I didn't. Instead....I silenced my phone. Crap!

I actually thought about blocking him since he started texting and calling me, but I don't know. It felt like he's new in my boring life, so reading his text messages even though I don't reply seemed like a change for my day. I needed something that would keep me going, and hating him, and his so sweet text messages were something that kept me moving because I don't know. It felt good to hate someone that wasn't my family.

"Have you eaten lunch?" Missy asked. "I'm already hungry. It's past 12," she said as she looked at her gold watch.

"Oh. I already ate," I lied. I was starving because I've only eaten a hard-boiled egg and drank coffee for breakfast.

"Then, let's eat again." She motioned me to stand up. "C'mon, I'm hungry and I need a friend with me, so it's my treat."

"You always treat me," I sighed. "And I have to finish these papers. How's your paper by the way?"

"Well, I'm not like you so I won't do it until its due tomorrow," she frowned. "It's due on Monday, right?"

"Yes, a lot is due on Monday so I advise you not to cram," I stressed the last word.

"And I advise you to eat with me. C'mon," she urged.

"Missy, I'm thankful. But, I just...I mean," I felt ashamed of myself. She always treated me, but I couldn't even give her anything in return.

"It's okay, okay?" She chuckled. "You're my friend. It's the only thing I can do since more than that could let your family harm me."

"Thanks, really." I bit my lower lip. She's making me cry. "But, no fancy restaurants, please?"

"No problem. Let's just grab bacsilog at Agno," she replied as we head out of our room.

"Okay," I answered. "Oh, froshies are crowding the hallways again!" I said, irritated as we moved.

"Well, we were once froshies like them," Missy chuckled. "Time flies."

I was about to react when I heard my surname. There are times when I hated it, okay most of the time I hated it.

"Hey, Tan!" I stopped mid-way. It was an AB History student, which I forgot the name. "Are you done with my paper?" She whispered.

"Oh yeah!" I pulled the green folder inside my bag and she slipped money upon holding it. She mouthed thanks before running.

I smiled triumphantly. Money is the only thing that could make me happy now. How sad, right? I wished I could go back to the times when a thousand peso bill was just a toy for me. But then, I was grateful because I now know the value of hardships above else.

"How many papers you accepted?"

"I lost count." I shrugged.

I counted in my mind and thought about 20 papers from different courses, but as I always said, I need the money so it doesn't matter.

I checked my phone for the list of papers I still need to write when a message from an unknown number popped out.


Hello Ma'am, u have delivery

I raised an eyebrow. Delivery? I don't even have money to ask for a delivery. Are you kidding me?


I don't have any that I know of


Food panda. It's a free delivery


From who?


Didn't say the name, but said u know if I said it came from España

España? Oh, right. Zee! Why did she send me food without texting me?

I guess it's a surprise and a good timing because I could use the food for dinner.

"Hey, Missy. I'll see you at Agno in a while. I gotta pick a delivery from my friend." I said as I replied to ask where's the delivery man.

"Okay, I'll save us a chair, then." She waved.

I headed to the Henry Sy Sr. Hall to pick up the delivery. It took me minutes before reaching the hall. I hated how big our school was and how people were scattered around the place. Crowded hallways were suffocating me.

Where is the delivery man?

I wondered what's up? It's the first time Zee made a delivery for me.

I picked up the phone when the delivery guy called me. "I'm standing in front of the hall. Where are you?"

I heard a chuckle before he answered, "Turn around."

I groaned in frustration when I heard his voice. Ugh! I should have thought about him. I mean, Zee never send food delivery and this guy who's been pestering me since last week was also studying in España. Oh, great! How come I didn't think of it?

"Hi," he greeted me with a smile as I turned around. His smile was still bright like the first time I saw him. This time, he was wearing an eyeglass like of those Harry Potter and he tied up his bangs revealing his smooth forehead. Well, he looked -- no, let's not compliment him. Tsk!

"You really like yellow, huh." He stated as he surveyed me from head to toe. "You always wear yellow whenever I see you, so..." He dropped his phone inside his pocket before giving me a sunflower.

"A sunflower?" I choked. "You're kidding me!" I said staring at the trunk of sunflower I don't know where he picked up.

"I'm afraid I'm not. C'mon, I picked it up for you." He urged.

Honestly, I would love to accept it because it's my favorite flower. But, there's no way I would do it. I don't want him to think I was enjoying his presence when I don't - okay, maybe a little bit.

"What are you doing here? How did you find me here?" I moved my head sideways. I couldn't believe he was here when I didn't even told him where he could find me.

For the record, I didn't give him my number. "How did you get my number? Are you a stalker?"

He laughed. "I have my ways."

"Care to share?" I stared at him suspiciously.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be my ways." He grinned.

