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Yang Li checked himself and found that his body was in excellent condition, as if the injuries he had suffered tonight were non-existent.

He could not help but sigh at the wonder in Sun Sheng's medical skills. Afterwards, he took out the beast skins and spear accessories he had bought from the stalls.

The reason Yang Li bought these two items was because he had a vague feeling that these two items had a calling feeling.

Moreover, his intuition told him that these two things would greatly affect and change him.

After observing for a long time, he did not find anything that stood out, just like his own beast skin.

"His own beast skin?" Yang Li's eyes lit up.

He took out his own beast skin and put the two together. He discovered that the aura the two beasts were emitting was exactly the same.

It was just that the broken parts were different, so he could not help but have a headache.

Time quietly passed by while Yang Li was deep in thought. The moonlight outside the window gradually shined into the room as time passed.

Not long after, it shined on the two beast skins. The two beast skins suddenly began to emit light, fusing together in front of Yang Li's surprised eyes.

A memory was imprinted into his mind.

"The Time and Space Beast Skin can be used to connect to the Ancient Era. Every time it is used, it can be cultivated for two hours. Every month, it can be entered once, and every year, it can be used to ignore Spirit Formations."

"Ancient secret location?" Yang Li vaguely felt that it was a little familiar. Suddenly, he remembered an ancient book that he had once read.

According to the ancient books, the ancient era was already a million years away.

In ancient times, there were ten great suns in the sky, all of which were Golden Crows of the Demon God Realm. The entire land was scorching hot, and it was difficult for humans to live in them.

In the end, humans had Great God Houyi who rose with all his might and cultivated to the peak of the Emperor God Realm. He killed nine golden crows and left only one for humanity to live on, destroying their souls and creating a sun.

The sun that was currently visible on the continent was the sun that was rumored to have been created by Lord Houyi.

From then on, humans relied on their strong reproduction ability and extremely high comprehension ability to step into a higher realm step by step, and the level of their strength even surpassed that of demon beasts.

Many cities were built for the survival of mankind, but a great change took place in the heaven and earth. Demons attacked the continent, and the demons joined forces to resist the demons. The great war lasted for three thousand years.

In the final battle, the human king and demon gods risked their lives to seal the continent's entrances and perished in this battle in order to completely drive away the demons.

Because of the final battle, the amount of Essence in the continent had dropped to about a tenth of what it was in ancient times.

This led to very few people breaking through to the Emperor God Realm in these several hundred thousand years. The last record regarding the realm of the Emperor God was still from five hundred thousand years ago.

After that, Yang Li could no longer recall. He only remembered that the last demon beast to break through to the Emperor God Realm was a demon beast known as the Space and Time Beast.

"What does that have to do with the animal skin in my hand?" Yang Li muttered to himself, and then he thought for a long time, but still couldn't come up with a conclusion.

"Forget it, let's not think about it anymore. Now that I have such a treasure, why would I need to worry about not reaching the peak!" I will not regret this gift to the heavens for the rest of my life! " Yang Li no longer let his imagination run wild. Instead, he became even more determined.

After fusing the two pieces of beast skin with his mind, he could sense something. The next time he would enter, it would be 13 days later.

He could use his Essence to directly enter. At the same time, there were other uses to the beast skin that required him to slowly excavate.

After putting away the beast skin, Yang Li looked at the small accessory. He had a faint intuition that this spear was not simply a accessory.

He tried to inject Essence Qi into it, but it was useless. The long spear remained unchanged. He took out another basin of water and soaked it in the water, but there was no response.

He used all sorts of methods, but he still couldn't build a tree.

"I've used all sorts of methods, but none of them worked. Could it be that this really isn't a treasure?" Yang Li muttered to himself.

"Right, drop of blood!" Yang Li suddenly thought of how his beast skin and space ring had been bound together by blood. Perhaps this treasure was the same.

Thinking of this, he bit his finger and dripped blood.

A fiery red long spear appeared in his hand as a brilliant light flashed. At the same time, he felt as if his consciousness was intertwined with the spear.

"Sure enough!" Yang Li was overjoyed, carefully observing this treasure.

The body of the spear was carved with a vivid and lifelike phoenix. The entire spear carried a violent aura, but it was also suffused with an extremely vast amount of righteous energy.

The spear shaft and the spearhead were made of the same material, but it was unknown what material it was made of. As warm as jade in his hand, it was also extremely light and light.

"Master." Yang Li suddenly heard a soft voice and his body broke out in a cold sweat, because this voice appeared in his mind.

"Who is it!" Yang Li shouted.

"It's me, master. I'm here." The voice seemed to have become somewhat aggrieved.

"Where are you?" When Yang Li heard this voice, he felt wronged and his voice softened.

"Master, I'm the gun in your hands." the voice said again.

"The gun in my hand?" Yang Li looked doubtfully at the gun in his hand.

