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"Yang Li, come out!"

A group of six or seven people rushed in. The one leading them was a gloomy-faced youth. This youth was Wan Hao!

The person who spoke was a fatty beside him. He wore a bloated dark-green robe and immediately shouted out with a pig-like voice the moment he arrived.

The moment this voice was heard, the few service disciples behind him all covered their ears and frowned. It was obvious that this voice possessed quite a bit of power.

As the sound wave spread into the courtyard house, it caused the things within the courtyard to tremble, and the sound of 'Lang Lang' could not be stopped.

It was as though an earthquake was occurring, and the tremors didn't stop.

"Kill pigs? So noisy! "

In the center of the sound wave, Yang Li frowned as he shouted coldly.

Although Yang Li had never learned any martial arts, he was only at the third level of Qi Accumulation. He would naturally not be affected by this sound attack at all.

But not retaliating was not Yang Li's character.

Therefore, when the last 'noisy' sound was heard, Yang Li concealed his cultivation aura. A tyrannical cultivation aura swept out like a flood!

It instantly resisted the formless sound wave and even went back to kill, causing a gale to appear in the air!

Seeing this, the fat man's pupils constricted. He raised his fist, and a fiery red fist surrounded by a red glow was thrown out, trying to block that aura!


In an instant, the fatty, who was only at the peak of Qi level 2, was pushed back and spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Yang Li in shock, as if he had seen a ghost.

"Qi …" "Third level of Qi Accumulation!"

"Third level of Qi Accumulation!"

They naturally did not believe him when they heard the words, but since Fatty was already at the peak of the second level of Qi Accumulation, who else but the third level of Qi Accumulation could defeat him in a single strike?

Moreover, they could clearly feel that the aura contained within Yang Li's shout earlier was absolutely not something that a Qi level 2 cultivator could emit!

This caused everyone to be shocked and filled with disbelief. This person in front of them wasn't Yang Li? Wasn't he a waste that had been at the first level of Qi Accumulation for five years?

How did it suddenly become an existence at the third level of Qi Accumulation?

"I thought so. So you actually broke through the third layer. But do you think that you can run rampant among the service disciples after breaking through the third layer?"

The youth in the lead dispelled the fatty's momentum and stared at Yang Li instead, his gaze dark and cold as he spoke.

"I do not dare to say it, but it is enough to protect myself."

Seeing that he had seen through Yang Li, he did not intend to hide anything and spoke frankly.

The meaning of Yang Li's words was that it would be hard to defeat the servant disciples, but against all of you, it was enough to place himself above them!

"How dare you!"


"You don't know what's good for you!"

All of the service disciples shouted out angrily as their eyes were bloodshot. They glared at Yang Li, almost spitting out their anger.

It was as if it wanted to swallow Yang Li alive.

Wan Hao, who was in the lead, was so angry that his entire body was trembling. A fiery red light constantly flickered around his body. He was clearly angered by Yang Li.

A mere service disciple of the third level had actually dared to speak to him in such a manner. It was obvious that he did not place Wan Hao in his eyes, and he was not afraid of losing his tongue!


Next to Wan Hao, a tall and sturdy youth with a furious expression coldly snorted. He took a step forward and coldly glared at Yang Li, his body emitting a terrifying aura.

An aura that was at the middle of the third level was unquestionably revealed, forming an invisible pressure that fiercely suppressed Xiang Yang.

In a split-second, a violent gust of wind appeared out of nowhere in the sky, causing everyone to make loud swishing noises as the chairs in the house started to shake.

"Beat him up, Senior Brother Xu!"

"Elder Brother Xu, please teach this arrogant fellow a lesson. Let him know that there is a heaven above the heavens!"

As Elder Brother Xu, who was at the third level of Qi Accumulation, stood out, the service disciples at the first or second level began to clamor one after another. Their faces were full of indignation and indignation.

However, Wan Hao didn't say anything, so the tall and sturdy youth naturally wouldn't casually make a move. He had been instructed by Wan Hao just now. After all, he was Wan Hao's subordinate, or perhaps his Follower!

