Everglow/C6 Feels like there's something broken inside, all I know is that I'm lost
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Everglow/C6 Feels like there's something broken inside, all I know is that I'm lost
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C6 Feels like there's something broken inside, all I know is that I'm lost


Feels like there's something broken inside, all I know is that I'm lost

"Please, Gabriella!" Victoria, the president of the Pop Band, pleaded. "Come back to the band, please!" She pouted as she poked my cheeks while I was busy reading.

"You know the reason why I quit, right?" I turned to her for a second before turning to my book again. Damn! Why is there a lot to memorize?

"It's okay if you will not meet us for practice every day, just come back and win the University Battle of the Bands with us." She crossed her fingers. "Please, please..."

"Why do you need me? You got yourself a vocalist," I looked at her. "C'mon, you can sing, and Var Maquess can sing," I suggested.

Speaking of Var, he asked me to write papers for him again. I mean, it was great because he pays a lot, but should I do it? What is he going to do with those papers?

"You are going to sing with Var," she stated.

"What? Why it has to be a duet?" I hysterically said. "It's a great honor and I'm so flattered because you think I can help you win the contest, but-"

She stopped me. "Gabriella! For God's sake! You did not only help us, but you win every contest. We win every contest with you, so," she pleaded again and was almost ready to kneel when I pulled her.

"You're kidding, right? Go, get Var instead of me. He's a member of the band and the last time I checked he's still good at singing.

Victoria sighed, which made me realize they couldn't get Var to sing without me. I don't know why but I felt like my hair grew an inch.

"We need you, Gabriella! Please, please," she crossed her fingers. "I'll do everything if you say yes."

I wished someone would start needing me not because I could do something for them, but because they just need me even if I am nothing.

I pursed my lips. Should I ask for money?

"Still, a no." I shook my head as I checked my watch. "You can't change my mind," I added.

I opened my bag and started packing my things. Victoria was pulling my shirt and still begging me to accept her offer.

"No, Victoria," I stood up and pushed her hand away. "Sorry, but I still have my class. Go, find someone because you know I don't have time." I stressed the last word.

She pouted. "Fine, call me if you change your mind." She raised her hand in defeat. "I'll see you."

I waited until she was out of my sight before heading out of the library.

To my surprise, even though I shouldn't be surprised, Loud was standing outside...waiting for me.

I caught myself smiling but decided to raise my eyebrow when he looked at me.

"Hey!" he waved. He slowly walked towards me like a runway model. He brushed his hair, and I smelled coffee when he stood in front of me.

"What are you doing here?" I crossed my arms.

"Are you happy to see me?" He winked.

"Why would I be happy to see you?" I hissed.

"Of course, I make you happy, right?" He looked straight in my eyes to confirm if it was true, though there's no way I'd admit it.

Hah! Duh! Over my dead cold body! It would just make him flutter. No, I don't want him to feel butterflies in the stomach because I might not be able to catch him if he truly fell for me. Sorry, life taught me to be negative. I hate it. Yet, I prayed that soon enough, I would learn to see the glow in every day...again.

"As if." I stuck my tongue out. "I have a class, so don't bother me!" I walked as fast as I could before he could convince me to skip my class and just go to work. My money still wasn't enough to pay for my condo. It was the cheapest condo unit in that building, but funny, I couldn't afford it. I might sell my kidney in the next few days.

"I'll wait here, okay? See you, Gabby!" he yelled.

I heaved.

I stopped. I hesitated but ended up turning my back. I hate him! Ugh!

He was making it hard for me to avoid him. Just looking at his bright smile, I could already sense trouble.

"Don't wait." I mouthed.

His eyes inched a little as he stared at me. I thought he was trying to decode what I just said, but when he started to act cute I know he was fooling me. Ugh! I cursed in my mind.

"I said, DON'T WAIT!" I yelled before running.

I was sure he laughed his ass out.

"Missy!" I called as soon as I went inside the room. My classmates were busy reviewing for our examination today, which I should also pay attention. But here I am, bothered by something...someone. I need answers!

I searched every social media account on earth, but I got no clues about him. It's time for me to hire someone because I might go crazy if this will continue. I asked him a lot of times, yet he still didn't give me an answer. So, hah! Who the hell are you, Lauyton Diem Elarde?

How? How the hell did he know me?

It seemed like he knew where to find me. Should I believe in fate, destiny, or whatever hopeless romantic people called it? Did God send me to him because he prayed for me, or it's the other way around?


"I need to stalk." I shook my head. "No, I need to investigate someone."

"What?" She blinked. "What do you mean? Like detective thing?"

I nodded. "Yes, I need a private investigator, but you know I don't have any money to pay for that," I said, holding my breath. "So, I'm asking if you know someone who can help me...for free? Not really, free...but yeah," I crossed my fingers. "I need it, please?"

