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Only two disciples were dozing off in the disciple promotion department, while a deacon was standing to the side with his eyes closed in meditation.

Feeling Yang Li's aura, the deacon opened his eyes and saw the two disciples dozing off beside him. He couldn't help but frown.

"Liu Yue, Deng Ming, wake up, someone is here to promote."

When the two disciples heard the deacon's voice, they shuddered. Raising their heads to look at Yang Li, they quickly smiled and said, "Hello junior brother, are you trying to promote yourself to the outer sect?"

"Greetings Senior Brothers, Junior Brother is here to be promoted to the outer sect." Yang Li bowed and said.

"Okay, okay, okay. This is the Realm Assessing Stone. Just put your spirit energy in and we'll check your level." One of the disciples said as he pointed to a dark red stone on the left.

"Yes." Yang Li responded and directly walked towards the Realm Assessing Stone and poured his spirit energy inside.

The originally dark red stone slowly began to emit a red glow. At the same time, a green thread slowly rose from the middle of the stone. It only stopped when it was halfway up.

"Middle stage of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation. Junior Brother, you have already passed the verification. Hand over your identity token to us." A disciple said with a smile.

Hearing this, Yang Li took out his identity token and handed it over to the two disciples.

After one disciple received the token, he walked towards the inner area of the Duty Hall. The other disciple took out two sets of clothes from a cabinet and handed them to him.

"Junior brother, my name is Liu Yue, this is an outer court disciple's uniform. I can only give out two sets during my first promotion. If it's damaged, you will have to buy it yourself."

"I'll tell you about the rights and interests of outer sect disciples. For the first time ever, they will be promoted to the outer sect disciples. The Servant Hall will assign them a place to stay, but you'll need to find them yourself."

"At the same time, disciples who have advanced for the first time can enter the second floor of the Scripture Pavilion and receive either a set of Yellow Rank inner force skills or a set of martial arts."

"Outer disciples get one spirit stone and three Yang Fire Pills every month. Yang Fire Pills can help us increase our cultivation, so the spirit stones and pills are collected in the Pill Hall."

"Outer disciples are required to complete a third level mission every year. Of course, there are rewards for completing this mission."

"The outer sect has a training tower for outer sect disciples. Entering it requires one spirit stone each time. You can enter it for three days at a time."

"Oh right, I almost forgot. Outer sect disciples can join the Law Enforcement Hall to manage the service disciples. At the same time, disciples with a cultivation level above the sixth floor must, according to the sect's arrangements, become sect guardians for one day at a time."

"Once your identity token has reached the outer sect disciples, you can use it to communicate with other disciples, but both sides will need to leave communication tokens, and the sect will inform you through the tokens."

Liu Yue thought for a moment, then finally said, "That's about it. If there's anything you don't understand, you can come and ask us. If there's anything that I haven't told you in the future, don't bear a grudge."

"Thank you for telling me. I would like to ask, what is the division and distribution of tasks?" Yang Li could feel the goodwill emitted by Liu Yue, so he naturally wouldn't be stingy with his respect.

"The mission is divided into fourth level, third level and fourth level. The Ding level mission is the simplest, similar to the daily work of ordinary service disciples. It is just a description."

"Rank C missions are slightly more difficult. For example, for outer sect disciples, entering the Misty Forest to look for alchemist's herbs, or hunting demon beasts to take their body parts, depending on the difficulty of the mission, the rewards will be different."

"The rank B mission is mainly targeted at the inner disciples, and it is also a little more difficult. For example, exterminating bandits at the foot of the mountain, or someone committing evil outside the city, and going to exterminate evil and defend the Dao, etc."

"The A-level missions are for the top disciples. We don't know the exact details, because we're just the inner disciples right now." Liu Yue explained in an extremely patient manner.

At this moment, Deng Ming returned with his token in his hand. When he saw Deng Ming returning, Liu Yue spoke up.

"Junior brother, it seems that your token has been upgraded. The next time it is upgraded, you will be able to reach the fourth level of the pure blood realm and become an inner disciple. Or, you might even be accepted as a personal disciple."

"Oh yeah, the outer court-martial competition will be held three months from now. If you can obtain the first place in the outer court-martial competition three months from now, then you can also enter the inner court-martial competition."

"Thank you, senior apprentice-brother. I understand." Yang Li bowed.

"Okay junior brother, then senior brother won't waste any more of your time. Quickly go and find a place to cultivate. Senior brother will be waiting for you in the inner court." Liu Yue said with a smile.

"Then junior brother will leave now. Goodbye, senior brother Liu." With that, Yang Li turned and left.

"Liu Yue, why are you so passionate towards this Yang Li?" The deacon at the side also pricked up his ears in curiosity.

"I just received a message from someone that Yang Li had been challenged by Wan Hao. Both of them are at the middle of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation, but Yang Li not only withstood the other's attack unharmed, he actually defeated him in a single strike!"

Liu Yue said as he watched Deng Ming leave.

"This kind of person will definitely enter the inner sect or even the peak of the inner sect in the future. Although he has only entered the outer sect at the age of fifteen, I heard that he has been at the Qi Accumulating Stage Level 1 for the past five years."

"No matter what treasure he obtained to raise his cultivation, but battle power cannot be faked. That's why I am favoring him and leaving a good impression. When there is a need for help in the future, I believe that he will not reject it."