"If you will not tell me, I'll call the police and tell them you're a stalker." I put my right hand on my waist.

"A very handsome stalker." He emphasized every word before he winked.

Why is he so cute?

Oh, idiot, Gab! Stop admiring him.

He placed back the sunflower on the paperbag as I turned the other way.

"Oh, Mr. Very handsome stalker, I don't have time for you so I'll go," I raised my voice and heaved. "Please, stop bothering me. Okay? Just please, stop!" I raised both of my arms. "I don't have time for you!"

"If you don't talk to me right now," he warned as I turned my back. "I'm gonna scream here."

"You're not going to do it," I replied and started walking.

He didn't say anything, so I was relieved. Until I was halfway when he shouted, "Please, babe!"

The people started to look at us when he added, "Please, babe! Talk to me, please!! I beg you!! Talk to me!! I'm sorry!"

"Holy crap!" I covered my face and was about to head back to Agno when he screamed again.

"Please, babe! I beg you! I'm not going to stand up until you talk to me!"

"What the!" I screamed the frustration inside me when I saw him kneeling on the ground. "You gotta be kidding me!" I ran to him and immediately covered his mouth with my hand when he was about to shout again.

"What the hell do you want from me?" I yelled, irritated.

"Have lunch with me." He widened his teeth as he stood up. "Please." He pleaded with puppy eyes.

"Look, I really don't have time for this. I'm busy." I stressed every word for him to realize I was dead serious. "I appreciate everything." I said, softly.

In fact, I liked what he was doing for me because I felt like I was not alone. For the first time, I felt someone was there to look out for me because I've been looking out for myself, all alone. I was so tired, and his presence somehow gave light to my burden.

"But, I don't have time for this, whatever you are trying to do with me, I don't have time for this," I repeated. "So, please just stop, okay?" I sighed in frustration. "Just stop calling and texting me. I don't date."

"As I said, I'll be the one to-"

I cut him off. "No, you don't get it. You don't even know me." I moved my head sideways. "I have a lot of things going on with my life. Dating is the least of my priorities. I don't need a man to give me trouble. I don't need trouble," I lifted both of my hands and pleaded. "So, don't appear and walk in front of me like that because you're trouble, and I don't want trouble in my life." I faced palm. "Nothing good will come from this."

I wanted to tell him that knowing me and entering my life would give him a mess.

I am a mess.

"Unless you have a job to offer, which I really need right now," I said desperately. "I will not talk to you. So go away, please."

He stared at me for a second before widening his mouth. "Have lunch with me."

"Didn't you hear me?" I yelled in frustration. He was making it hard for me. Why is it even hard for me?

"Clearly," he nodded. "And you're lucky, I have a job to offer." He winked.

"Do you think I'm being funny?"

"Do you think I'm joking?" he replied seriously.

I waited seconds to confirm if he was telling the truth. He might be.

"What job?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You'll see when we get there." He scanned me from head to toe as his lips formed a devilishly smile.

"I will not have sex with you," I stated.

"Woah." He unbelievably stared at me before laughing like crazy. I wished he'd suffocate. "Wait," He shook his head sideways. "I didn't think of that. But why not?" He licked his lower lip. "I'm good at bed."

"I don't want to know," I replied with a roll in my eyes. "What would I do to you if you don't have any jobs to offer?" I crossed my arms. "Don't waste my time!"

"If I have, will you tell me your name?" He met my gaze.

"You know my number and where to find me, yet you don't know my name," I frowned. "How ironic is that?"

"I want you to introduce your name to me." He stressed every word.

"Get me a job first." I said, determined. Although, I wasn't sure about the job because my family might ruin him if they knew.

"Laters, let us eat first." He lifted the paper bag. "I cooked your favorite buttered shrimp, and I don't want it to go to waste."

I blinked. My mouth hung in surprise. "How did you know my favorite?"

"I have my ways." He playfully smiled.

"You're creeping me out," I groaned. "Who the hell are you?" I stared at him from head to toe, and he used that opportunity to act handsome. "How did you know?" I asked with gritted teeth.

"It's a secret." He devilishly grinned.

I kept on asking how did he know, but he refused to answer.

Uh, I hate him.


"Why do you need a job?" I saw the curiosity in his face as we walked outside the avenue. "I mean, you're rich," he added.

"How did you know I'm rich?" I snickered.

"You're an Archer, surely your tuition fee is much higher than ours," he stated. "And, you wear branded clothes and accessories." He scanned me from head to toe while waiting for the cars to stop.

"I'm not rich," I replied. I used to be rich. I used to be that girl who can buy everything or anything. But right now, all the things I owned were things my mother bought for me. I don't even have new clothes, shoes, and bags since I ran home.

"I'm a scholar," I added.

