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In Yang Li's room, wails and cries of terror rang out.

The anguished wails belonged to the two service disciples that attacked Yang Li. Their hand bones were shattered, their five organs had been displaced by the previous attack, and even the femur of the person in the lead was fractured.

Under the intense pain, he was unable to move any spiritual energy and could only wail in pain.

Where was the arrogance he had shown when he first arrived? When he looked at Xiang Yang Li, other than fear, there was only hatred in his eyes.

They didn't understand how a person who had been lingering at the first level of Qi Accumulation for five years could suddenly become so strong.

This was especially true for the janitor disciple that led the group. He felt that Yang Li's aura was unique and only at the third level of Qi Accumulation. It was unbelievable in his heart, but it was also absurd.

What a joke, how could someone break through a few bottlenecks all of a sudden and reach the third level? Even the most outstanding genius disciples of the Sky Mist Sect did not have such a heaven-defying talent.

As for the other service disciple, he looked at Yang Li who was approaching and shouted with a panicked and frightened expression:

"Don't come over, we are from Senior-apprentice Brother Wan Hao's side. Wait until senior-apprentice brother Wan Hao comes, you're dead!" In the face of absolute power, your little tricks will not be of any use! "

This service disciple nervously looked at Yang Li before shifting his gaze to his two senior brothers, who had lost all of their fighting strength. His heart was even more perturbed.

He also didn't understand why Yang Li would suddenly become so powerful. However, the facts that laid bare in front of him left him with no choice but to believe. The fear in his heart uncontrollably surged to the surface.

Yang Li walked forward with a faint smile on his lips. The servant slowly retreated while shouting in surprise. The fear in his heart grew more and more intense.

His cultivation was the weakest among the three of them. Looking at the way his two senior brothers' bones and tendons were broken, how could he have the courage to fight Yang Li?

At this moment, he wished that his parents could grow two more legs so that he could take the opportunity to escape.

However, as he was retreating, he stumbled on the doorstep.

"No, don't cripple me. I have an old mother, brothers, and sisters in my family. They are still waiting for me to successfully cultivate and bring glory to my ancestors. Senior brother Yang Li, please spare me."

The janitor disciple quickly knelt on the ground and begged for mercy. There was no trace of the arrogance he had before.

At this moment, Yang Li had already arrived at the entrance. He coldly looked at this service disciple and said playfully:

"You want to leave?"

"Yes, Senior-apprentice Brother Yang Li, let me go. I didn't come here because of me, but they did. Wan Hao forced us to come here with you. If it really isn't my business, then I won't be able to do anything about it."

Hearing this, the service disciple was overjoyed. He thought that there was a good show to see, so he quickly explained, ignoring the curses of the other two service disciples.

"It's not impossible for me to leave. After all, I, Yang Li, am not a person who would kill."

"Thank you for your kindness, Senior Brother. I will definitely follow you in the future!"

Hearing this, the service disciple was overjoyed and quickly kowtowed.

"However, a death sentence cannot be avoided." Yang Li's voice suddenly turned ice-cold.

"As long as you don't cripple me, I can do anything for you."

"You don't need to do things. I like doing my own thing, so you should spend some money to get rid of it. It won't cost twenty spirit stone slags."

"Senior brother, I …" Hearing this, the expression of the service disciple changed slightly.

"Hmm?" Yang Li's gaze immediately darkened, and he raised his arm as if about to flare up.

"No, no, I will give it to Senior Brother, but I only have ten spirit stone slags with me."

"If not, then I will do it myself." Yang Li did not buy his trick and directly said.

"I don't want it. Eighteen. Only eighteen are left. I'll give the remaining two in a few days. Senior Yang, I don't have any Spirit Stones left."

"Scram. Go back and tell Wan Hao that he needs to invite people to come personally. Otherwise, he won't have any bad ideas!"

Yang Li received the sparkling and translucent Spirit Stone fragments that were the size of a woman's fingernail and kicked the servant out of the door as he coldly spoke.

Yang Li did not even bother to see how the man ended up in such a sorry state as he turned to look at the other two service disciples and gave a cold smile.

"Are you two planning to get rid of this disaster or what?"

"Disasters, disasters, we'll give twenty spirit stone slags."

The two service disciples gritted their teeth as they quickly said this. Then, they took out spirit stone slags from their lapels.

The spirit stone slags were the embodiment of the world's spirit energy and contained an extremely abundant amount of the world's spirit energy. If used to absorb it, it would have an extremely good supporting effect.

As a result, spirit stone slags were not only used as cultivation resources in the Sky Mist Sect, but were also used as a benchmark to measure the value of goods traded. They were extremely valuable.

For Yang Li and the service disciples of the Sky Mist Sect, they only got thirty spirit stone slags every month, so the rarity and value of these spirit stone slags could be imagined.

At this time, Yang Li's price was 20 spirit stone slags, which was equivalent to spending the majority of the month's worth of resources they had painstakingly bought for cultivation. Naturally, they lamented in their hearts.

However, their strength was currently inferior to Yang Li's, so they could only pinch their noses and endure. The two of them barely managed to collect 40 spirit stone slags and passed them to Yang Li.

Seeing Yang Li accept it, they did not care about their injuries and quickly stood up to leave. They did not want to stay here for even a moment longer.

This brat was a bit strange. He was clearly at the first level of Qi Accumulation for the past five years, yet he was actually able to defeat them with a flip of his hand. It was simply inconceivable.


