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Yang was originally not far from the battlefield, so he quickly arrived at the side of the Billowing Fire Snake.

After careful observation, he was sure that the bandit leader was dead. He then picked up his crude spear and stabbed the flame dragon into the wound on the head of the serpent.

Although he had hit the snake until it was seven inches away, he wasn't sure that he would be able to pierce it with the body of a second level Flame Serpent. It would be better to just attack the wound.

If the snake was not truly dead, then this thrust of the spear would be able to severely injure it once again.

In addition to the fire energy that came with the Flame God Incantation, there was no doubt that the Billowing Fire Serpent was going to die!

Its head, which was as hard as a land dragon bear's, could not even withstand the explosive energy seeping through its skin, much less a severely injured snake made of fire.

However, if the Billowing Fire Snake really had not died, he would have been shocked awake and launched his final counterattack.

As a result, after Yang Li thrust out his spear, he quickly retreated backwards.



It was exactly as he expected. After being stabbed, the snake woke up with a sharp cry of pain. However, he could not catch Yang Li's aura and could not attack him at all.

Yang Li had just retreated to a place that was relatively safe, when he detonated the explosive force at the head of the snake.


The head of the Billowing Fire Serpent exploded, and blood splattered everywhere.

Yao Yao was relatively far away, so she was not affected, but this caused Yang Li to suffer.

The blood of a Billowing Fire Snake contained a portion of poison as well. If one was tainted with it, although it was different from dying directly from the poison, it was still extremely difficult to bear.

Therefore, he could only keep dodging, but his eyes were filled with excitement.

The demon cores of a Billowing Fire Snake were quite valuable. Even though the rank of a Billowing Fire Snake was rather low, his was a Fire Poison with dual attributes. These kind of demon cores were extremely useful for pill refiners.

This was because killing a Billowing Fire Snake was extremely troublesome. In a battle of the same level, if one wasn't careful and got infected by the poison, they would quickly die.

High level people also disdained killing low level demon beasts, which resulted in the core of this kind of demon beasts being in a relatively expensive state.

This exorbitant price only applied to cultivators below the Blood Tempering Realm. Even if a cultivator above the Blood Tempering Realm lacked money, he wouldn't use the method of killing a Billowing Fire Snake to obtain wealth.

Soon enough, the snake was completely still. Yang Li rapidly approached the snake's body, but discovered that there was something extremely awkward going on.

He did not have any suitable tools to retrieve the fire serpents' beast cores.

"It's also because the head of this snake is too tough. Even a thousand years of ironwood wouldn't be able to endure it. Otherwise, it would be a pity to have the tools to retrieve the beast core." Yang Li said with regret.

As for the bandit boss, his weapon was tainted by the venom and temporarily unusable. The venom spat out by the Billowing Fire Serpent would dissipate in an hour, but it was clear that he couldn't wait that long.

"Big brother, next, this blade should be able to cut open his skin." Just as Yang Li was having a headache, he suddenly heard Yao Yao call out to him. Turning his head around, he saw Yao Yao throw a bright knife at him.

After Yang Li circulated his spiritual energy, he extended his hand to catch the knife that Yao Yao threw to him. After roughly examining it, he discovered that the entire knife was extremely beautiful.

The body of the saber was engraved with a mysterious red pattern. The blade was extremely sharp, and on the handle of the blade, there was a small dragon that seemed to be alive.

Yang Li picked up his knife and walked towards the body of the Billowing Fire Snake. He wanted to test if he could cut it open, but this attempt inevitably caused him to be shocked.

Like a piece of paper, Xiao Dao easily cut through the surface of the water snake's skin. Yang Li rejoiced and quickly found the location of the water snake's Demonic Core.

The core of the demonic beast was located in different places, but the core of the snake was seven inches away from him.

People of the same cultivation level couldn't afford to provoke a Billowing Fire Snake. Those with a high cultivation level would be able to quickly defeat it even if they were able to attack it for seven inches. However, the core would also shatter with their attacks.

This was another reason for the scarcity of the demon cores.

Yang Li was extremely careful when he took out the demon core, as he didn't want to have any trace of poisonous blood stuck to his body. By the time he took out the demon core, he was already sweating profusely.

The Billowing Fire Serpent's poison sac and Demonic Core were the most valuable items, but with his cultivation, he could not touch them. Touch them and he would die, so he did not force them.

He took the bandit boss's relic, but didn't find anything useful to him. In fact, he only had a few dozen Spirit Stones.

Even though it did not fit his identity, he understood after thinking about it. After all, the bandit boss was only at the seventh level of the Qi Accumulation Realm. He had no idea how long he had saved up for.

As for the other bandits, Yang Li didn't even bother to look at them. On one hand, they were disdainful. On the other hand, they were troublesome, and the gains wouldn't make up for the losses.

After picking up the spoils of war, Yang Li returned to Yao Yao.

"Come, Yao Yao, I'll send you back." After Yang Li returned, he spoke to Yao Yao.

"Yes." Yao Yao vigorously nodded her head and followed Yang Li.

There was no one around to stop them, and the two of them weren't going too deep either. Leaving the forest in just a day was far below Yang Li's expectations.

However, because they wanted to send Yao Yao off, they left through the entrance of River Gazing City.

It had only been six hours since they had left the forest when Yang Li and Yao Yao saw River Gazing City's five meter high city walls in the distance, and the large golden words written on the tower that were like dancing dragons and phoenixes: River Gazing City!

Compared to the Misty Cloud City, River Gazing City was more majestic and spectacular. The city was also more bustling with activity, and there were more guards standing at the city gate and pedestrians entering and exiting the city.

