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After Yang Li entered the Scripture Pavilion, he went straight to the third floor. He did not take the low Huang Level and intermediate level cultivation techniques in his eyes at all.

He already had the Flame God Incantation, so he didn't consider inner force cultivation techniques. Although he didn't know what rank the Flame God Incantation was now, he felt that it wouldn't be any lower than a Yellow Rank High Rank.

Therefore, the reason why he entered the Scripture Pavilion was to choose a Yellow Level Peak Rank martial art.

Yang Li also didn't care about what the Elder said about the requirements for cultivation. He was confident in himself, and if he didn't work hard enough to do what others couldn't, how could he surpass them!

On the first floor of the bookshelf, not only were there martial arts manuals, there were also all sorts of miscellaneous chats. As a result, there were many bookshelves, so the space was relatively small.

On the second and third floor, the bookshelves were placed differently. Because there were only martial arts techniques and cultivation techniques, they were extremely loose. The tables and chairs beside the bookshelves were not crowded like those on the first floor.

After Yang Li arrived at the third floor, his gaze swept around once before he ran towards the movement technique bookshelf. Defense, movement techniques, and unarmed martial arts were all that he lacked right now.

Compared to defense and unarmed martial arts, defense now had the third style of the Flame God Spear Art, and unarmed martial arts were not something that was urgently needed. Therefore, movement techniques were the most important to him right now.

Yang Li first flipped to the Advanced Level Yellow Rank martial arts. After looking through for a while and finding nothing suitable, he then directly rushed to the pinnacle martial arts.

Although the pinnacle of martial arts was difficult to cultivate, it also showed how powerful it was. Yang Li quickly found three suitable cultivation techniques.

"Peak of the Yellow Rank martial art. It cannot be cultivated unless one is at least at the seventh layer of Qi Accumulation. It is suitable for fighting and rushing through the battlefield. Using the power of the vortex to control the spiritual energy under one's feet to move quickly or evade. Third realm."

A split-second later, he said, "Peak Yellow Rank movement technique. It cannot be cultivated unless one is in the Blood Tempering realm. It is suitable for rushing and avoiding large scale battles. The blood energy of the Blood Tempering Realm is used to stimulate the spirit energy, thus the dodging speed is extremely fast. There are a total of five stages."

Flowing Light Body Technique: "The peak of Yellow Rank martial art cannot be cultivated unless it contains Qi beyond the seventh level. For combat purposes, the consumption of spiritual energy is great and the linear speed is extremely fast, which is equal to the movement speed of a Spiritual Movement Stage Level 7. It can be divided into three levels."

After Yang Li read through the three cultivation techniques once more, compared to the Floating Light Flash, the other two were extremely limited. Judging from the introduction, the Floating Light Flash naturally suited him more.

After imprinting the token with great familiarity, Yang Li left the Scripture Pavilion. After bidding farewell to the elder, he headed straight for the cultivation tower.

The training pagoda was a landmark of the outer sect. It was completely red in color, several tens of meters tall, and it took up a huge amount of space. It was also an extremely bustling place in the outer sect.

The density of spiritual energy in the training pagoda was 1.5 times that of the spiritual energy outside the pagoda. It was similar to the Flowing Wind Secret Realm of the inner sect.

At the same time, there were many closed-door chambers in the tower. Even if all the disciples from the sect were to enter, it would be difficult to fill them up.

Because the cultivation towers also required the operation of spirit energy, so each spirit stone could only be used for three days.

Cultivators who cultivated the land of magical wealth would have the first place in cultivation techniques and the second place in wealth. Having more wealth also meant that they would be able to obtain better cultivation resources.

Therefore, there were disciples from wealthy families in the sect who stayed in the training tower all year round to cultivate. Those who improved their cultivation level naturally far exceeded that of ordinary disciples.

When Yang Li arrived at the training tower, he did not hesitate and directly found an empty training room to enter.

There was a formation array in the center of the cultivation room. There was a praying mat at the center of the formation, and beside the prayer mat was a place to place the spirit stones.

And around the training room were cultivation stones for the disciples to train their martial arts.

After Yang Li entered the cultivation room to observe for a while, he threw a spirit stone directly at the place where the spirit stones were placed. After activating the formation, he could feel that the spirit energy had indeed become a lot denser.

Although it was inferior to the Ancient Era's Secret Grounds, it was still much stronger than the outside world. It was, after all, a source of comfort.

Yang Li took out the movement technique he had just obtained, Flowing Light Shadow, and began to cultivate. Compared to before, Yellow Rank cultivation methods had a longer duration of preservation. It would not disappear for thirty-two hours.

If he did not memorize all the martial arts within the next thirty-two hours, the cultivation technique would disappear. If he wanted to know more, he would have to spend spirit stones to buy it.

[Floating Light Flash]: Peak of the Yellow Rank, martial art. Can not be cultivated unless one is at least at the seventh level of Qi Accumulation. It is suitable for fighting and hurrying; it uses the force of the cyclone to move the spiritual energy under one's feet to move quickly or evade.

In battle, the main focus was on the strength of the whirlpool. Circulating the spiritual energy under his feet, he would teleport in a small area. The speed of teleportation depended on the degree of condensation of the spiritual energy, which consumed more spiritual energy.

When hurrying on the road, he would use the strength of the air whirl as the main factor, circulating his spiritual energy under his feet, and moving forward in a straight line as the main factor. The length of time his spiritual energy could last was determined by how much he used it.

The first realm, Floating Light. Initiating the movement technique. Moving quickly in a small area. When travelling, one could reach the speed of an early Spiritual Movement Stage.