At this moment, the wooden door was finally unable to withstand the pressure and fell off.

"Ugh …"

The two of them quickly turned their heads and looked at the wooden door. The corners of their mouths twitched, but they were also afraid of looking at Yang Li.

"I'll give you thirty spirit stone slags as compensation."

Yang Li said coldly.

"This... "This wooden door is not worth it …"

The hot-tempered service disciple did not have the slightest bit of anger on his face as he spoke with a weak and wronged expression.

"Hmm? Don't want to compensate? "

Yang Li's eyes turned cold!

"No, senior Yang, please calm your anger. My junior brother means that we don't have enough spirit stone slags on us. Why don't we help him reinstall the spirit stone slags?"

The head janitor disciple's heart trembled as he saw this. The fear in his heart was like a flood that engulfed him as he hurriedly said.

"No need, I like to take care of my things myself. You can just write down a contract."

Yang Li passed two snow-white pieces of paper to them and said indifferently, if you offended Yang Li, how could you let it go so easily? No matter what, he had to shave off a layer of skin.

The two servants grimaced and clenched their teeth. They bit their fingertips and wrote a blood letter as evidence.

Blood was a special existence for humans, it contained a unique aura that could not be faked. The words written with fresh blood were also acknowledged by the Sky Mist Sect Law Enforcement Hall.

After handing over the documents to Yang Li, the two janitor disciples staggered away. However, the unwillingness in their eyes could not be concealed no matter how hard they tried.

Yang Li didn't mind this at all. There was an enormous difference in every level of the Qi Accumulation Stage. In the past, he might have been cautious in facing this level.

But now that his cultivation had soared, he naturally didn't care about the existence of the second floor. To put it bluntly, he was confident that he could fight as many people as he wanted!

This was only one of the reasons, the final reason was that this was the Sky Mist Sect after all, it was okay to fight and make a small fuss, if there were any deaths, the Law Enforcement Hall would not be joking.

Otherwise, Yang Li wouldn't mind leaving the three of them here forever!

"Yang Li left?"

At this time, the round-faced service disciple ran over again and carefully looked at the scene inside. When he didn't see anyone else, he couldn't help but ask.

"Yes." Yang Li nodded and did not hide it.

"They didn't find you, did they?" The round-faced service disciple asked with concern.

"Yes, but I didn't go with them. I even fought with them for that." Yang Li said calmly.

"You, muddle-headed, why don't you go with them? If you can follow Senior Wan Hao and take over the crime, perhaps after the event, Senior Wan Hao will think of a way to save you."

"Senior Wan Hao will not let this go easily. At that time, your situation will be even more troublesome. Do you think you can fight against Senior Wan Hao?"

The round-faced service disciple said as if he was speaking to a guest.

Yang Li's brow creased as he glanced at the round-faced service disciple.

With this look, the round-faced service disciple's heart actually trembled, and he felt a chill down his spine. It was only now that he realized that the person in front of him was the one who chased away the three service disciples at the second level of Qi Accumulation.

"I... Yang Li... "Whatever, since you've already made up your mind, I won't advise you anymore. Since this is the case, I might as well offend senior apprentice brother Wan Hao. You won't have a good life in the Alchemy Pavilion."

The round-faced disciple lightly sighed. In truth, he wasn't familiar with Yang Li, and he had only come here to seek benefits for himself. Under great pressure, everyone would struggle with their lives to make themselves better.

He had come here in advance to inform Yang Li that he was prepared and that it would be best if he hid himself. This way, Yang Li would accept his kindness and take the opportunity to obtain a few spirit stone slags.

But now that he had met with Wan Hao's underlings, even if he came, it wouldn't be of any use. The business would naturally fail, so he didn't say anything.

"If that's the case, then I'm leaving. I can't offend Wan Hao, but I can afford to hide."

The round-faced service disciple said as he turned to leave.

"Wait a minute, I'll give this to you. Consider it as thanking you for risking your life to tell me this news."

Yang Li gave the eighteen spirit stone slags from the service disciple to the round-faced service disciple.

The round-faced service disciple took it and glanced at it. His eyes lit up, and without further ado, he left after saying thank you.


Wan Hao was a service disciple of the Misty Sky Sect's Alchemy Pavilion. Because he had someone on his head, he was quite famous amongst the service disciples and naturally formed a large group.

After the Pill Pavilion's Wan Hao received the news, the anger in his heart flared and he directly kicked that service disciple away.

Afterwards, he asked the two service disciples that had returned, and after listening to their narration, his expression darkened.

He had originally thought Yang Li was just an ant in the Qi level. He could easily bring Yang Li to replace him without any trouble.

However, something like this had happened, making it impossible for him to pull back his hand. After all, his subordinates had been injured. If he did not deal with them now, it would definitely make people's hearts tremble.

As Wan Hao thought about this, he personally led everyone to Yang Li's location, and even brought his own left arm and right shoulder along with him!

When Wan Hao led a group of disciples to Yang Li's courtyard, Yang Li just so happened to fix the wooden door, barely able to resist the wind and rain.

However, before Yang Li could praise his own strength, Wan Hao's leader savagely kicked open the wooden door.

That kick was filled with spirit energy, and immediately, the dilapidated wooden door exploded into countless splinters of wood!

"Yang Li, come out!"

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