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Yang Li opened the interspatial ring and found a few bottles of pills inside.

Qi Replenishing Pill: Spirit Refinement Realm pill. It can recover one's Essence for a short period of time and is suitable for use in battle.

Nine Transformations Life Pill: Spirit Channeling Pill, a single pill can cause a person to lose their life force. Below the Spirit Channeling Pill, as long as a breath remains, one can consume this pill to swiftly recover their injuries and vitality. It is extremely difficult to refine.

Small Stage Pill: For those below the Spirit Realm, aside from the ninth level, you can also break through a level.

Healing Pill: It can quickly recover the body's injuries, if it is not fatal, it can recover within three days, and the effects of internal injuries are reduced by half.

Yang Li looked at it carefully. There were pills in every aspect. There were five Qi Replenishing and Healing Pills, but there was only one Small Stage Pill and Nine Transformation Life Pill.

However, thinking about it, refining this kind of pill was extremely difficult.

He was grateful to the old man for his kind treatment. At the same time, he secretly decided that he would repay this old man in the future.

Yang Li kept the ring and put everything he had into it.

Looking out the window at the full moon, Yang Li suddenly thought of his old parents, his eyes moistened.

"After the outer sect examination is over, let's go home and visit our parents. If we haven't been filial for five years after leaving home, it's time to go home and check on our parents. I wonder if their health is better now."

"When we return to the sect this time, we must enter the outer sect and sell off the Devil Flame Serpent's core in exchange for some medicinal pills that are beneficial to them."

Thinking this way, Yang Li thought of beast skins. He subconsciously took them out from his ring and observed with a frown.

The animal hide was still as tattered as before, and it didn't seem to have anything special about it. It only had a desolate and ancient aura, but he still felt that this animal hide wasn't that simple.

The mysterious space, the choice of cultivation techniques, and even the sudden increase in his speed during his battle with Fang Chong a month ago made him feel as if it had something to do with this beast skin.

But on the surface, he couldn't see anything. Yang Li tried to control it with his Essence, but it was like a clay ox entering the sea. There wasn't the slightest reaction from the animal skin, and even if he used Essence to chop it down, there wouldn't be any problems.

Just as Yang Li gave up and prepared to put it into his spatial ring.

The beast skin suddenly emitted a silver brilliance, and Yang Li also disappeared with the appearance of the silver radiance.

The trees outside the inn rustled along with the wind, and the sound of people beating people could be heard from far away. There were also wild cats crawling across the roof of the inn, occasionally calling out to them.

Other than that, there was no other sound.

Those with extremely high cultivations detected the commotion, but did not find anything wrong with their Spiritual Sense.

As for the vanished Yang Li, he actually appeared in a mysterious space. The scorching air mixed with extremely rich origin energy surrounded him.

Yang Li raised his head to look at the sky. The ten great suns that he had absentmindedly seen were currently hanging in the sky. In the distance, there were also some unknown birds and beasts that were hooting.

He was at the top of a mountain peak. At the foot of the mountain, there were lush and verdant trees that formed a vast forest. It emitted an ancient aura, as if it had been there for hundreds of thousands of years.

The roar of wild beasts could be heard in the forest, like that of wolves and tigers.

Yang Li didn't even have the time to observe anything before he felt the rich and rich origin energy crazily pouring into his body.

If he didn't transform it into his own cultivation level in time, it might even explode. Yang Li didn't have enough time to think about it carefully, he directly sat down cross-legged and began to practice the Flame God Incantation.

As if sensing the cultivation technique he was cultivating, the surrounding Essence Qi became even more vigorous and rushed into his body.

At this time, a voice echoed in Yang Li's mind, but he couldn't clearly hear a single word that was being spoken.

Yang Li focused his mind to listen carefully because he knew that this had to do with the mystery of the beast skin. However, as his voice gradually weakened and finally disappeared, Yang Li didn't even hear a single word of it.

Yang Li couldn't help but feel that it was a pity. He turned around and earnestly digested the origin energy, increasing his cultivation.

In just a quarter of an hour, Yang Li's cultivation crazily soared from the late third floor to the late third floor.

Early stage of the fourth level of Qi Accumulation!


Early fifth level of Qi Accumulation!

Middle stage of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation!

He didn't stop until he was at the middle of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation, and a pressure similar to the one from last time pressed down on him!

The strong repulsive force caused Yang Li to have no room to resist, as if it was telling him that he didn't belong here, and that he shouldn't stay here.

After Yang Li was forced out, he suddenly appeared in a tavern. He could feel that his cultivation was truly at the middle of the fifth floor.

An unreal feeling appeared in his heart, but his cultivation was real. Yang Li put away the beast skin in his hand and sat down cross-legged to stabilize his cultivation. Once he sat down, he directly sat down to dawn.

In the early morning, Yang Li, who had finally stabilized his cultivation, felt the surging Essence in his body. He could not help but feel joy on his face.

In a month, he had gone from the first level of Qi Accumulation to the middle of Qi Accumulation Stage Level 5. The most talented person should not be much better than him, right?

At this moment, he suddenly felt something in his mind. He had been stabilizing his cultivation yesterday, so much that he did not notice this abnormality.

He thought back to his cultivation technique and discovered that it was different from before. The feeling that it gave him was that his cultivation technique had become more complete, as if it was still incomplete.

He also felt that the current cultivation technique was more suitable for him to cultivate, and it brought him more things.