The second stage, Shadowstrike. At this stage of cultivation, small scale battles could form afterimages that could confuse the opponent, allowing one to quickly rush to the opponent's side to attack. When travelling, one could reach the normal speed of a Mid Spiritual Movement Stage.

At the third realm, the Illusionary Flash could achieve the effect of teleporting in a small area. When travelling at full speed, one could reach the normal speed of an early stage Spirit Realm warrior, but only for a short time.

The cultivation of movement techniques was different from martial arts. The cultivation of movement techniques was divided into different realms, and the depth of one's realm depended on the cultivator's comprehension and proficiency.

After Yang Li read through the entire cultivation method, he began to practice hard. Although cultivation methods required one to be at least at the seventh level of Qi Accumulation, that was only because they were above the seventh level that they were able to have a Qi Vortex.

For Yang Li, who had a Qi tornado at the third level, cultivating this martial art was naturally not a problem.

The power of the vortex in a cultivation technique was actually referring to the Spiritual Energy. The Spiritual Energy that had gone through the circulation of the vortex would condense even more than the ordinary Spiritual Energy. This way, the cultivation technique would be able to be activated.

"My spiritual energy is much more condensed than other people of the same level, and I also have a cyclone that no one else of the same level has. That's why I was able to instantly kill 10,000 units of spiritual energy. This cultivation technique shouldn't be a problem." Yang Li muttered.

The nature of spiritual energy was different, so the power it displayed was naturally different as well.

As for high level cultivators, their spiritual energy would liquefy or even solidify. That kind of spiritual energy would be even stronger.

Yang Li tried several times, but still wasn't able to successfully circulate this movement technique.

"What's wrong?" Yang Li thought as he tried.

After he ran out of spiritual power, he sat down cross-legged and started to cultivate, recovering his spiritual power.

In the blink of an eye, a day had passed. Yang Li's practice was nearing its end.

Within the small training room, a figure could be vaguely seen moving back and forth, but the "bang bang" sound could always be heard.

Finally, the figure stopped and saw Yang Li standing there with a swollen face.

"This skill is really hard to control. I have bumped into many walls in one day." As Yang Li spoke angrily, he also had a bit of happiness in his heart. He was also someone with a movement technique!

But what Yang Li did not know was that he had already broken the sect's records without a sound. In the sect records, the fastest person to successfully cultivate it took three days before they succeeded.

Moreover, because he was in the training room, no one was able to pry and this news was quietly hidden just like that.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Yang Li could finally barely control the movements of light and shadows.

When the array formation in the cultivation room completely stopped, Yang Li also stopped.

"It's time to go out. Go to the Scripture Pavilion and see if there are any defensive martial arts and unarmed martial arts." Yang Li thought to himself.

He then turned around and left the Cultivation Tower. Just as he stepped out of it, he saw two disciples walking over from afar with their arms around each other's shoulders.

It just so happened that on that day, when he had entered the mountain, he had undiscriminatingly blocked his path and humiliated his two disciples that were guarding the mountain.

"Enemies have a narrow path." Yang Li suddenly smiled. Originally, he had planned to look for these two in a few days, but he didn't expect to meet them now.

When the two of them saw Yang Li, a hint of disdain appeared on their lips. One of them even spoke in a teasing tone, "Yo, isn't this the service disciple that boasted to make us kneel down and admit our mistakes?"

"What are you talking about?" I'm clearly an outer court disciple, okay? " The other disciple looked at that person with a serious expression, but his tone was filled with an undisguised smile.

"That's right, that's right. Ling Feng, you are right. He is an outer sect disciple now, but he said he wants us to kneel down and admit our mistakes." The disciple named Le Ke looked at Yang Li with a mocking smile.

"I'm so scared. If you don't like it, why don't we kneel down and admit our wrongs?" Just as Ling Feng finished his sentence, he could not help but laugh out loud.

Yang Li calmly looked at the two and coldly said: "Are you done laughing?"

"Oh? Junior brother, you are very arrogant?" When Ling Feng heard Yang Li's tone, he felt extremely displeased and said.

Le Ke also looked at Yang Li with an unfriendly gaze.

"After you're done laughing, get ready to kneel down and admit your wrongs." Yang Li did not mind and directly spoke.

Hearing Yang Li say this, the two of them immediately turned cold.

"Yang Li, right? Junior brother, you must be careful when you speak. Although your cultivation is low and we cannot challenge you, you must still leave the sect. " Le Ke coldly said.

"Yes, this world is not a peaceful place. You must be careful when you go out in the future. If you are not careful, you will die in the hands of a criminal or a bandit." Ling Feng said in a threatening tone.

"I don't need you to remind me if I'm going to go out or not. Get ready to kneel down and apologize." Yang Li indifferently said.

"Yang Li! Are you provoking us? " Ling Feng was getting angry.

"Provoke you? I'm sorry, I'm not interested. I just wanted the two trash to kneel down and apologize. " Hearing Ling Feng's words, Yang Li had a face full of disdain.

Although he didn't know what cultivation they had, he could tell from the grey external characters on their chests that they didn't have much ability.

"Yang Li, it's too late for you to regret this. Don't think that you can be arrogant with us just because you defeated Wan Hao!" No matter what, I did eat two years more than you, and have cultivated for two more years! " Le Ke said with a cold expression.

"Oh, looks like you don't plan on kneeling down and admitting your wrongs." Yang Li stretched lazily and shook his head.

"If that's the case, then I'll beat you until you kneel down and admit your wrongs! I challenge you all! " Yang Li's eyes turned ice-cold.

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