"Yes, yes! "That's me. My name is Feng'er, and I'm the Spirit of the spear." As if he saw Yang Li looking at the spear in his hand, the voice spoke in an extremely joyous manner.

At this time, Yang Li recalled that everything had a spirit, and some treasures also had their own souls. Some had innate talents, and some were nurtured in the Houtian realm.

If a swordsman used a sword since young and was devoted to the sword, they could nurture their soul with their body. Of course, the stronger they were, the faster they could nurture a spirit.

Of course, there were also evil and righteous spirits. Judging from the weapon in his hand, this artifact spirit was clearly a righteous artifact spirit.

"Master, I've been asleep for too long, and I was just woken up by you. My ability is very weak, so Master shouldn't dislike me." Feng Er's voice suddenly became very aggrieved as she spoke.

"That doesn't matter, but if you recover, what can I help you with?" Yang Li was certain of the existence of a spear spirit.

"If Master gives me high level ores and demon cores, I can also absorb the energy stored within."

"Oh, then how can I give it to you?" Yang Li remembered that he still had a dozen or so demon cores on him. After all, low-level demon cores couldn't be sold for much money, so he might as well let Feng'er absorb them.

"Master, you can just stick the demon core on the gun! But after absorbing it, I will fall asleep, because I need to digest it, but after I recover to a certain degree, I can come out to see Master! " Feng Er said excitedly.

"Can't spirit stones help you recover?" Yang Li asked curiously.

"You can't help me, that's only suitable for you humans to absorb and use, not for me." Feng Er said softly.

"Alright, I understand. I still have a bit of Demonic Core, I'll let you absorb it first."

"Okay, okay, but after absorbing it, I will fall asleep. Master has a powerful old grandpa in the room next to his, you still can't beat him, so you have to be careful." Feng Er said with great concern.

"Alright, I understand." With that said, Yang Li took out all of the remaining demon cores and pasted them onto the spear's body.

Before long, all of the Demonic Cores had turned into powder. The gentle breeze outside the window blew them away.

Yang Li put away his spear, lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. As he thought back to everything that had happened today, he suddenly felt that something was strange. He felt even more confident about the future, and fell into a deep sleep.

In the blink of an eye, it was already dawn. Yang Li tidied himself up and prepared to return to the sect. Just as he was about to leave, he thought for a moment and then turned around to knock on the Sun family's grandfather-grandson pair's door.

"Senior Sun, are you there?" Yang Li asked politely.

"He's here!" Yao Yao, on the other hand, rushed in front of her grandfather to open the door.

Seeing Yao Yao, Yang Li smiled and rubbed her head. He faced Sun Sheng and said, "Many thanks to Senior Sun for saving my life and for protecting me last night."

"Yang Li, you're too polite. When you have the ability, just help Yao Yao a little more. This girl really likes you."

"I dare not, but Yang Li will definitely do his best to help in the future. However, this junior has left the sect for a long time and has calculated that it will be time for me to return. Therefore, I have come to bid senior farewell."

"Good. Yang Li, you can go back first then. Don't forget to come visit Yaoyao when you have some free time in the future." Sun Sheng nodded with a smile.

"Junior will naturally not forget. Then junior will no longer disturb you, farewell!" Yao Yao, you have to obediently listen to what your grandfather has to say. Don't run around like that, I'll come see you when I have time. "

Yang Li's last sentence, however, was directed at Yao Yao. Yao Yao unwillingly said, "Okay, then big brother Yang Li take good care of yourself. I'll wait for you to come and play with me."

Yang Li smiled but did not speak. He cupped his hands together again and turned to leave.

River Gazing City was a whole day's distance away from the Misty City. As Yang Li's Essence realm was still lower, it was not as fast as renting a horse carriage.

Thus, Yang Li rented a carriage, while he sat in it to cultivate.

His cultivation was never-ending, and by the time the coachman called for him, he was already in Misty City.

After the coachman woke him up, he smiled and said, "Young Master, if that lackey of mine had half of your effort, I believe he would have been able to enter the sect by now."

"You're really working hard."

"Old master is praising me too much. It's just that I'm not willing to fall behind. I'll be troubling you on the way. I'll take my leave first. Master, take your time." With that, Yang Li turned and walked towards the Sky Mist Sect.

The coachman watched his back, his eyes filled with envy. "If only my silly boy could enter the sect, alas!"

"The Sky Mist Sect is here, no one is allowed to enter unless the mountain gates are open!" When Yang Li returned to the sect, he looked at the stone tablet to the right of the sect. The words were written in bold and bold strokes, but it also carried with it a surging presence.

He couldn't help but sigh. Although he had only been away for a month, the feeling he gave off was as if he had not returned for many years.

Yang Li slowly walked upwards step by step, just like when he had first entered the sect with his father accompanying him. However, it was as if five years ago, everything was the same, yet everything was different.

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