The reason why Wan Hao didn't say anything was because Yang Li currently took out a plate. The plate was only half the size of a palm and there were strange patterns engraved on it.

Everyone was familiar with this medallion, and everyone had it. This was the identity medallion of a Sky Mist Sect disciple. Yang Li held the medallion and said:

"Why do you want to spar?" "That's a good idea, but I just don't know how we're going to deal with the Law Enforcement Hall."

In an instant, everyone's expressions turned ugly as if they had eaten a dead rat. Especially the service disciple who had raised such a ruckus earlier. It was as if someone had grabbed onto their necks. His face flushed red, and they were unable to speak.

The Tian Lan Sect's identity token was the Heavenly Mist Sect disciple's identity token, and it was also the method to contact the Law Enforcement Squadron!

The Law Enforcement Hall was a sect's hell, so no one wanted to go.

If the law enforcement team arrived and saw them, a group of service disciples, making trouble in the courtyard, they would definitely bring them into the Law Enforcement Hall.

This was against the rules of the sect. Even the people above Wan Hao couldn't protect him.

Wan Hao's face also became livid. This kid first hid his cultivation, and now he injured three of his subordinates, forcing him to personally come and take revenge.

After arriving, not only was he rude, he even pushed Law Enforcement Hall to suppress him, making Wan Hao unable to advance or retreat.

He must not offend the Law Enforcement Hall. However, he must find a way to deal with the disciples behind him, and he must not lose face here.

In this difficult situation, Wan Hao's hatred for Yang Li had already reached the skies. He wished that he could immediately grind Yang Li's bones and scatter his ashes to relieve the hatred in his heart!

"Yang Li, do you think I'm afraid of moving out of the Law Enforcement Hall?" Three of my men were injured by you, how are you going to explain this? The people from the Law Enforcement Hall are doing the same! "

All of a sudden, an idea flashed across Wan Hao's mind. A cold light shot out from his eyes as he shouted.

"Your men? Where? Today, I, Yang, have always been in the institution. I have only injured two thieves who stole things.

Yang Li said in surprise, looking at Wan Hao as if he were an idiot.

"You! "What a sharp toothed kid."

Wan Hao immediately became angry upon hearing this. It was impossible for him to do anything under those underlings, and Yang Li's glib words could not even win against ten of them. Gritting his teeth, he hatefully said:

"Yang Li, I want to use this chance to challenge you!"

"You? Are you sure you can challenge me? "

Yang Li glanced at Wan Hao in disdain. A challenge chance was an opportunity that every disciple of the Sky Mist Sect had once every year, and it had to be used up every year!

In addition, there was a rule that one couldn't challenge someone with a lower cultivation base, and the person being challenged had to accept it. Otherwise, the chances of his challenge would increase!

Their goal was to whip the sect disciples and prevent them from being lazy.

Wan Hao's cultivation was already at the peak of the 3rd level of Qi Accumulation. The words he said in a fit of rage had clearly not left his brain, and he had actually forgotten such simple rules.

And Yang Li's words were undoubtedly extremely sarcastic towards Wan Hao, making Wan Hao lose face in front of so many subordinates. Wan Hao was so angry that his lungs were about to explode, his chest violently heaved up and down, and his gloomy face was a bit flushed red.

He, Wan Hao, had never suffered such humiliation among the service disciples before? If not for his fear of the Law Enforcement Hall, he really wanted to tear that evil mouth of his to shreds!

"Senior Wan, let me do it."

The tall and sturdy youth standing beside Wan Hao stepped forward to help him. He was Wan Hao's left arm and right shoulder, and was usually the scapegoat for Wan Hao. He had solved many of the troubles for Wan Hao and was highly valued by him.

Wan Hao looked at the youth, nodded and said, "Alright, I'll leave it to your junior brother Xu."

"Heh, don't worry senior brother, just watch how I break the hands and feet of this arrogant disciple!"

The youth confidently said. Then, he turned around to look at Yang Li with a cold glint in his eyes and said:

"Yang Li, I, Xu Sheng, want to challenge you. I'm going to use this chance to challenge you. If you're at the early third level of Qi Accumulation, then we'll admit defeat."

