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The two of them were originally extremely angry because Yang Li did not know what was good for them. However, when they heard Yang Li's words, they became so angry that they started laughing instead.

"Since you're courting death, we'll grant your wish and teach you how to respect your brothers!" Ling Feng said with a sneer.

"Senior brothers will be more gentle, they won't beat you up too badly, at most just lie in bed for a few months." Le Ke sneered.

"Just tell me who's first." Yang Li said impatiently.

He really could not understand why these two people would talk so much nonsense.

"Le Ke, let me go first. I can't wait to have a chat with this little junior at the middle level of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation. It's time to exchange some martial arts." Ling Feng said to Le Ke.

"Fine, then you go first. I'm not in a rush, but don't kill him. You'll be fine as long as you seriously injure him." Yang Li didn't take his words and actions seriously at all.

However, Yang Li disdainfully said, "Cut the crap, see you at the arena."

After he finished speaking, Yang Li immediately turned around and walked onto the arena stage. He had never been someone who was willing to compromise!

Yang Li could be considered an outer court disciple with quite a bit of fame. The matter of Yang Li challenging others was also seen by the surrounding disciples of the Cultivation Tower.

Although Yang Li did not know the level of those two, the other disciples did. Ling Feng and Le Yue were both at the seventh level and late stage of the seventh level.

The disciples that knew Yang Li and the other two spread this explosive news.

The outer sect disciple Yang Li who was at the fifth level of Qi Accumulation wanted to challenge the late stage seventh level Ling Feng and Le Ke. After the news was spread out, the outer sect disciples immediately flocked to the arena.

The closer one's cultivation was to the third floor, the rarer it was for outer court disciples to challenge others. Yang Li's fame once again soared, and this time, there was no one who didn't know about him.

"Yang Li is truly courting death. He's only at the middle of the fifth floor and yet he dared to challenge a late seventh floor senior brother. I must go and take a look at this bastard's crippled state!" As the news spread more and more, Wan Hao also heard the news and grit his teeth as he spoke.

Senior Apprentice Brother Wan Hao, don't get too excited. Your injury hasn't healed yet, so why don't you let us take a look? If Yang Li is crippled, then he might be sent here. Mo Luo said with a fawning expression.

"The injuries on my body were all inflicted by Bai Yang Li! I'm not willing to go! " "Roar!" I have already made up my mind. I will definitely go, so you all don't have to persuade me anymore! "

Mo Luo and the rest had no choice but to follow Wan Hao towards the arena.

At this time, the outer sect disciples were also passionately discussing amongst themselves. However, it wasn't like the first time they weren't optimistic about it; rather, they were guessing what was going on.

"What do you think of the result of this challenge?" A sharp-tongued disciple asked the person beside him.

"Who knows? Last time, I thought he couldn't beat Wan Hao, but in the end, he used one move to beat Wan Hao second. He ruthlessly slapped everyone's faces. This time, we'll just watch and watch. Otherwise, he might be slapped in the face again." A disciple said with a look of admiration.

"Ling Feng and the rest have cultivations higher than Yang Li by nearly three levels. If we can't defeat Yang Li, how will we be able to establish our foothold in the sect in the future?" I guess Yang Li can't beat them. "

Although the other disciple was not sure, he still felt that the two of them had a higher chance of victory.

"Right, right, right. Ling Feng and the rest will definitely fight for their lives if they can't beat him. If not, they will lose too much face." Another disciple interrupted.

However, they had no way of knowing the final result. Seeing Yang Li and the other two enter the martial stage one after the other, the nearby disciples immediately stopped talking as they approached the martial stage.

After Yang Li walked onto the stage, he saw Li Luo again. He greeted with a smile, "Senior brother Li Luo, it's you again."

"That's right. Every time I find out that I'm on duty in the arena, you will always stir up some trouble. Should I be glad or depressed?" Li Luo said helplessly.

"But are you sure this time? They are comparable to you with nearly three levels of cultivation. " Li Luo asked worriedly.

After all, they had met three times and had interacted quite a bit, so Li Luo rather liked Yang Li.

"Just half a liter, you just watch, Senior Brother Li Luo."

After the conversation was over, Li Luo saw Ling Feng stepping onto the stage, and asked as usual: "Middle stage of the fifth level of Qi Accumulation, outer disciple Yang Li, challenging late stage of Qi Accumulation Level 7 outer disciple Ling Feng, do you accept this, Ling Feng?"

"I'll take it, but you should ask him if he's sure." Ling Feng looked at Yang Li with a mocking expression.

"Yang Li, are you sure you want to challenge Ling Feng, who is at the late stage of the seventh floor?" Li Luo asked.

"I'm sure." Yang Li said with an indifferent expression.

"Alright, please hand over your identity tokens."

"Begin the challenge!" Li Luo shouted as he landed on the side of the stage.

"Junior brother Yang Li, this time you really won't have a chance. Haha, the first move of the mystical fire sabre technique is Drawing the Saber Breaking River!"

Even though Ling Feng was taunting Yang Li, he was extremely serious when he did it. He only saw a bright flash of a blade descending from the sky, and in the instant it landed, it ignited into a raging flame that struck towards Yang Li.

Yang Li's mind trembled, and he immediately took out his spear. A Crimson Dragon shot out into the sky, using an attack to break apart the attack!

The fire dragons and the saber lights in the sky continued to wear down each other. Soon, the smoke dissipated, and the entire arena went into an uproar.

"Holy shit, Yang Li actually managed to block Ling Feng's attack. The two of them are separated by several levels of cultivation!"

"Looks like this challenge is really quite mysterious."

On the other side, when Li Luo saw this scene, his eyes lit up. He carefully sized up Yang Li, a few more looks appearing in his eyes.

