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Perhaps that rich family's young master was too spoiled and spoiled to realize the disparity between him and Yang Li. His attack of anger was easily obliterated by Yang Li.

The two servants beside him were anxious. They immediately stood up with fiendish expressions.

"Brat, it's not too late for you to admit your wrongs!" Do you know who my Young Master is? " A servant shouted to Yang Li.

"A dog that bites doesn't bark. It can bark but a dog doesn't bite. It seems like your servant is the same as you, a piece of trash." Yang Li looked coldly at the rich young master.

"Brat, don't you think you're being a bit too arrogant? "You're the first person in Jiang Wang City who dares to talk to me like this!" Yang Wei said angrily.

When the surrounding people heard his name, they wanted to laugh, but they didn't dare to. All of them held their breaths as their shoulders trembled.

However, Yang Li was different. When he heard this name, he was stunned for a moment before bursting out in laughter.

"Impotence? The name your family gave you is really special! "

"Brat, you're courting death!" Yang Wei was originally furious, but when he heard this sentence, his entire body exploded.

"Raging Inferno Burning Body!"

Yang Wei waved the fan in his hand towards Yang Li, and a majestic aura of destruction rushed towards Yang Li!

The scarlet red energy caused the temperature around him to increase by several degrees, as if it was going to burn him into ashes.

However, Yang Li did not even bother to dodge. He casually set up a barrier and yawned. He watched with interest as the incoming Essence Qi bombarded the barrier.

When Yang Wei's servant saw that Yang Li did not even try to dodge, he immediately began flattering Yang Wei.

"Young master's power is unrivaled, his elegance is peerless. This silly kid was directly frightened by Young Master's spirit art and didn't dare to even move." A servant said with a flattering look on his face.

"Right, right, right. He's just a country bumpkin who's never seen the world and yet dares to provoke a young master at the sixth level of Qi Accumulation. Now, it's a waste of time for him to die." The other servant wasn't willing to fall behind either.

Yang Wei saw that Yang Li did not defend against his magic technique, and the flattery from the two servants made him feel extremely comfortable. His anger also gradually dissipated and became extremely happy.

He proudly looked around, only to see that others were looking at them as though they were idiots, and his complexion had turned slightly unsightly. Just as he was about to reprimand them in anger, he heard a lazy voice.

"Didn't you eat lunch? Use more strength! "My elemental energy barrier hasn't shattered."

Yang Wei's face immediately turned black, while the two servants immediately shut their mouths after hearing Yang Li's voice. They didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

Yang Wei did not believe that this was just another move from the Burning Fire Body, but Yang Li was still unharmed.

Yang Li yawned again and felt bored. He gathered some Essence Qi and threw it out. Although it wasn't as gorgeous as his technique, just Essence gave off a feeling of certain death.

Yang Wei was no exception. When he saw Yang Li's Essence Qi shooting towards him, he quickly set up two Essence Qi barriers around himself and once again used Burning Fire to try to break Yang Li's attack, but the result made him afraid.

Not only did his attack not destroy Yang Li's attack, but it had instead been destroyed. The Essence that had broken through his attack did not weaken at all, directly smashing apart his barrier and shooting towards his chest.

At this moment, a ray of light appeared and blocked the attack for Yang Wei. Yang Wei was completely drenched, and almost lost his life on the spot!

The anger in his heart was completely suppressed by fear, and he did not dare to move.

"Young man, please let us go. Let this matter go, and don't make things difficult for the young master of the Yang family." An elderly voice sounded from behind Yang Wei.

Yang Li looked over indifferently, and saw an old man with white hair and beard walking over.

"I am Li He, the protector of the Eastern City Cultivator Market. I am here to prevent any major conflicts or human lives from happening and to maintain order."

"Young man, can you give this old man some face? "How about we just drop this matter?" Although the old man was asking, his tone was commanding.

At this moment, Yang Wei interrupted, "Grandpa Li, you have to help me. This guy tried to kill me after he stole my thing!"

When Li He heard this, his expression instantly became unsightly: "So it turns out that you even stole something! Then, just hand the items over and scram! "

Yang Li's eyes immediately became cold and indifferent.

"Haha, what a joke. I was clearly the one who bought it, yet you said I stole it and told me to scram. Is this what you call a guardian? Was this what it meant to maintain order? There wasn't even the least bit of fairness! "Pfft!"

"Young man, pay attention to your words. If you want to be fair, then use your strength to fight for it. But your strength is not enough for you to be fair!"

When Li He heard Yang Li's words, he was not too angry. Instead, he spoke in a rather dull tone.

"You're right, fairness is earned through strength, so what? Do you dare to kill me in public? Take back the treasure that Yang Wei said I stole from him? "

"I can tell you very clearly! As long as you don't kill me today, ten years later, I will make you beg for mercy on your knees! "

Yang Li said these words in an extremely cold and confident tone. He looked at Li He's eyes that gradually became cold, but did not cower in the slightest.

