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The news of Wan Hao challenging Yang Li quickly spread. Many service disciples and outer court disciples walked towards the martial stage, discussing as they walked.

"Wan Hao used his challenge chance to challenge that Yang Li? Then wouldn't this Yang Li die for sure!? "

"Who says it isn't? Wan Sheng had been giving his younger brother many treasures recently! Come, come, come, let's take a gamble on how many moves Yang Li will be defeated. "

"Let me bet a move!" Not to mention cultivation, if Wan Hao were to take out all of the treasures that his brother had given him, even a seventh level Qi Accumulation stage disciple would be able to do it in a second, let alone a nameless service disciple! "

"Speaking of which, this Yang Li is quite unlucky. He's probably a service disciple at the fifth level of Qi Accumulation. He was challenged by Wan Hao before he even returned to the Outer Duty Hall to be promoted. Interesting, hahaha!"

"Quiet down. We're at the martial arena. This kind of unilateral abuse is rare in the sect. Just watch and see."

Discussions like this appeared all over the place as everyone waited for Yang Li to make a joke of himself.

Although Yang Li couldn't hear what they were discussing, even if Yang Li could, he wouldn't care.

Yang Li once again stood on the arena. He vaguely remembered the last time he stood on the arena, it was Xu Sheng who had challenged him. This time, it was Xu Sheng's master, Wan Hao!

A month ago, everyone was greatly shocked by the results of the challenge, and this time, it was likely to be no exception.

No matter what kind of plot it is, I'll destroy it with a single spear strike!

Wan Hao was escorted into the arena by the crowd. As he saw Yang Li standing on the arena stage, a cruel smile hung on his face.

"Yang Li, it's still too late for you to admit defeat. If I enter the arena, then I won't be responsible for the consequences. I might even have to lie in bed for several months!"

Hearing Wan Hao's words, his henchmen began to laugh, trying their best to ridicule Yang Li.

"Hurry up and get down. Senior-apprentice Brother Wan Hao, if you attack, you will be injured or dead. Be careful not to turn into a corpse!" Even though the sect doesn't allow death to occur in the arena, isn't it inevitable that mistakes will occur? "

"That's right, that's right. Quickly get the hell down. Don't waste Senior Wan Hao's time."

However, Yang Li disdainfully said, "Wan Hao, why are your henchmen like you? Get over here right now! "I was still in a hurry to get an identity token."

The smile on Wan Hao's face froze and his face became gloomy: "Then you should prepare to stay in bed for a few months!"

Finished speaking, Wan Hao jumped onto the arena.

The host of the arena was the same blue-robed young man from before.

Wan Hao bowed, "Greetings Senior Brother Li Luo, this disciple is here to complete the sect's challenge."

Li Luo glanced at him, then turned to look at Yang Li: "Middle stage of the fifth layer, outer sect disciple Wan Hao, challenge Yang Li who is also in the middle of the fifth layer, Yang Li, do you really accept?"

"Accept!" Yang Li did not hesitate at all and very decisively accepted it.

"Okay. Hand over your identity tokens to me. Receive them after the challenge ends."

After saying that, Li Luo put away the tokens. Just like last time, he made a strange hand seal and left the ring.

A fiery red enchantment slowly rose up from the arena. It contained a mysterious aura that seemed to be able to block any attack.

"Begin the challenge!"

Just as Li Luo's voice faded, Wan Hao impatiently displayed his own cultivation technique.

His entire body was surrounded by scarlet Spiritual Energy and appeared to be in the shape of armor. Moreover, a longsword appeared in his hand and he appeared to be extremely valiant and extraordinary.

The people below the arena, however, were shocked.

"Yellow Rank cultivation technique, 'Illusory Fire Secret Art'!" This time, Yang Li will suffer! "

"I heard that this cultivation method is one of the higher grade Yellow Rank cultivation methods. Looking at Wan Hao's appearance, it seems that he has been cultivating for a long time. I estimate that someone at the early Qi Accumulation stage would be able to challenge him six times."

"I wonder what sort of cultivation method this Yang Li has. I heard that the last time he was challenged, he was still cultivating an unconventional cultivation method. Haha!"

"Don't bother with him. No matter what cultivation method he cultivates, he can't stop Wan Hao's Illusory Fire Arts. I heard that he also cultivates a matching martial art."

Yang Li didn't care about what the audience said. He looked at Wan Hao's technique with interest and said, "Not bad, attack me and I'll see how strong it is."

"Yang Li, you're courting death!" Wan Hao felt that he had been humiliated and became even angrier. He immediately began to attack Yang Li.

"First move of the Illusionary Sword Technique, Sword Qi like a rainbow!"

A scarlet sword qi came from the spirit sword formed by the ten thousand streaks of light, blotting out the sky and covering the earth. It was mixed with an aura that could destroy everything.

But as Yang Li saw this attack, he felt extremely disappointed. He originally thought that Wan Hao's attack would be very strong.

However, Wan Hao's attack gave him a feeling that it could be easily broken?

"Why is it so weak?" Yang Li muttered. He didn't even bother attacking. He casually placed down an origin energy barrier and waited for Wan Hao's attack to come.

When the audience saw Yang Li respond in such a manner, they all thought Yang Li had given up and began to mock him.

However, before they could make a sound, a shocking scene appeared.

Wan Hao's appearance seemed extremely terrifying. In their eyes, a spirit technique that could resist a sixth layer Qi Accumulation Stage cultivator was actually blocked by Yang Li's casually arranged origin energy barrier!

In an instant, the entire audience burst into an uproar!

Wan Hao was also extremely skeptical and thought that he used a treasure. He said, "Yang Li, I wonder how long your treasure will last? "Let's try this move again!"