"You can actually block my attack?" Ling Feng was also somewhat surprised, but soon after, his face turned cold.

"That appetizer just now, you only have to continue with the next course of action. Come and try this move again."

"Second move of the Mysterious Flame Saber Technique: invincible!" Ling Feng held his sabre horizontally, and an extremely strong aura burst forth from his sabre. Ling Feng hacked out with his saber, and his spirit energy directly covered more than half of the arena, heading towards Yang Li.

Yang Li frowned and similarly raised his spear horizontally. Divine Flame Mi Tian swept out in an instant, completely blocking the spear.

This time, the collision between the two sides was a bit weaker than before.

"Take my attack as well. Fire God Spear Technique, Second Move: Flame Void!" Dense fire spirit energy gushed out from the spear, and the phoenix on the spear became even more real, as if it was about to spread its wings and fly away.

Yang Li thrust his spear forward and the fire spirit energy instantly interweaved with each other as it flew towards Ling Feng. After the last of the weak power of his spirit technique was dispelled, the remaining force rushed at Ling Chen.

"He could barely withstand the second move? Then wait for your death! The third movement of the Mysterious Flame Saber Technique: Mysterious Flame Breaking Through the Sky! " Ling Feng smirked and directly used the third move. The originally fiery red flame gradually turned into a deep black, containing a frightening aura. Yang Li's spirit technique was about to attack.

Ling Feng waved his hand and threw out the magic that he had prepared. The black flames brought with them a gloomy feeling, instantly extinguishing Yang Li's attack and charging towards him.

Yang Li's face turned serious as he casted the Floating Light Flash to the left. At the same time, he threw the Crimson Dragon Soaring Through the Heavens towards Ling Feng.

However, Yang Li's attack only slightly dimmed the black flames, not causing the slightest bit of pressure to Ling Feng.

Ling Feng slightly smiled. "Junior Brother, today, I will tell you what is called beating a drowning dog!" After he finished speaking, he cast multiple spells at Yang Li.

Yang Li only kept on dodging, and casually used a spear technique to block Ling Feng's attack.

Right at this moment, Ling Feng's attack stopped. He mocked Yang Li, "With your little ability, I'm afraid you don't have the ability to make me kneel down and apologize."

Hearing his words, Yang Li suddenly laughed strangely: "Really? Then, why don't you try this move of mine! Fire God Spear Art Fourth Move, Fire Shattering the Sky! "

A streak of black flames similar to the Flowing Wind Spirit Art spread out from Yang Li's spear, and a suppressed aura spread throughout the entire arena.

"Congratulations, you have become the first person to try the fourth move of my Flame God Spear Art!" Yang Li laughed.

Following that, he released his magic, and black flames rushed towards Lingfeng at an extremely fast speed.

The moment Ling Feng felt this spiritual technique, he hurriedly set up a barrier. Then, he moved to the side and released two defensive techniques.

However, Ling Feng's arrangements were of no use. Black flames engulfed the entire stage, leaving behind only a thin layer of his defensive spirit art.

Yang Li evilly laughed, "Explode!"

The stage surrounding Ling Feng exploded, becoming the last straw that broke the camel's back, destroying Ling Feng's defensive spirit art.

Just as Ling Feng was about to set up another defensive spirit art to protect himself, he heard a voice beside his ear: "Senior Brother Ling Feng, this is what you call beating a drowning dog with!"

So it was Yang Li. After the sound of the explosion, he used his movement technique and charged straight to Ling Feng's side. Finishing his sentence, he directly used the Crimson Dragon Soaring Through the Heavens and struck towards Ling Feng.

It was unknown whether it was because of the black flames on the stage or not, but the people below the stage saw that the red spirit art was mixed with strands of black, and had blown Lingfeng to the edge of the stage.

Ling Feng, defeated!

The disciples below the stage suddenly began to boil with excitement.

Ling Feng lost! Middle stage of the fifth level, he had won against a late stage of the seventh level! Brilliant! It's really exciting! "

"Evil God Yang Li!"

"Yang Li has won!" What was the name of his final move? Fire Breaks the Heavens? It's too powerful! "

"I want to go back and cultivate, I want to work hard to cultivate!" A disciple at the fifth level of Qi Accumulation is so powerful. If I don't hurry up and cultivate, I might be defeated in the future. " So he was a disciple at the eighth level of Qi Accumulation.

"Haha, let's see who dares to look down on our weaker disciples in the future. The closer they are, the more they can defeat the enemy on the third floor." A disciple at the fourth level of Qi Accumulation said excitedly.

However, Yang Li ignored the boiling atmosphere below and walked towards Ling Feng, who was at the edge of the stage. He said softly: "Senior brother Ling Feng, you should kneel down and apologize!"

Ling Feng coughed a mouthful of blood, and looked fixedly at Yang Li: "Kneeling is impossible! "You can either stand there and apologize, or you can kill me!"

At this time, Li Luo came over, nodded at Yang Li, and announced the result.

"This match's challenge is at the middle of the fifth layer. Yang Li has obtained victory!"

With that, Li Luo turned to look at Yang Li and said, "Yang Li, how about this, make him kneel down and apologize to you? Why not let him compensate you with something and apologize to you?"

Yang Li thought for a moment, then smiled and said: "That's fine, then apologize to me, and compensate me with twenty spirit stones! That should be enough for me to train for two months. "

When Ling Feng heard this condition, his eyes darkened, but he had no way of refuting it.

"Junior brother Yang Li, I'm sorry, I was wrong. I will send you spirit stones in the future. Goodbye." Ling Feng was quite magnanimous, so he directly left the stage and was led back.

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