Xu Sheng was Wan Hao's only 3rd level Qi level follower. He was not weak either, at the middle of 3rd level, which was why he spoke like this.

After all, two fists could not even contend with four hands. He had just advanced to the third floor, and if a battle were to occur here, with Wan Hao, who was at the peak of the third floor, eyeing him covetously, even Yang Li would be at a disadvantage.

In the Challenge Battlestage, he could wholeheartedly focus on dealing with his opponent, just to confirm Yang Li's cultivation that had just risen. He would like to see just how strong he was!

It could even take away one of Wan Hao's arms. After all, the two were at the point of enmity. If they could weaken each other's strength, then that would be considered a big difference.

"This challenge isn't a small matter, but before that happens, we still have to settle some debts."

Yang Li shook his head and slowly continued.

"What account?" What debt do I owe you? " Wan Hao said impatiently.

"We didn't have any at first, but when you entered this place, you already had this debt. Senior Martial Brother Wan, you took your men to break into the courtyard and damaged my wooden door. Are you not going to compensate me?"

"Wood door? Yang Li, don't go too far! "

Wan Hao turned around to look. The stone door had already been broken. This could be big or small, but a mere wooden door actually needed him to compensate?

Wan Hao was immediately furious. However, when he saw Yang Li stroking the identity token, the corner of his mouth twitched. After all, he was the one who was in the wrong. He coldly said:

"Take ten spirit stone slags. It won't be this easy in the future!"

Yang Li impolitely received the ten spirit stone slags, then said:

"Ten spirit stone slags?" Brother Wan, where are you sending the beggars? "

"How much do you want?"

"One hundred pills!"

"Don't be unsatisfied, you won't be able to swallow it yourself!"

Wan Hao took a deep breath, suppressing his burning anger. His eyes were cold and cold, like a venomous snake staring at Yang Li.

"You don't need to worry about that. In any case, I'm not hungry." Yang Li said with a fearless face.

Wan Hao still wanted to speak, but he was stopped by the burly youth, Xu Sheng. He knew that if he continued to talk nonsense with Yang Li, the final ones to be angered would be them.

"What a sharp tongue, give him the spirit stones, I hope you can still speak like that later."

He then spoke to the service disciples behind him, and finally looked at Yang Li coldly and fiercely.

If Wan Hao was the leader of their team, then Xu Sheng was the vice leader.

The janitor disciples immediately gathered together and barely managed to gather a hundred spirit stone slags before giving them to Yang Li.

"Let's go!"

At this moment, Wan Hao didn't want to stay in the courtyard for even a second. As soon as he entered, he felt extremely unlucky and wished he could burn this place down.

"Senior Brother Wan, you've worked so hard to send me the spirit stones. Why don't you drink a cup of tea and rest up?" I have good tea here. "

Yang Li received the spirit stone slags and said to Wan Hao, who had left.

"I hope the hundred spirit stone slags will be enough for you to buy spiritual herbs to heal your wounds."

Wan Hao said coldly. He didn't turn his head back as he led the group towards the Challenge Battlestage. He didn't want to wait a moment longer.

Yang Li laughed coldly before regaining his calm. He calculated that Yang Li had obtained a hundred and fifty-eight spirit stone slags today.

After deducting eighteen spirit stone slags from the round-faced service disciple and adding Yang Li's original twenty-five, he had a total of 165. This was not counting the thirty spirit stone slags he had received from the receipt.

Yang Li could now be considered to have a small amount of wealth. After all, an ordinary disciple wouldn't be able to have more than 30 a month.


There were hundreds of thousands of disciples in the Sky Mist Sect, there were naturally many challengers. Of course, Yang left the arena as it belonged to the service disciples.

After several tea's time, Yang Li had already arrived at the Challenge Battlestage. There wasn't much traffic here, but it wasn't small either. There were still several thousand people here.

When Yang Li arrived, Wan Hao's group had already occupied a battlestage. They were looking at Yang Li with cold, provoking gazes.

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