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At this time, Yang Li's door was violently kicked open. The dilapidated wooden door tilted at the corner.

Immediately after, three janitor disciples wearing dark green robes jumped in, and the one in the lead said directly:

"Yang Li, since you're in the courtyard, follow me. Senior-apprentice Brother Wan Hao has something to see you for!"

They were both around the age of fifteen. Their expressions were cold, and their auras were surging. They didn't have the slightest intention to barge into other people's residences.

"Is this how you hire people?"

Yang Li did not reply. He looked at the crooked door, then squinted his eyes and sized up the three of them.

"Invite someone? Who do you think you are? Hurry up and leave with us. Senior Apprentice Brother Wan Hao doesn't have that kind of patience.

Hearing this, the three of them smiled playfully, looking at Yang Li as if he was a dead man, and spoke coldly.

"Still not leaving? Do you need us to use stronger ones? "

Seeing Yang Li remain indifferent, the man in the lead couldn't help but sneer.

He knew what this fellow apprentice brother Wan Hao wanted him for. As long as this brat could survive in front of Senior apprentice-brother Wan Hao, it didn't matter if he was injured or not.

If this trash didn't know when to stop, he didn't mind exercising his muscles and bones here.

Beating up fellow disciples was never a good thing.

"There's no point if he's strong." Yang Li shook his head, and said with a look of disapproval.

"At least you know your place. Let's go!"

Yang Li's words caused the three service disciples to reveal a look of disdain as they shouted.

Initially, he had thought that the fellow would be a little more unyielding so that he could have a taste of his own medicine. To think that he would be such a coward.

However, thinking about what Senior Wan Hao had to say, he didn't care too much about it. He would first bring the person in front of Senior Wan Hao and then talk about it.

However, Yang Li's next words caused their anger to rise.

"I didn't agree to leave. If you want to invite anyone, then let Wan Hao personally come."

As Yang Li spoke, he looked at the three service disciples in front of him and shook his head.

"How dare you!"


"Brat, who do you think you are? "He's just an ant in the first level of Qi level!"

"And you still want Senior-apprentice Brother Wan Hao? We three brothers have already given you face, and yet you still refuse to appreciate your kindness!"

The three janitor disciples were furious as they angrily scolded the person in front of them.


Yang Li shook his head again. Although he did not say it out loud, his contempt for Su Yun was obvious.

"Ah, I'm so angry."

"Senior Brother, don't stop me. Today, I will definitely teach this kid a lesson and let him know what it means to have trouble coming from the mouth!"

One of the service disciples standing on the left side had a fiery temper. When he heard this, he couldn't hold back his anger any longer and stood up to attack.

The other two janitor disciples also had extremely ugly faces, and they did not stop the hot-tempered janitor disciple.

Who are they? That was the right-hand man of Senior Wan Hao. When he was with the disciples in the Pill Pavilion, who didn't greet him with a smile?

Yet, at this moment, he was actually being looked down by an ant, a good-for-nothing who had been stuck at the first level of Qi Accumulation for five years, and the lowly existence in his eyes was looking down on.

How could they tolerate this? If they didn't teach him a lesson, others would think they were easy to bully!


In just a split-second, that service disciple took a big step forward, his whole body emitted a fiery red light, and a scorching heat followed it.

It was as if a furnace had suddenly opened, raising the temperature of the entire room by a level.

Middle stage of the second level of Qi Accumulation!

The leader of the janitor disciples nodded his head in satisfaction. It seemed that this kid wasn't lazy and had been in the sect for only two years. It was quite rare for him to have such a high level of cultivation.

The hot-tempered service disciple smiled complacently. At this time, he was planning to teach this arrogant brat a lesson. It was obvious that he was confident in his own cultivation.

However, looking at that trash's calm expression and the deep emotions in his eyes, it made him feel as if he was an elder looking at a junior.


The fiery temper of the service disciple felt as if a bucket of oil had been poured over him. The anger in his heart became even more intense as he quickly circulated his main cultivation technique and activated it to its peak.

The tyrannical power of his cultivation surged, he punched towards Yang Li's face, as though he wanted to smash his calm face into pieces in order to dissipate his anger.


In a split-second, his fist turned crimson, as faint flames were emitted from it, causing the temperature of the air to rise a notch.

He had great confidence in the power of this punch. Not to mention Qi level 1, even Qi level 2 had to be taken seriously.

The corner of his mouth curled up into a proud smile. When he looked at Yang Li's face again, he wanted to see fear and terror on him.

However, he was disappointed. That calm and indifferent face did not reveal the slightest emotion he wanted to see. Instead, it revealed a hint of … Taunt?

Before the hot-tempered service disciple could even think about it, a smooth and ordinary fist had already collided with his flaming fist.


As the flesh fists collided, a strong gale burst out from both of their fists. At the same time, a crisp sound rang out.