"Second move of the Illusory Sword Technique, Myriad Shadows Soul Sword!" The Essence of Wan Hao's body surged and the Essence of the Spirit Sword became denser and denser.

Yang Li did not stop Wan Hao from accumulating his Essence and using his martial arts. He felt that this move would be stronger and wanted to see how powerful it would be.

Wan Hao threw the spirit sword in his hand into the sky. The spirit sword rapidly split apart in the sky, forming thousands of small red swords.

Wan Hao laughed, "Yang Li, feel my anger! "Go!"

Following Wan hao's order, the small, crimson sword fell down like a downpour of rain. The tip of the sword flashed with a cold light that gave off a feeling of shock.

At this time, the disciples below the stage did not make a sound either, only a few of them were muttering amongst themselves.

"This is the tempo of a man dying!"

Yang Li looked at the rapidly descending small sword, and suddenly chuckled, "Wan Hao, you really are, too useless!"

Yang Li took out his spear and released a Divine Flames that covered the sky. The fiery-red barrier completely blocked the small swords that fell from the sky, but it did not suffer any damage.

Wan Hao felt that Yang Li's martial arts had an aura that was countless times stronger than his own. He was suddenly a little flustered, but after calming down, he materialized a spirit sword once more.

"Take another attack from me! The third move of the Illusionary Sword Technique! The blade became formless! The sword in Wan hao's hand vanished. Only now did Yang Li feel a sense of danger.

However, he didn't panic. Instead, he casually pushed out the barrier formed by Divine Flame Mask in front of him, creating another barrier for himself. Then, he raised his long spear and looked at Wan Hao.

Wan Hao wasn't as relaxed as he was. He originally thought that Yang Li relied on his own treasures, but now he discovered that there was truly an extremely large gap between the two of them.

Just as Yang Li's spirit technique was about to collide with Wan Hao's body, a gentle light emitted from Wan Hao's body, protecting him from any harm.

Yang Li also felt an invisible sword qi pass through his first layer of origin energy barrier, but it didn't manage to pierce through his second barrier.

Yang Li saw that his own spiritual technique had been blocked by Wan Hao and smiled. He opened his mouth and spat out a single word.


With a 'peng' sound, the barrier that Yang Li had been using to dodge the blow suddenly exploded, and the powerful impact knocked him to the edge of the stage.

The powerful impact caused severe damage to Wan Hao's body, and even a few of his bones were broken.

When the audience saw this scene, they were all left speechless.

Instant kill! One hit kill!

Although this battle hadn't lasted long and they hadn't used many moves, they all felt that it was a very wonderful feeling!

Some clever disciples muttered to themselves, "The outer sect is going to have another fiend that they can't afford to offend.

On the arena stage, Wan Hao attempted to stand up a few times, but he was unable to. At this time, Li Luo was on stage.

Wan Hao challenged Yang Li, but Yang Li won!

When Li Luo looked at Yang Li, his gaze was filled with surprise as well. In the beginning, he hadn't thought much of Yang Li either.

But Yang Li had used his own strength to prove himself.

Li Luo said in a voice that only two people could hear, "Yang Li, congratulations on becoming famous with a single battle!"

"Thank you for your praise, my junior's status hasn't even advanced yet, and I've already left." Yang Li smiled, bowed towards Li Luo, and left.

"An incredible talent!" Li Luo muttered, but it was as if he suddenly came back to reality. He shouted, "The challenge is over, hurry up and send Wan Hao to the pill room for treatment."

A few of Wan Hao's henchmen hastily ran over to carry him away.

This challenge had also completely ended.

Even though Yang Li had yet to enter the outer sect, his deeds had already begun to circulate within the outer sect.

After Yang Li left the arena, he immediately ran towards the External Affairs Hall. The promotion of his identity token needed to be done in the Outer Duty Hall.

The External Affairs Hall was one of the most important halls in the Sky Mist Sect. Other than the direct disciples, all disciples were required to register, distribute training resources, and receive missions.

It was also one of the most lucrative halls in the sect. Many disciples dreamed of becoming an elder or deacon of the External Affairs Hall to fish for more money.

When Yang Li arrived at the Outer Duty Hall, it was bustling with noise and excitement, but it was clearly separated. The person who received the task was in one direction, the person who received the cultivation resources was in another direction, and the person who advanced was in another direction.

Other than the servant disciples who could only rely on their cultivation to break through to the outer sect disciples, the direct disciples, top disciples, and inner sect disciples all had their own ways of advancing to the outer sect disciples.

For example, if an outer disciple wanted to be promoted to become an inner disciple, there were two ways. One was to be under the age of twenty, and their cultivation would break through to the fourth level of the pure blood realm or higher. One was to be the first in the outer sect competition, and the other was to be a relative.

There were also many ways for inner disciples to be promoted to a top disciple. For example, under the age of 30, a disciple at the fourth level of the Spirit Movement Stage could become a top disciple, the top disciple could be ranked first in the inner sect competition, and the direct disciple of an elder of the Spirit Fusion Stage could also become a top disciple.

The inner disciples had another special way to advance, which was to pass the daily tests of the top disciples. However, this method could be said to be the most difficult.

This test might not be a big deal for the top disciples, but for the inner disciples, all of their talents and strengths were indispensable. So far, only four or five people had managed to pass this test and become top disciples.

Those people were all the pillars of the sect, and their names shook the entire region.

The promotion of a direct disciple was simple. There were two ways. Under the age of 35, one could advance to the second level of the Spirit Realm! Or the various Palace Masters and Sect Leaders could choose for themselves! Completely relying on talent, it had nothing to do with anything else.

However, this was still too early for Yang Li to think about it. He turned around and walked towards the disciple promotion area.

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