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On this continent, ten spirit stone slags were a low-grade spirit stone and ten low-grade spirit stones were a mid-grade spirit stone.

Over ten thousand mid-grade spirit stones was equivalent to a hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones. For Yang Li right now, this was a lot.

Shaking his head, he gave up on this idea.

However, he was suddenly curious about another question.

"Yao Yao, do you also train in origin energy?"

"There is! There is!" I'm already at the 2nd level of the Qi Accumulation Stage! "Otherwise, how could I drag you to bed!"

"Humph, I have only cultivated for half a year, otherwise those bad guys would definitely not be able to beat me!"

As this matter was brought up, Yao Yao's face was filled with anger. Her small teeth were grinding together.

At this time, the change of ointment had also come to an end. Yao Yao's reckless bandaging methods had caused Yang Li to suffer, but he hadn't made a sound.

But he didn't expect Yao Yao to tie a butterfly knot around his neck!

After she was done tying the pill, Yao Yao smiled and said, "Big brother, eat this pill and you'll be fine after a few days of rest."

"Alright, I understand. I'll cultivate first and recover from my injuries. After my injuries are healed, I'll take you away." Yang Li didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the butterfly knot. However, he didn't disappoint the little girl's loveliness and good intentions. Nodding his head, he began to cultivate.

Seeing Yang Li cultivate, Yao Yao also began to cultivate. Only, her body began to emit a green radiance that symbolized wood and life.

The two people who were cultivating quietly inside the cave didn't know that outside of the cave, a large number of robbers were searching for them. The roars of magical beasts and the screams of robbers filled the entire forest.


In the blink of an eye, an entire night passed. Yang Li's origin energy had already completely recovered.

He felt that his condition had improved quite a bit. Most demon beasts were not his match.

"Yao Yao, where are you going? I'll send you back to the sect. " After Yang Li recovered from his injuries, he began to ask Yao Yao.

"I want to go to River Gazing City, my family will go there to find me." Yao Yao blinked her large eyes as she spoke.

Yang Li nodded. River Gazing City was a city close to the Misty Cloud Mountain Range. It was a very bustling city.

However, they were about two days away from where they were. The bandits were also attacking them.

If he wanted to leave safely, he had to think carefully about his plan.

"Yao Yao, are you sure you want to go to Jiang Cheng?" Yang Li asked again.

"Hm!" I will definitely go! "

"Alright, then let's go." Hearing Yao Yao's affirmative answer, Yang Li didn't hesitate in the slightest, directly bringing Yao Yao away.

He was not an indecisive person, so he would immediately do as he was told.

But the heavens did not do as they wished.

They had only walked three kilometers when they were discovered by three bandits.

The three bandits were all wielding large blades in their hands. One of them even had a long scar on his face.

After seeing Yang Li, the person with the knife scar on his face immediately shouted: "Quickly release the signal detonator! Don't let them get away! "

Hearing their words, Yao Yao panicked: "Big brother, what should we do?"

Yang Li frowned and raised his hand to release Divine Flames Masked Sky, blocking everyone's line of sight. He pulled Yao Yao into his embrace and ran into the forest.

Yang Li ran as he tried to come up with a countermeasure. Right now, he absolutely could not fight, otherwise he would be dead.

There were many people on the other side, and there were many high level bandits. However, it was absolutely impossible to enter the forest.

The deeper he went into the forest, the higher the level of the demon beasts was, and the more dangerous the situation would be for him.

As more and more people began to chase after them, Yang Li's mind raced as he tried to come up with a plan to deal with this group of people.

Suddenly, Yang Li's eyes lit up.

A Billowing Fire Snake! He was close to the domain of the snake!

More and more pursuers came closer and closer. At this time, Yang Li stopped and faced the bandits.

"Brat, run!" Why aren't you running anymore? " The bandits that had been chasing him the entire time shouted out.

Yang Li raised his spear and sent a Flaming Dragon soaring into the sky. The bandit who bore the brunt of this attack didn't expect him to make such a sudden move.

"You'd better shut up when I'm not asking you to talk." Yang Li looked at her coldly.

Yao Yao, who was in his embrace, suddenly looked at him with her big bright eyes, as she quietly asked: "Big brother, what do we do? Are we not running anymore? "

"Yao Yao, do you believe in big brother?" Yang Li asked her softly.

"I believe you, big brother." Yao Yao resolutely said.

"Fine, come. Big brother will carry you. You have to hug me tightly. Don't let go, don't make a sound."

Yang Li placed Yao Yao on his back, and Yao Yao was extremely obedient as she tightly hugged him.

"A few days ago, there were people who wanted to kill me, but I ran away. When I return, it will be their time of death!"

"If you want to kill me, then prepare yourself to be killed by me! "Keep chasing, I will make your deaths miserable!" Yang Li said disdainfully.

"Arrogant brat, I'll definitely kill you today!" The bandits were also infuriated, cursing out loud.

Yang Li saw that his success had infuriated them and immediately turned around to run towards the area where the Tide Fire Serpent was. Just as the Tide Fire Serpent was about to sense them, he turned around and ran away.

He took out two pieces of grass from his chest, and handed one to Yao Yao while he ate the other.

"Yao Yao, eat it."

Yao Yao obediently ate the Fog Concealed Grass, and the two of their auras suddenly disappeared.

The bandits chasing after them could see the two of them, but they couldn't sense their auras. Thus, they guessed that they must have eaten some special pills or had some sort of treasure.

His heart was burning even more fiercely as he continued to chase, but he did not notice the danger ahead at all.

Yang Li arrived at the territory of the snake, but he cleverly turned to the right and placed himself in the snake's blind spot.

