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Every sect's entrance was guarded by disciples. The Sky Mist Sect was naturally no exception. Other than the patrolling disciples, there were also countless hidden guards.

When Yang Li walked to the entrance of the mountain, he was stopped by two disciples who made him show their identity tokens.

Yang Li was clear on this point. In order to verify the identity of the disciples, Yang Li took out the order badge from his waist and handed it over to the two of them.

After the two of them carefully checked, they exchanged glances and one of them shouted, "Where are the patrolling disciples? Quickly take him down. This person is not a disciple of my sect. He is suspected to be an evil person."

As his voice fell, he heard the sound of wind breaking. The spirit binding techniques landed on Yang Li's body, preventing him from escaping.

Yang Li's gaze turned cold as he asked, "What do you all mean by this? Is the identity token fake? "

One of the disciples who guarded the mountain sneered and said, "Servant disciple Yang Li died in the Misty Cloud Forest a month ago. Mo Luo and tens of thousands of disciples testified."

"But now that you've suddenly appeared with Yang Li's identity plate, how can we not suspect your origins and motives?"

"If you obediently surrender and follow us to the Law Enforcement Hall, then whether you're an evil person or a true disciple will naturally be decided by the Law Enforcement Hall!"

"And if I am judged to be myself?" Yang Li's eyes narrowed, but there was a hint of anger within them. 1 January Feng Chen had worked hard in his cultivation and died twice.

Yet, he was being made a fool of by two disciples, blocking in front of the mountain gate and placing layers upon layers of restrictions on it. How could he not be angry!

"Since it's determined to be me, I'll let you enter the sect. What else do you want?" A sect guarding disciple disdainfully said.

"If you find out that it's me, then you will have to kneel down and apologize. If you do not apologize, then, I will beat you until you beg for mercy!" Yang Li's eyes were ice-cold as he looked at the two Mountain Guarding disciples. He slowly said this.

"Heh, what big words you have there! Let's talk about it when you come out of the Law Enforcement Hall alive!" Take him away! " One of the disciples waved his hand and ordered the other disciples to escort Yang Li to the Law Enforcement Hall.

Along the way, there were many disciples who saw him. There were also many who recognized Yang Li and pointed at him.

"Isn't that Yang Li? Didn't Wan Hao and the others say that Yang Li had already died? " A disciple who recognized Yang Li said in surprise.

"Are you for real?" "Yo, it's true. Now this will be interesting." The other disciple didn't believe it at first, but when he turned around, he realized it was true.

"Maybe someone else is faking it. Otherwise, why would the patrolling senior brother escort him?" Another view spoke up.

"Who cares. Whether he's truly Yang Li or not has nothing to do with us. Even if he is, Wan Hao will not let him go." Another disciple said in a disdainful tone.

Yang Li ignored this group of people, completely ignoring what they were saying. Regarding the verification of his identity, he had no doubt that he could pass. Instead, he was thinking about how he could make the two guardian disciples pay the price.

Being insulted while he was far away from the mountain gate, he would definitely not swallow his anger like this.

After a while, he arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall. A few patrolling disciples escorted him to the torture chamber to guard him while another disciple went to call for an elder of the Hall. Although this was a small matter, it was related to the murder of the disciples of the sect, so he had to be cautious.

Not long after, an elder came in. As he saw Yang Li, he impatiently said, "Speak, who are you? Why did you kill my sect's disciples? You must disguise yourself."

"Disciple Yang Li, please feel free to ask any questions you wish." Yang Li raised his head and replied coldly.

"How dare you!" You actually dare to talk to me like this! " The Elder's expression turned cold as he shouted loudly.

"You kept saying that I killed sect disciples! and not to verify my identity, and to confirm whether I am a sect disciple or not! How else do you want me to talk to you? Kneeling and bowing, huh? Then I'll tell you now! I, Yang Li, cannot do it! "

Yang Li was extremely angry as well. His disciple had undiscriminatingly escorted him to the Law Enforcement Hall and even the Law Enforcement Hall's elder had come over to distrust him. An extremely stifling feeling arose within his heart as he suddenly felt a killing intent.

"Insolent beast, this old man will kill you right now!" Even if you are a service disciple and you are wronged, who gave you the right to criticize the elder! " The Law Enforcement Hall Elder was furious and released a mighty aura. The disciples on both sides didn't make a sound as their bodies were covered in cold sweat.

Only Yang Li stubbornly looked at the Law Enforcement Elder. He didn't cower, nor did he lower his head.

Suddenly, a voice floated into the Law Enforcement Elder's ears. "Elder Xue, let him go. I know this child."

"Secret transmission!" "But this voice is?" Elder Xue's mind involuntarily tightened as he quickly recalled.

"Yes, that's right, it's the Third Elder who is guarding the Scripture Pavilion!"

Thinking of who it was, Elder Xue hurriedly said respectfully, "Supreme Elder, it's not that I don't want to let him go, it's just that a few disciples called Yang Li were killed in the Misty Forest a month ago."

"That's why I suspect that this person was a fake Sect Disciple who snuck in."

"Then you can just ask him a few questions and then let him go. Just follow the procedures to confirm his identity. He might be the future leader of the sect because of some good fortune. Also, you can't tell anyone else about this."

"Yes, Grand Elder." Elder Xue did not receive a reply for a long time.

He then lowered his head to look at Yang Li, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

He had just said he would kill him when he turned around to ask for his identity and let him go. This was too embarrassing.

Suddenly, Elder Xue's eyes lit up. He thought of a way to resolve the situation and withdrew the pressure he was emitting back into his body. Afterwards, he sent the other disciples away.