She closed her book as she turned to me seriously. "Who and why?"

"It's the nursing guy," I sighed. "He seems nice, but I don't know. He was creeping me out because he always appears out of the blue. Like, how the hell did he know I was here or there?"

"Coincidence? Destiny?" Missy chuckled. "You are paranoid. Maybe, he asked someone, or..."

"He's stalking me," I scowled. "C'mon, can you help me? You wanna help me, right? This is the help that I need!" I pleaded.

"I can't..." She wagged her head. "But oh!" She lifted her pointed finger and smiled devilishly. "Maquess!"

"Maquess?" I reacted.

"Yeah, they have a company for private investigators," she teased. "And he will never refuse any favor from you," she smiled. "You know where to find him."

Before I could reply, our professor entered the room. I spent the next hours spacing out instead of focusing on your examination. I left the room, not confident enough if I would pass it. Damn! He was really trouble! I should call him trouble and not Loud!

"Idiot, how the hell!" I brushed my hair in frustration. "What are you doing here?" I lowered my voice when my classmates started looking at us. "What are you doing outside our room?!"

I waved bye to Missy before pulling Loud away from the crowd. I let go of him when we reach the elevator and was about to scold him when he grabbed my wrist.

"Let's run!"

Without hesitation, he pulled me, and I almost got a heart attack as we circled down the stairs. "IDIOT!" I screamed. "LETMEGO!! I'M GOINGTOFALL!" I panted.

"I will catch you," he chuckled.

Stupid motherfucker!!!!!!

I cursed in my mind. I thought of pulling my hand, but I was afraid. I was scared to fall because I wasn't sure if he would really catch me. Like duh, I don't want my beautiful face to land on the floor.

I felt like puking when we reach the ground. My head was spinning like crazy as I tried to figure out what is wrong with him?

I gasped and put all my force to punch him in the face. Unfortunately, he caught my fist. I was going to land another punch using my free hand when he wiped the sweat behind my cheeks.

I was stunned. I couldn't move. I watched him. His shoulder was thrusting up and down. The liquid was dripping on his cheeks down to his neck. His adam's apple gulped as he inhaled. He smelled latte...I want to taste...damn! Fuck, Gabriella! What is this, slow motion?

I pushed him away. "What do you think you're doing?" I shouted.

He plainly looked at me before giggling. "You're cute when you're mad."

My gaze soften...no! I shouldn't be affected.

"You're unbelievable!!" I scratched my head in frustration. "What do you need from me?" I asked, desperate.

"I need you," he winked.

I choked. "W-what!?" I covered my mouth and faked a laugh. Damn! I was trying to hold my breath because I felt like exploding. I could already feel the redness of my cheeks. I shook my head and looked away.

"Go away! I have work!" I cleared my throat. "Bye!" I waved without turning my back.

He was about to say something when my phone rang.

"I need to see someone," I lied and started walking. Okay, saved by the bell.

I grabbed my phone inside the bag. My smile instantly faded away when I read the name of my landlord.

Oh, gosh! What to do? I stared at my phone until the call ended. I promised to pay tonight, but I still don't have the full payment. Should I beg again?

Okay. I inhaled and exhaled. I made a sign of the cross before running towards my condo.

I should beg, literally beg this time. I would kneel in front of him just to extend my due. Yes, let's do that!

However, I was too late.

I calmed myself. I need to be strong. "You can't fall on your knees, Gab!" I whispered to myself as I watched my things being thrown away like garbage outside the unit.

I breathe in and out. "Mr. Reyes!" I called. "Hi." I faked a smile. "I thought we had a deal..."

He cut me off. "Our deal's off, Gabriella."

"But, why?" I answered. "I mean, I promise to pay for the rent this month."

"You already told me that, but you haven't paid for two months. I also need money, so I'm sorry. You need to go." He pointed at my things and shook his head.

"I know. I understand, okay?" I clung to his arms. "But, please..." I cried. "Let me stay here tonight, please!" I pleaded and was ready to kneel down when he lifted me up.

"I don't have any place to go." I bit my lower lip and tasted blood. Damn! I couldn't help my tears. I wiped and wiped the liquid pouring down my cheeks, but they won't stop. Crap!

Where would I go?

I started thinking where...what...who? Where would I go? Who would help me? I need someone who would help me, yet I know that someone would definitely be in trouble too.

"C'mon, Mr. Reyes," I begged. "You allow me before to stay even though..." I stopped and looked at his expression. That's when I knew there's something wrong in here. He's been very helpful to me since I moved in, now, why? Why would he do this now when he allowed me to stay for months without paying?

There you go, Gab! As if I don't know.

He looked down. "I'm sorry. I'm afraid I could no longer do that." He tapped my back. "Someone already paid for the rent."

"Who?" I asked, even though I already know.

I wished I could kill someone the moment I heard her annoying voice, "Hello, little sister."

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