When the snake sensed the presence of others, it opened its eyes. The aura it felt and the first thing it saw were those bandits.


The snake was enraged!

As the overlord of a region, a being that was deeply feared by all Level 2 Demonic Beasts, there was actually a group of ants that dared to occupy his territory.

It wanted to swallow these fellows whole and defend its own dignity!

The bandits wanted to retreat as soon as they saw the snake, but they were too close. With the snake's speed, it could catch up to them in less than a minute.

At this time, a strong voice shouted, "Everyone, hold on! Hold on to this beast! The boss will be here soon! He said he'd kill the beast and stew soup for everyone at night. "

In the distance, Yang Li had brought Yao Yao up a tree. He watched this scene with interest.

Although he felt that there would be some high level leaders among the robbers, he did not believe that they would be able to reach such a high level of mastery.

He saw an extremely tall and sturdy man charge from the back of the bandit group and slash down on the body of the serpent.

A wound was directly split open on the body of the Billowing Fire Serpent. It couldn't help but cry out in pain, but its viciousness became even greater.

His crimson red eyes turned even redder as he spat out a stream of venom!

The bandit boss shouted anxiously, "Retreat! Retreat! Anyone below the seventh level of Qi Accumulation will die if they come into contact with the serpent's poison. All of them will be pushed back a hundred meters! "

When the bandits heard this, they hurriedly retreated, but there were still people who died from the poison.

The bandit boss shouted in anger, "Bastard! You have harmed my brother's life! Today, I will cut you down and sacrifice my brother's blood!"

After saying that, he directly struck one spirit technique after another onto the body of the snake.

The snake let out cries of pain from time to time, spitting out pools of venom. The forest was filled with the strong elemental energy fluctuations of the bandit boss, as well as the venom of the snake.

However, the bandit boss wasn't afraid of the Fire Snake's poison at all. Its poison couldn't break through the bandit boss's elemental energy barrier at all.

However, there were more and more wounds on its body, and the red light on its body dimmed.

Seeing that the Billowing Fire Serpent was about to die, the bandits drew closer and closer, wanting to surround and kill it.

An accident had occurred. The Billowing Flame Serpent had suddenly shed its outer layer of skin, and its body had grown a bit longer as well.

The originally dim red light on his body once again brightened as the old skin retreated, bringing with it traces of blue light.

This sudden turn of events caught the bandits off guard.

However, what they were more afraid of was the future.

The snake's body suddenly spewed out a large amount of red mist. Even the bandit boss was unable to avoid the mist, which corroded the elemental energy barrier.

"Brothers, run as fast as you can!" Since this beast has already reached level 2, I can only hold it off for a short while. Hurry up and run! " The bandit boss said in horror.

However, no matter what, it was too late. The stupidity of his subordinates had caused them to die under this wave of poison mist.

The bandit leader could hear all sorts of words being spoken around him.

I don't want to die! I haven't even gotten married yet! "

A furious roar rang out, "Boss! Get out of here! One day, help us kill this snake as a sacrifice! "

There were also insults, "It's all your fault! If you weren't greedy for the treasures, how could so many of our brothers die?! "

The bandit boss listened to the conversations around him. Although his heart ached, his hands didn't stop moving.

One spirit art after another was blasted out, causing the snake to constantly retreat.

At the same time, the snake was also enraged. One mouthful after another, it spat out the red colored venom towards the bandit boss.

The bandit boss could only evade in every direction. The level two venom had already corroded his elemental energy, so he didn't dare to take it head on.

The battle between the two became more and more intense. In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed and both the bandit boss and the snake had slowly weakened.

When the bandit boss saw that the snake had weakened, he gritted his teeth and fished out a pill from his chest and stuffed it into his mouth, preparing to escape.


However, when the snake saw this, its eyes glowed with a red light. It let out a long hiss and quickly closed in on the bandit boss.

The moment he got close to the bandit boss, he spat out another dense red fog. Then, his entire body collapsed onto the ground.

The bandit boss was aghast, "Bastard, do you want to die?!" Since that's the case, then let's just go all out and fight! "

The bandit boss's elemental energy barrier was continuously being corroded by the poisonous fog, but it was also constantly being set up.

Just as the mist was about to dissipate and the bandit boss was about to relax, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of venom.

The venom soundlessly corroded his elemental energy barrier and landed on his body.

The originally exhausted Fire Snake forced itself to give the bandit boss another mouthful of venom.

"Flame Blade, enter the soul!" An extremely powerful Bladeqi burst out, and the restlessness of the fire origin energy sublimed its momentum as if it could cut through thousands of enemies.

It turned out to be a bandit boss who was completely infected with the venom and was struggling to survive. He used all his Essence to slash at the head of the serpent.

The snake let out a cry of pain and its body went limp. Other than twitching from time to time, it did not move an inch.

At this moment, the bandit boss could no longer suppress the poison, and his entire body was suffused with a strange red color. Not long after that, he stopped breathing.

Yang Li, who was watching from afar, finally sighed in relief when he saw that the bandit group had been completely annihilated.

"Now I can safely send her out. However, I remember that the Demon Core of the Billowing Fire Snake has some value." Yang Li thought.

Thus, he turned to Yao Yao and said, "Yao Yao, wait for me here for a moment. I will go take a look and then return. Don't move recklessly."

"Okay big brother, but from what I can sense, that big snake isn't dead yet. Big brother, you have to be careful." Yao Yao reminded.

"Alright, I understand." Yang Li had long experienced Yao Yao's ability to recognize auras.

There wasn't anything strange about this. After replying to him, he ran off towards the Flame Serpent.

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