The two of them walked to the city gate leisurely. Before they entered, they could already hear the noise coming from within the city.

Yang Li originally wanted to send Yao Yao back to the sect once they arrived at Jiang Wang City, but then he realized that he hadn't been back to the sect for a few weeks.

It had been too long since he last went to the pill room. The service hall's elders would definitely make things difficult for him. He might as well rest here for a bit and break through to the fourth level of the Qi Accumulation Stage before returning.

On the other hand, he couldn't be at ease with Yao Yao, after all, this world had too many different types of people, and she was also very cute. If she was kidnapped by others, it would be bad, why not send Yao Yao to find her family and buy some daily necessities?

Yang Li and Yao Yao had just entered the city and were preparing to buy some clothes. As they were sending her back, a white-haired old man appeared in front of them.

The old man wore coarse linen clothes and his body emitted an aura that was like a deep sea. However, it made people feel amiable and his pupils were extremely clear, giving people a feeling as if they were bathed in spring wind.

"Grandfather!" Yao Yao saw the old man excitedly calling out to her, before she immediately ran over to him.

However, when the old man pressed a finger to her forehead, Yao Yao's mouth immediately shriveled up, and a few glimmers of water appeared in her eyes.

The gentleness on the elder's face faded as he looked at her angrily. "You still know how to come back!?" I've only been gone for two days and you're already gone. Grandpa almost flipped the entire River Gazing City! "

"Grandfather, I just felt that something was calling me, so I followed that voice."

"And then I accidentally stole the bandit's treasure and was chased by them. It was because this big brother saved me, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to see me now!"

"But when I finally returned, you actually dared to scold me!" The more Yao Yao spoke, the more wronged she became. In the end, she began to cry.

When the old man saw that she was crying, he suddenly felt a headache coming on. He pulled her closer and comforted her with a doting look on his face.

"Alright, alright, Yao Yao, be good and stop crying. Grandfather is wrong. Grandpa won't be so fierce towards you in the future, okay?"

"This is bad!" Yao Yao didn't give him any face, instead hugging him and crying her heart out. Her tears and mucus all covered his clothes.

The old man did not mind, and turned to look at Yang Li: "Thank you, little brother, for saving my mischievous granddaughter! If it weren't for you, Yao Yao and I wouldn't be able to see each other anymore. I'm sure that during this period of time, Yao Yao has given you quite a lot of trouble. "

"Senior is being too courteous." Yang Li calmly said.

"Little brother, your arrogance and righteousness is very strong!" "According to our Sun family's unique Qi Watching Art, your aura has the power of a Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss. Although your cultivation is currently low, I believe that you will be able to sweep away an entire region in the future."

"Hehe, what's your name little brother?" "Since you saved my granddaughter's life, then you owe me one more favor." The old man smiled as he spoke, seemingly appreciating Yang Li's words.

"Junior is Yang Li. Gratitude is too exaggerated. Junior only did a small thing." Yang Li said in a neither humble nor arrogant manner.

"Since Yaoyao has safely returned to Senior's side, with Senior's cultivation base, I naturally wouldn't let her be in danger again. Junior also has urgent matters to attend to, so I will take my leave." With that, he prepared to leave.

Hearing that Yang Li was about to leave, Yao Yao began to panic. She anxiously pulled at the corner of the old man's clothes, but no one knew what she was talking about.

The old man looked at Yang Li with admiration. After pondering for a moment, he spoke.

"Little brother, how about this, I see that you don't have any storage treasures on you, and this old man has an idle spatial ring, if you don't have anything to do, I might as well give you some spare time and save you some trouble, how about that?"

"This …" Yang Li, who was about to turn around and leave, hesitated. After all, he really needed the interspatial ring.

However, he thought for a moment and believed that he would definitely be able to obtain it in the future. When he was about to reject it, he heard the old man laugh: "Compared to little brother Yang, this kind of small item is only worth a few small items and is of no other use to you. But little brother has saved my Sun family's princess's life."

"If you can even reject such a small thing, then my Sun family will inevitably fall into disgrace. Just treat it as helping someone to the end and protect the reputation of my Sun family. Little Brother Yang, you don't have to decline."

"That brat is more respectful than willing to obey. However, senior, you don't have to be too courteous, you can just call me Yang Li."

Hearing this, Yang Li truly didn't know how to refuse. He could only accept it and try to pull some strings.

Hearing Yang Li's reply, the old man nodded his head with a smile. Then, he took out a spatial ring and handed it to him.

"Good, then I'll call you Yang Li. Yang Li, you can directly bind this item by dripping blood on it and take it as your master." Very good, then I'll call you Yang Li, Yang Li, you can directly take this item by dripping blood on it and taking it as your master.

"My Sun family has quite a reputation in the Southern Domain. If you have the time in the future, you can come visit us in the Southern Domain. My Sun family will definitely treat you well."

"Big brother Yang Li, you must come and play with me!"

With that, the old man and Yao Yao disappeared from sight.

Yang Li was about to reply when he discovered that the two of them had already left. Only Yao Yao's voice resounded in his ears.

He could not help but let out a bitter laugh, exclaiming at how profound the old man's cultivation was, but he quickly made up his mind.

"I believe that I can definitely reach or surpass such a realm. In the future, I am destined to be king!"

Dudian smiled as he thought of this. He went into the tailor's shop in the city and bought two clothes.

Because it was already rather late, Yang Li found an inn and planned to rest while Yu Qing checked out her harvest.

Yang Li impatiently took out the Space Ring the elder had given him. He carefully examined it for a moment, then bit his finger and dripped a drop of blood onto it.

A soft violet light flashed on the surface of the ring, and he felt a connection to it.

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