"You guys go outside and stand guard. I'll interrogate them by myself. Do not spread news of what happened here!" Do you understand? "

Several disciples quickly responded as if they were looking at a fiend. Then, they quickly ran out.

Seeing that his disciples had left, Elder Xue turned to look at Yang Li and smiled awkwardly.

However, his face turned cold. "Your life is really good. There are people willing to bear the consequences for you, but the necessary interrogation is necessary."

"Next, let me ask and you can answer. If there's even the slightest bit of inaccuracy, I will kill you even if I have to risk offending others!" Do you hear me? "

However, Yang Li laughed coldly: "I, Yang Li, have grown up. I don't know how to tell a lie, and I disdain lying!"

Elder Xue suddenly felt a toothache, but had no choice but to continue asking.


"Yang Li."

"Place of birth."

"A citizen of Liuhuo City."

"When will you be coming to our sect?"

"Five years ago, I came here with my father to take him as my master. I have been in the sect for five years and one month."

"Did the sect hold a position?"

"Servant disciples for five consecutive years."

When Elder Xue heard this, he suddenly had some doubts. A disciple at the middle of the fifth level, how could he be a five year old service disciple?

However, he didn't think too much about it. There were plenty of people who had broken through two realms in a year. Perhaps he had just broken through from the late third layer to the intermediate fifth layer this year.

"The cultivation of the past few years?"

"The first five years, the first level of the Qi Accumulation Stage. This year, the middle level of the Qi Accumulation Stage will be reached."

"Someone said you …" "Wait, what did you say?" Elder Xue was about to continue asking when he suddenly realized what Yang Li had said.

In the first five years, he had reached the first layer. This year, he had reached the middle of the fifth layer. This meant that he had broken through to the middle of the fifth layer in one year. This was simply a miracle!

Elder Xue took a deep breath before slowly opening his mouth and speaking.

"Putting aside your cultivation base, tell me why someone said that you died in the Misty Forest a month ago."

"I don't know." Yang Li spoke in an extremely cold voice, not the slightest bit moved by Elder Xue's shock.

He wanted to kill those few pieces of trash with his own hands, so naturally, he would not tell this so-called Elder Xue what was going on.

Elder Xue heard his answer but was not angered. Instead, he said, "You can choose to answer the last question or not. Whether you answer it or not, you can leave."

"I refuse to answer." Yang Li rejected him without a second thought. He could imagine how Elder Xue had wanted to ask him how he managed to reach the fifth level of Qi Accumulation in a year.

Elder Xue who was about to ask opened his mouth, but was somewhat confused by his clear-cut actions. In the end, he helplessly said, "Okay, then you can leave. I will take care of the other matters."

With that said, he casually released the binding spirit technique on Yang Li and waved to Yang Li to leave. Yang Li did not hesitate to directly walk out.

As Elder Xue saw Yang Li leave, he began to wonder if he should inform the sect master about Yang Li's progress from the first level of Qi Accumulation to the middle of the fifth floor.

Even though he started a bit late, he was still an extreme genius.

Cultivate properly in the future, and you will be the pillar of the sect in the future.

In the end, he could not help but sigh. "Forget it, just let nature take its course. In any case, with his talent, the Sect Leader will soon notice it."

Thinking of this, Elder Xue immediately got up and left, conveniently dismissed the patrolling disciples.

Yang Li had just left when he saw Wan hao. Mo Luo was at the entrance speaking to a few service disciples.

Seeing Yang Li come out, Mo Luo's pupils suddenly shrank, his heart was a little flustered.

"It really is Yang Li! He actually didn't die in the Misty Forest?"

Wan Hao saw Yang Li. He glanced at Mo Luo and then looked at Yang Li, a sinister smile hanging on his lips.

"Junior brother Yang Li, long time no see, I really miss you." Wan Hao stretched out his hand as if he wanted to shake hands with Yang Li.

However, Yang Li looked at his outstretched hand and disdainfully said, "Trash and scum like you don't need to shake hands with me. They're too dirty."

Wan Hao's face darkened as he heard this. The corners of his mouth twitched as he said, "Yang Li, after entering the Misty Forest this time and not dying yet, your mouth is even better."

"Not bad, I'm still a bit lacking compared to you." Yang Li continued without giving any face.

"Oh? Is that so? Then let me tell you, this world respects strength. If one's strength is insufficient, it is easy to die! " Wan Hao's face darkened, but he still tried his best to stay calm.

"Although my strength isn't that great, I should be a bit stronger when compared to you. My cultivation base isn't high, and I'm only at the middle of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation." Yang Li said indifferently, his eyes staring at Mo Luo.

Mo Luo lowered his head, not daring to look Yang Li in the eye. He stealthily moved behind Wan Hao.

Wan Hao didn't notice Mo Luo's actions, but he heard Yang Li's words and let out an unfathomable smile.

"Middle stage of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation. What a coincidence. Me too, I wasn't able to fight with you last time, why don't we do it this time?" Wan Chao said sinisterly.

Yang Li looked at him strangely. "Are you sure?"

Wan Hao nodded his head with certainty: "I'm sure, very sure."

Yang Li held his forehead and sighed: "I could have let you go if you hadn't challenged me, but you're so stupid. Then let's go, trash, don't waste time."

"Yang Li, you're courting death!" I hope you can still say that on the stage! " Wan Hao, who was originally angry, became angry as he heard Yang Li's words.

"Cut the crap. I'll be waiting for you on the stage. Don't waste my time." After he finished speaking, Yang Li walked towards the arena.

Today, he was going to fiercely slap Wan Hao's face. Using facts, he was going to show him what a difference was and what a lack of self-awareness was.

30 years in the east, 30 years in the west, don't look down on the poor!

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