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"Yang Li, even if you have the luck to become a disciple of the Sky Mist Sect, an ant will never be able to change its lowly life!"

"How laughable that your parents thought you were the pride of the Yang family. It has been five years and you are still not a servant of the Sky Mist Sect? "

"In order to help you cultivate, your old man planted five times more plants than others. Now, his waist isn't even straight anymore!"

"Your mother took care of household chores during the day and fed spirit beasts at night. She worked herself to death and was even run over by a Blue Wind cow a few days ago. Now, she is bedridden!"

"What did you give them in return? You're ashamed to come home for five years? "

"You've cultivated for five years and are still at the first level of the Qi Accumulation Stage. Even an eighth year child is stronger than a trash like you!"

"What use do you think you have in this world? If I were you, I would just run into a wall and die! "


The surrounding words rang in Yang Li's ears, each and every word spoken by him was filled with malevolence, cutting at his heart.

Yang Li was the target of a thousand accusations. He was an existence despised by the world, an existence that even the heavens and earth could not help but shake their heads at.

This caused Yang Li to feel extremely uncomfortable, as if ten thousand ants were devouring his heart. It was filled with bitterness, as well as … Unreconciled!


Yang Li let out a roar, like a huge dragon roaring with unwillingness, or like an angry volcano that suddenly erupted, and a crimson flame swept out!

"I can't accept this!"

"I, Yang Li, have trained twice as long as others!"

"I, Yang Li, am not going home because I hope to make a fool out of myself and return home to repay the two elders!"

"Even if I were reduced to being a labourer in the alchemy lab, I still wouldn't be able to break through that barrier after five years. I, Yang Li, will not admit defeat!"

"I don't believe that fate cannot be changed!"

Yang Li crazily roared, bringing a resolute will with him as he surged forward as if he had broken free of his shackles!

In an instant, the surrounding malevolent and repulsive people were burnt to nothingness, and even the void itself was shattered like a mirror. In the end, even Yang Li was reduced to fragments!


"Hu hu hu hu!"

Yang Li sat up abruptly while sweating and gasped for breath. He looked around at his surroundings and was silent for a while. He then laughed at himself:

"So it was a dream."

Seeing the moonlight falling through the window, he had already reached the bed. He silently estimated the distance before going to bed and estimated that an hour had passed.

After a moment of silence, Yang Li took out a broken beast skin from the headboard. This beast skin was only the size of a palm, but it was dark red in color, as if it was condensed from fresh blood.

The origin of this beast skin was not known to Yang Li. He only knew that it had been passed down from the Yang Family for generations.

He wanted to show respect to the two elders and let them enjoy a life of luxury. He wanted to become famous, marry a beautiful woman, and have love and love for the white haired man. He even wanted to touch upon the legendary Dao of longevity …

However, after he entered the Sky Mist Sect, he realized just how laughable his idea was. Ever since breaking through to the first level of the Qi Accumulation Stage, five years had passed and he still had not been able to break through to the second level!

Thinking of those lofty ambitions, thinking of how his parents had gradually aged over the past five years and yet were unable to do anything to him, he clenched his hand tighter and tighter around the beast skin that he inherited from his family. His fingernail had sunk into his palm through the torn beast skin, and blood was flowing, yet he himself did not feel any pain at all.


The silver light was like the silver ancestor of the world. It was extremely bright. Yang Li only felt that there was no other color in this world other than silver.

When Yang Li opened his eyes again, he saw that the room in front of him was no longer his own. It was an extremely unfamiliar place.

What caused Yang Li to be the most stupefied was the ten blazing suns above him. Ten great suns covered the sky, and the waves of heat made Yang Li break out in a sweat.

Yang Li ruthlessly pinched his own thigh. Yang Li confirmed that he wasn't dreaming this time. The legends said that there were ten days in the ancient times. Could it be that he was now on another side of time and space?

Thinking of this, Yang Li's breathing quickened.

His breathing quickened and Yang Li discovered that he seemed to have inhaled a type of nectar as his tongue and tongue began to salivate. A warm current of air began to flow into his body.

What made Yang Li's breathing quicken was that the bottleneck which he had been stuck at for five years, had actually been shaken at this moment!

Yang Li's heart trembled. His current mood was no longer the depressed and unwilling from before. He was so excited that he found it hard to contain himself.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Li reined in all of the thoughts in his heart and immediately began to revolve the cultivation method he had practiced for a long time – the 'Fire Heart Sutra'.

He had to keep his feet firmly on the ground to break through that bottleneck.

At this moment, Yang Li forgot his current location. He was not training in the Sky Mist Sect, and forgot whether this place was safe or dangerous. There was only one belief in his mind!

He was going to explode!

He wanted to become stronger!

He wanted to become an existence that those people looked up to!

Yang Li activated the 'Heart of Flame Scripture' to the extreme. His mouth, nose, and pores all opened as he absorbed and exhaled the world's spirit energy that was shockingly rich.


In just a split-second, he hadn't even finished circulating his cultivation technique in such a trashy place as the 'Fire Heart Sutra'.

The natural chasm that had plagued Yang Li for five years had been crossed, and the sturdy bottleneck that had trapped Yang Li for five years had been broken through!

"Second level of the Qi Accumulation Stage!"

Yang Li had a thought, but he did not stop moving. His hands constantly formed seals, and the rich spiritual energy of heaven and earth drilled into his body like a dragon.