"Smart," he traced the tip of his teeth with his tongue. "It makes me like you more."

I frowned with a roll in my eyes. "Whatever! So, this job you're talking about. What is it really that we have to stop in front of a five-star hotel?" I crossed my arms as we stood in front of the lobby.

"What do you think is it?" He teased.

"I will not sell myself even if I'm broke," I pursed my lips.

He chuckled. "And, I don't have any intention of buying you because what I want is to be with you."

Oh. My mouth slightly hung, and I felt my cheeks reddened. Did I just blush? Crap!

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"I don't." I quickly answered.

Why is it getting hot in here? Uh. I hate this feeling.

"Fair enough."

"If you do anything, anything..." I stressed the last word. "I want you to know, I know the owner of this hotel," I warned him. I was sure this is one of many five-star hotels of Zendaya Corporation.

I felt nostalgic when we passed by the front desk. I saw Zee's portrait hanging on the wall, along with Zack's family portrait. I felt relieved knowing Zack hadn't removed that because there's still hope for both of them, but I felt sad at the same time.

"Woah, you know? You're influential. Why don't you find yourself a job here?" he asked, surprised.

All my jobs were from Zendaya's Corporation, I whispered to myself. There's no way I was going to tell him information about me because we're not that close. It's too tiring to share your life with someone who would eventually go.

"Just shut up, okay? Why are you always loud?" I hissed. I should name him Loud.

"Cause it's me," he winked as we went inside the elevator. I wanted to grab his eyeballs right now, so he would stop that.

I watched him clicked the 11th button before staring above. He removed the tie on his hair and brushed it with his hands.

I cleared my throat and looked in front when he caught me staring. "W-what exactly are we doing here?" Crap! What's with the stammer, Gab?

He stared at me with a smile on his eyes. "I'm giving you a job," he replied. I followed him outside the elevator until we stopped at a hall. "It's the job you're best at, so I believe you can do this."

"Do what?"

"Sing," he smiled. "Let's go inside before they get in." He opened the door.

"Woah," I reacted. It was a hall that turned into a garden. Blue rose petals were scattered around the aisle, and different flowers were put around the table and chairs. Lanterns were hanging on the ceiling, and butterflies were making the place even more beautiful.

There was a tree-house in the stage, and underneath it was a wooden heart-shaped chair where newly-weds would sit down. "It's a wedding reception."

He nodded. "Yes, it is. Do you want that?" He circled his finger around the place. "For our wedding."

"That was fast." I rolled my eyes.

I almost jumped on my feet when he said, "Of course, it should be fast because I couldn't afford to lose someone like you. Remember, I prayed for you."

Damn! He's making me hate him and everything. Why do I have to meet him? Should I believe God sent him?

"What are we doing here?" I changed the topic and looked the other way. I wanted to curse myself. I hope he wouldn't notice my cheeks because I was feeling red.

"I sing on different events, and these are one of those many events." He answered. He laughed as he looked at me. Crap! My face! I hate how pale I am.

He walked to the side where a set of instruments was place. He picked up the bass guitar with his left hand and handed me the microphone with his right. "Here's the list of requested songs, and you got an hour to practice it. Don't worry, I'll sing with you." He pointed at the acoustic guitar. "You can use that or the keyboard if you like."

"Really? I'm just going to sing?" I was surprised because it was easy, and I loved it.

"Yes, and they pay a huge amount of money for three sets of songs," he whispered the amount to me. It was indeed huge, like 20 thousand.

He laughed when he saw my reaction. "My talent fee is higher than you think."

"Wow," I said, amazed. "So, I'm just going to sing, right?"

"Yeah, and if you made me speechless, I'll give you half of my fee."

I clicked my tongue. "Just that? It's easy." I grinned.

I sang 15 songs because the newly-weds kept on requesting. It's exhausting, but I enjoyed it and he seemed to be enjoying it too. I must say we sounded great together like it wasn't the first time we did this thing. Like we were meant to be. Okay, forget it! Why am I even think about it? It's not like we're going to see each other again.

"So?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked at me. I waited for him to say a thing, but he was waiting for me.

I cleared my throat. "Thanks," I smiled sincerely. "Thank you for giving me this."

He nodded. I felt awkward when he didn't remove his eyes from me. Okay, what should I say next? I looked the other way hoping he would say something, but the silence just became awkward.

"I think I'll go," I broke the silence after seconds. "I-I still need to work at the bistro."

Okay, what is happening to me? Why am I blushing? Crap!

"I see, okay," he smiled. I hate his smile, they're too bright. Ugh! "Want to sing with me again?"

"Oh," I chuckled. I get it now. I stood up straight before offering my right hand to him. "I'm Gab," I said, staring at his smiling eyes. "Gabriella Tan."

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