On the side, Deng Ming and the deacon were left speechless. To kill someone of the same level in a single move, even though it was only at the fifth level of the Qi Accumulation Stage, was impossible for them to do so.

To be able to instantly kill someone at the same level and challenge someone at a higher level was always a right of a heaven's pride expert. It seemed that Yang Li would also step into the ranks of heaven's pride experts.

After Yang Li walked out of the External Affairs Hall, he thought for a moment and finally decided to settle down.

The truth was that ever since he had killed Wan Hao in a single move, his reputation had risen greatly. No matter which hall he went to, the disciples would treat him very amiably and very warmly.

The residence was definitely located in a very quiet place in the outer sect. Next to it was a small lake and bamboo forest, which were very suitable for cultivation.

However, to Yang Li, this was only a temporary residence. He was destined to rarely return and stay here. He had been abandoned for five years, and now that he had achieved such an achievement, it was not enough for him to be proud of.

He knew very well that he still had a long way to go.

Yang Li took out an outer disciple's uniform and prepared to change it before heading to the Pill Hall to collect a few spirit stones.

The outer sect disciple's attire was a pure blue robe with a gray insignia embroidered on the chest to indicate his status as an outer sect disciple. However, the inscriptions embroidered on the outer sect disciple's chest also had four colors: gray, blue, purple, and gold.

The outer sect's ordinary disciples were gray. The top hundred disciples of the Blood Tempering Stage and the outer sect's Large Competition were blue, and the top thirty were purple. The top ten were gold, which was also why the disciples were outstanding.

Because he had just entered the outer sect, the words embroidered on his chest were still gray, but after the outer sect competition three months later, the color of the words embroidered on his chest would definitely change.

After Yang Li put on the outer sect disciple uniform, he headed out of the Pill Hall to receive the Yang Fire Pills and spirit stones.

The Yang Fire Pill was red all over. There were flaming lines on its surface and it emitted a faint pill fragrance. Although it was only a low level pill, it was still a good cultivation resource for the current Yang Li.

Different disciples also received different pills. For example, the blue outer sect disciples could receive better Fiery Intense Flaming Pills, and the purple outer sect disciples could receive the same Heavy Yang Pills as the inner sect disciples.

However, it was naturally not the same treatment as the inner disciples. The inner disciples could receive five pellets, but the outer disciples could receive two.

As for the outer sect golden disciples, they received three, but on the other hand, it also emphasized the importance of one's aptitude.

Becoming in the top thirty of the Large Competition meant that you could use pills that only inner disciples could use to increase your cultivation. This way, your cultivation speed would be faster.

Such a division also led to the strong becoming stronger, at the same time stimulating the weak to become stronger, making the sect stronger.

After Yang Li received the pills and spirit stones, he went to the Scripture Pavilion.

The fact that an outer disciple could obtain another martial art was extremely important to him because his spiritual arts were too lacking. He only had three moves of the Flame God's Spear Art. He didn't have a movement technique or a martial art with bare hands.

If he lost his weapon in battle, it would be extremely embarrassing. He could only use the spiritual energy in his body to attack, which would be a huge waste of his spiritual energy.

The Scripture Pavilion was still guarded by the white-haired elder. He sat cross-legged like the last time Yang Li had come.

Sensing Yang Li's approach, the elder opened his eyes. With a hint of a smile on his face, he asked, "Have you succeeded in cultivating the Flame God Incantation and Flame God's Spear Art?"

"Yes, elder. I have successfully cultivated it. Thank you for your guidance and care."

"It's just a small matter. Alright, seeing you come this time is because you're going to choose an outer disciple cultivation technique." When the Elder saw the outer sect disciple uniform he was wearing, he nodded and said, "However, you are still five days short of a month's punishment, or you can take out five Spirit Stones to compensate the punishment. After all, the sect rules cannot be broken."

Hearing the price of five Spirit Stones, Yang Li frowned because this price was even higher than the price he had to pay when choosing a service disciple's cultivation method.

But then he thought, "That's true, after all, punishments and choosing a cultivation technique are different."

Thinking of this, Yang Li took out five spirit stones from his Space Ring and handed them over to the elder. He respectfully said, "Elder, please step aside and let this disciple enter to select a cultivation method."

The Elder looked at his spatial ring and a hint of surprise appeared in the corner of his eyes. He didn't ask anything further and just nodded and let Yang Li in.

"Outer sect disciples can choose low Huang class, middle Huang class, or high Huang class to cultivate their inner force skills. On this basis, their martial arts will increase by one level, allowing them to choose peak Huang class martial arts."

Yellow rank cultivation techniques are on the second and third floor. You can choose one of your own. A peak Huang rank martial art recommends that you practice it after you reach the Blood Tempering realm.

"Yes." Yang Li replied and entered the Scripture Pavilion.

As the Elder saw him enter, he felt an inexplicable sense of joy in his heart. With his cultivation, he could naturally feel Yang Li's increase in cultivation.

In less than a month's time, he had gone from the middle of the third layer to the middle of the fifth layer.

"Looks like the heavens have blessed our Sky Mist Sect. This generation of disciples is getting stronger and stronger. If the current generation of disciples grows up, our Sky Mist Sect will definitely become another big sect in the South Fire Region."

Thinking of this, the Elder couldn't help but smile, and he closed his eyes to continue cultivating.

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