"Hu hu!"

Once he broke through the bottleneck that he had been stuck at for five years, Yang Li would cherish this opportunity. He would not let it slip by him even for a second; he would turn this opportunity into his own cultivation.

Middle stage of the second level of Qi Accumulation!

Late stage of the second level of Qi Accumulation!

Peak of the 2nd level!

So training could be so simple.


He didn't know how much time had passed. He didn't know how fast his cultivation had increased, nor did he know what realm his cultivation had reached!

While he was cultivating, Yang Li suddenly felt an invisible pressure from the surrounding space.

It was as if it was trying to expel him, trying to force him out!

Yang Li was shocked, but before he could even react, he felt the world spinning, and then he lost consciousness.

In a daze, he opened his eyes and seemed to see ten great suns burning with raging flames, rotating like living creatures.

However, he did not know if this scene was real or fake.

Within the mysterious space, ripples appeared in the air and Yang Li disappeared from where he stood, leaving behind only the mysterious space.



Yang Li once again opened his eyes, but he discovered that he was still in the room. The decorations were still the same, the moonlight was still bright, and even the beast skin that was tightly clenched in his hands was still there.

"What's going on? Was it a dream again? "

Before he even had the chance to doubt, Yang Li suddenly felt the spirit energy within his body surge violently like a surging tide.

This was something he had yearned for in his dreams, but never possessed!

"It's true! It's true!"

At this moment, Yang Li had the sudden feeling that he wanted to dream. Yang Li was so excited that he found it difficult to contain himself as he mumbled to himself.

He was both laughing and crying. His tears were on the verge of flowing out, but they still lingered in Yang Li's eyes, as if he had gone mad.

Actually, this was no wonder. Even though he had been dreaming of something, he had managed to persevere for five years. Now that he had obtained it, it was understandable for him to lose his composure in excitement.

After all, he was only fifteen years old, just a teenager.

After a long time, Yang Li hurriedly sat cross-legged on the bed. His hands formed a seal as he began circulating the 'Heart Flame Scripture'.

He wanted to take this opportunity to consolidate his sudden increase in cultivation, turning it into his own cultivation.

Circulating his cultivation method, Yang Li carefully comprehended the spirit energy within his body. Feeling the majestic and vigorous aura within, Yang Li couldn't help but feel joy in his heart.

Third level of Qi Accumulation!

This was Yang Li's current realm!

It had to be known that before now, Yang Li had only been at the peak of the first level of Qi Accumulation.

However, Yang Li had broken through a bottleneck in the time it took him to take a nap, and had even broken through several cultivation barriers of the early, middle, late, peak, and so on.

This cultivation speed was so great that even the Elders of the sect would click their tongues in surprise if they saw it.


Cultivating for no time, Yang Li had a whole new understanding of these words.

Immersed in the practice of his slow cultivation base, immersed in the wonderful process of his ethereal and flashy strength slowly transforming into true power.

Yang Li only felt that when he closed his eyes and opened them again, the sky had already brightened.

Clenching his fists tightly, Yang Li could not help but smile as a faint yellow light coiled around them, giving off a scorching aura. Feeling the surging energy within, Yang Li couldn't help but smile.

"Yang Li, what are you daydreaming about?" "Senior-apprentice Brother Wan Hao is angry. He's looking everywhere for you."

At this time, a head peeked out of the window and shouted to Yang Li, who had just woken up, with a bit of anxiety in his voice.

"Wan hao?"

Hearing this, Yang Li was a little confused. He was the little leader of the service disciples in the Pill Refining Pavilion. Not only was he strong, he also had a lot of followers.

All these factors combined together led to Wan Hao being extremely tyrannical on normal occasions. No one dared to disobey him, because those who offended him would end up in a miserable state, with no lack of cultivation being crippled and no place to redress their grievances.

However, this kind of existence would not normally notice a service disciple like Yang Li, who was accumulating Qi for the first level. Yang Li would not find it so annoying to offend him.

The two of them were existences from two different worlds. They did not have the slightest connection, so why would they look for him now? And angry.

Yang Li withdrew his expression and looked at the round-faced youth. He asked with an unsightly expression:

"Angry? Looking for me? What does it have to do with me that he's angry? "

"I heard that a pill refiner dropped some equipment in your pill room today, causing the pill refining to fail. He became furious at Senior Wan Hao, now it seems that he wants to settle the score with you."

The round-faced youth said, his face revealing an expression of lingering fear. It was clear that even if he recalled that scene, he still had some lingering fear.

"Today is my day off. If something happens during this period of time, it will be his own fault. How can you blame me?"

When Yang Li heard this, he sneered. This matter had nothing to do with him, he wouldn't foolishly run over to apologize.

"No matter what, he's still a senior brother. Since something like this has happened, he naturally needs someone to take the blame."

When the round-faced youth heard this, he sighed. Facing such an existence with a background and strength, he felt deeply powerless.

"So you choose me?"

"Yang …" "Not good, they've come. I'll be leaving first."

The round-faced youth was about to say something when he seemed to have seen something. His face changed as he quickly said this and left in a flash.

Yang Li's brows creased as he thought about the whites in his eyes for many years. His expression immediately turned cold as he sneered and muttered to himself:

"Substitute lamb? "If it was yesterday, perhaps he would, but today …"

The cold radiance that he had stored up for so many years splashed in the air!

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