"That is …" The sound of bones breaking! "

Such a thought flashed in the depths of the fiery temper of the service disciple's mind. Immediately after, a powerful force was transmitted from his arm, and his body immediately flew into the air as if he was in the clouds.


A dull sound rang out as the service disciple fell heavily on the ground in the corner of the room. Blood kept flowing out of the corner of his mouth as his arm powerlessly fell down to the ground.

His pair of eyes stared fixedly at Yang Li. Confusion, hatred, and fear mixed together as he pointed his other finger at Yang Li and shrieked like a pig being butchered:

"My hand, my hand is crippled! Senior Brother, help me take revenge, kill him, kill him! "

This sudden turn of events was completely different from what everyone had imagined. The other two people were stupefied; they had only just been woken up by the service disciple's miserable cries.

Another janitor disciple immediately ran over to check, but accidentally touched a broken bone hand, causing his face to contort in pain.

He sucked in a breath of cold air, and then almost passed out.

"You're courting death!"

The leading janitor disciple's face turned extremely gloomy as he saw this. He shouted and leaped high into the air.

The person in the sky had already unleashed his formidable cultivation. It was like a torrential storm sweeping out, and the late stage of Qi Accumulation Stage 2 was completely visible.

The aura was so powerful that it caused everything in the surroundings to shake. It was as though they were being pulled away, incomparably terrifying.

"Die for me, you actually dare to use insidious methods to sneak attack me!"

The leading service disciple had a lot of battle experience. He let out an angry roar, but didn't lose his mind.

He did not see Yang Li's previous exchange, but he did not feel the spiritual energy surging from Yang Li's body. He believed that Yang Li had used some underhanded methods.

Otherwise, with that trash's cultivation base at the first level of Qi Accumulation, how could he fight against someone at the second level of Qi Accumulation?

Since this brat was using a sneak attack, he didn't hold back and immediately used his own way to crack the formation.

His two hands formed a seal as the spirit energy around his body surged. A crimson flame swirled around his palm as he charged straight at Yang Li.

The reason why he used his palm was because his palm could transform into a fist at any time and could also transform into a claw, agile and agile in battle.

This was only one of the tactics he used. The most important thing was the martial art he had learned — the《 Flying Spirit Leg》.

As long as he could attract this kid's attention, regardless of whether he could remove that underhanded technique or not, the power of one kick would be enough to take more than half of his life.

The janitor disciple in the lead seemed to be able to imagine the miserable ending for him after receiving Li Yang Li, as well as his terrified expression. However, the result was out of his expectations.

Facing his majestic attack, the kid still calmly threw out a punch!

It was the same punch that did not show any spiritual power, as if it did not contain any spiritual energy at all. It was an extremely ordinary punch!

The service disciple in the lead was very clear on the power of his palm. Let alone a kid at the first level of Qi Accumulation, even a late stage second level Qi Accumulation Stage wouldn't dare to be so arrogant.

Suppressed by his powerful aura, he shouldn't show any expression. Shouldn't there be a sense of restriction?

And this brat in front of him had dared to do such a thing!

How dare he?

The leader of the service disciples thought to himself in shock and anger. He couldn't help but to circulate his cultivation technique to its maximum, raising his strength to the maximum.

At the same time, his martial arts < The Flying Spirit Leg > had been accumulated to the extreme and could explode with destructive attacks at any time!

Under the watchful eyes of the service disciple, the ordinary punch did not have any effect on his palm. It was still normal, without any signs of a 'hidden trick'.


However, the moment he touched Yang Li's palm, the moment he wanted to turn his palm into a claw and grab onto Yang Li's fist, a tyrannical power surged through his arm like a ferocious beast!

"Third level of Qi Accumulation!"

This thought flashed through his mind, but before he could yell it out, he felt a bone breaking pain in his arm from the unbearable pain.

This extreme pain caused him to forget his fear. With a loud roar, he swept out the《 Flying Spirit Leg》!


In an instant, the service disciple's right leg was filled with a scorching aura as a fiery red Spiritual Energy surrounded it. It seemed to be dancing like flames as it created hurried whistling sounds in the air.

A terrifying and unrestrained energy swept out, straight towards Yang Li's waist. It was as if it wanted to cut him in half; it was extremely vicious!

This person's cultivation base was slightly stronger than the service disciple before him. It was obviously impossible for Yang Li to hide his cultivation level to defeat him. Thus, Yang Li quickly circulated his mental cultivation technique.

Yang Li's fist was covered in a faint yellow glow, and an aura of fire that was not very strong instantly emitted from it.

The fist was not fancy in the slightest as it bombarded the incoming long leg. A faint yellow Spiritual Light instantly annihilated the fiery red Spiritual Light as the fists and legs collided.


Streams of strong and sharp gales swept out in all directions, bringing with them a scorching aura, like a storm sweeping out, causing the entire room to vibrate with a buzzing sound.


Before the janitor disciple could react, a bone cracking sound was heard.


At the same time, the janitor disciple was blasted away by an absolutely formidable force and smashed into the body of that janitor disciple.

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