For example, if his elemental energy condensed, the rotation speed of the air whirl would also become faster, and the recovery speed of his elemental energy would also become faster. As for his other improvements, he hadn't had the time to try yet.

However, he had an intuition that even if it was someone at the late stage of the sixth level of Qi Accumulation, he would not be afraid of it now. It could even be said that he could challenge someone at the seventh level of Qi Accumulation.

This was because compared to the sixth level of Qi Accumulation Stage, the seventh level only had one more cyclone and the first level had a greater reserve of origin energy.

Thinking of this, Yang Li became even more excited. There was no need to worry about returning to the sect.

Once he reached the fifth level of the Qi Accumulation Stage, he could directly enter the outer sect. There was no need for him to rush back to participate in the outer sect disciple selection.

It was rare to come to this big city, River Gazing City. There were some things that didn't exist in the sects, and perhaps there would be some in River Gazing City.

He wanted to choose a suitable weapon for himself. Although the Flame God Spear Art was strong, if the quality of the weapon was too poor, its power would be greatly reduced.

Thus, Yang Li stood up and left the inn. He began to search through the various shops and weapon stores in the city for the spear he liked.

After wandering around for an entire day, he ended up with a headache. He couldn't afford the good ones, and he didn't want to buy the bad ones.

From his point of view, a weapon could be used for years or even decades. If the quality was too poor, it might break midway. When the time came, he would have to purchase another spear.

As soon as he entered the night, River Gazing City suddenly became lively. The labourers had returned, as had the cultivators who hunted the demon beasts in the forest.

On the other hand, a small market in the eastern part of River Gazing City had become a paradise for cultivators. Countless stalls were placed here, and rare objects were found in the mortal world.

"Don't miss out on passing by. Legacy's divine jade is on sale. It's cheap. It can help you increase your cultivation!"

"I've just killed a rank 3 beast core. It's not for sale. I don't want to sell it for a cheap price. I don't want to sell it for 888, 688 low-rank soul stones!"

"He's selling spiritual herbs. I've come to take a look at Tier 4 spiritual herbs. It's definitely not a loss to buy them!"

Yang Li couldn't help but smile when he heard all the strange shouts in the market. There were definitely counterfeit goods in this kind of market. It was just that he didn't know which fool would fall for it.

"You evil merchant, why don't you go and die when you sell a piece of broken animal skin for ten low-grade spirit stones?"

"That's right, that's right. A piece of old animal skin with a hole in it. My Young Master is slightly interested. You actually asked for ten low-grade spirit stones!" With your mouth opened so wide, you better be careful not to knock your teeth out! "

Yang Li heard a voice coming from the left. That old, cracked hide caught his interest. He looked to the left and saw a man who looked like a rich family's young master standing in front of a stall.

On the other hand, his servants were harshly pointing fingers at the booth owner. The booth owner merely glanced at them and said, "When the owner is not talking, the dog shouldn't bark. It's easy to bite the tongue!"

More and more people were attracted by the commotion.

"Are you out of your mind? Ten low rank soul stones, I can buy your entire stall. You're telling me that ten low rank soul stones for a piece of animal skin? " The young master of the rich family opened his mouth, his tone was filled with disdain and impatience.

"Five Spirit Stones. Give me the beast skin, and ten Spirit Stones will pack up your entire stall. Although I'm not interested in the rest, this small thing should be something that little girls like."

Yang Li lowered his head to look at the items on the stall. When he saw the beast skin, his pupils constricted and he directly said, "Boss, give me the beast skin. You can have the spirit stones."

With that said, he took out ten Spirit Stones and passed them to the stall owner. However, when the stall owner saw the Spirit Stones handed over by Yang Li, he immediately raised the price.

"Now the price has increased, 20 low-rank soul stones."

Yang Li's expression turned ugly, but he quickly adjusted himself. There was a faint smile on his face.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." The boss calmly said and didn't pay any more attention to him.

As for the surrounding people, they looked at the boss as if he was an idiot, but the boss still ignored them.

At this time, the rich family's young master looked at Yang Li with a bit of annoyance. It didn't matter how much money I spent on what I wanted to buy, but why did you suddenly appear and fight over it with me?

"Kid, you dare to snatch the things I want to buy? Don't you know me? " The young master of the rich family said arrogantly.

Yang Li ignored him and pointed at a small, spear-like accessory on the stall as he spoke to the owner.

"Twenty low rank soul stones are too expensive. You were selling them at the price of ten soul stones just now. How about this, fifteen spirit stones. Take this little thing with you and I'll go back and play with it for my younger brother."

The owner glanced at him, then looked at the pendant he was pointing to and said indifferently, "Twenty low rank soul stones, two of them for you."

When Yang Li heard these words, he was overjoyed. On the surface, however, he looked as if it was difficult for him to make up his mind.

At this time, the rich family's young master saw Yang Li ignore him and was enraged. He raised his hand and sent a stream of Essence to attack Xiang Yang Li!

Yang Li didn't even look at him as he casually sent out some Essence Qi to disperse his attack. He then said to the stall owner, "Alright, I'll pay twenty Spirit Stones for twenty Spirit Stones. I'm in a rush to get rid of the flies, so I won't bargain with you anymore."

After he finished speaking, he handed the spirit stones to the boss and took the two items that he wanted.

He turned around and looked at the young master from the rich family, his eyes full of ridicule and disdain.

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