"Have all the little kids nowadays become so arrogant? It looks like after all these years of not taking action, my name, Blood Demon Li He, has already weakened. " Li He was completely enraged.

"Blood Demon Li He? I'm sorry, I've never heard of it. " Even though Yang Li's strength was far inferior to Li He's, he still did not cower or give in.

Yang Li secretly resented this in his heart. Give me another ten years, what does this kind of old thief count for!

"Arrogant brat, then you can pay the price for your arrogance. I'll teach you in place of your parents how to speak to your elders!" With that said, Li He sent a strand of Essence towards Yang Li!

"You can humiliate me, but you actually dare to humiliate my family! "Old thief, I, Yang Li, swear that as long as you don't kill me today, ten years, no, five years later, I will let you know what regret is!" Yang Li looked at Li He's attack with an ice-cold expression as he spoke each word.

Even if Li He's Qi was very difficult to resist, he was never afraid of it!

Yang Li circulated all of his Essence. Without slacking off, he prepared to fight!

At this time, Li He's attack had also arrived. Just as his Essence was about to hit Yang Li's body.

A ray of green light suddenly sprinkled onto Yang Li's body. Li He's attack was immediately obliterated.

"Li He, you've really lived to the death of a dog, you actually made things difficult for a youth!" An old man suddenly appeared in front of Yang Li, speaking with extreme sarcasm.

"Sun Sheng, what do you mean?" Li He's gaze froze as he stared at the old man that suddenly appeared.

"There's no meaning. Please seek justice for the savior of my Sun family's princess!"

Yang Li had been accumulating his origin energy in order to fight to the death. But now that he saw Sun Sheng appear, he felt a bit surprised.

"Wooden Summoning Thousand Boat!"

Streams of green spirit energy appeared from all directions, forming the shape of small boats. However, the tops of these small boats were extremely sharp, and were suffused with a cold light.

With a wave of Sun Sheng's robe, all of them charged towards Li He!

"30,000-meter multicolored light!" Li He used a defensive spirit art with a serious expression. The Essence in his body surged out, forming a barrier of light in front of him.

The green colored small boat rushed over and fiercely smashed into the barrier. More than half of the small boat was blocked outside, but there was still a portion of the small boat that rushed towards him without any obstructions.

Li He could only hastily release an origin energy barrier to block, but a few small boats were still able to break through the barrier and crash into him. He couldn't help but feel his chest tighten as he spat out a mouthful of blood!

"I'll teach you a lesson today. Since Yang Li has said that he will definitely kill you in the future, then leave your head to Yang Li!" I won't overstep my authority. "

With that, Sun Sheng waved his hand and led Yang Li to his side, disappearing without a trace.


In an inn at the north side of River Wang City.

Sun Sheng brought Yang Li here and gently asked, "Yang Li, I didn't kill him. Are you disappointed?"

"It's not a problem. Senior Sun, on the contrary, junior thanks senior for not killing him." Yang Li said respectfully.

"Although junior's current strength is off, in at most five years, junior will personally kill him. He will only be a stepping stone for me on my path forward!"

"Good, good, good. It seems like I'm not mistaken. Yang Li boy, this old man is waiting for you to kill him. Otherwise, this old man will lose face along with you!" Sun Sheng laughed extremely happily.

"Senior, don't worry. This time, you have saved junior's life. Even if it's for your reputation, I will definitely kill him!" Yang Li also smiled as he spoke, feeling extremely relaxed in his heart.

"Of course I believe in you. Oh right, Yao Yao is next door, the little girl has been talking about you every day for the past two days, even I, her grandfather, am jealous. Do you want to meet Yao Yao?" Sun Sheng and Yang Li joked, but they still asked Yang Li.

"Senior must be joking, but Yaoyao's words are still missing for the time being. After all, Yaoyao is still young, and her mind is still immature, which is why she talks about junior. If we meet again, it might be even more difficult for her to cultivate." Yang Li said after thinking for a while.

Hearing this, Sun Sheng laughed loudly.

That was true. After the last incident, the naughty Yao Yao was actually so submissive to this brat Yang Li. If they were to meet again, that Yao Yao would definitely be so happy that she would pester this brat again.

Sun Sheng felt a trace of appreciation towards Yang Li's consideration.

However, if he were to know that the reason he came to help Yang Li out of trouble this time was because Yao Yao had pestered him and she had used him to cultivate well as a guarantee to obtain her help, what would he think?

He said to Yang Li, "Not bad, cultivate well. In the future, this land will definitely have a great reputation for you. I hope that one day, I will be able to witness the day when you surpass that bastard Li He."

"Thank you for your praise, senior. I will definitely work hard. If I ever achieve something in the future, I will never forget the help that senior has given me today!" Yang Li respectfully said.

"Alright, then I won't disturb you anymore. You can focus on your cultivation. Nothing will happen to me if I stay next door."

When Sun Sheng heard Yang Li's words, he nodded and bid his farewells to Yang Li.

As for Yang Li, after Sun Sheng left, his eyes also became cold.

"Li He, live five years in peace. Five years from now, I'll definitely kill you!"

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