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The incident at the Yang Li courtyard had made all of them feel a surge of anger. If it weren't for the strict rules of the sect, they would have started a gang fight.

"Yang Li, I thought you ran away in fear, but you're so slow." Some disciples mocked.

"It's all because you kids are too anxious."

Yang Li's expression did not change as he slowly walked past the crowd towards the arena. The words that came out of his mouth could poison a person to death.

This caused the disciple's expression to stiffen. His face was ashen, and he could only curse in a low voice. In terms of strength, he was only at the terrifying third level of Yang Li.

The Challenge Battlestage was a 100 foot arena that was built from solid limestone. It was said that it could withstand an attack from a Qi level 4 and was not bad, making it incomparably sturdy.

On the high platform, the young man Xu Sheng was already standing. He glared at Yang Li, who had ascended the stage, and said:

"It's finally here."

Yang Li's expression remained calm without a single trace of nervousness. He ignored the youth's words and instead bowed towards a young man in a blue robe who was by the side of the arena and said:

"Yang Li greets senior brother."


The blue robed young man nodded indifferently. He turned his sharp gaze towards Yang Li and Xu Sheng and said:

"Intermediate stage of the third level of Qi Accumulation, Xu Sheng, will you really accept the challenge of Yang Li, who is also of the middle of the third level of Qi Accumulation?"

"Accept." Yang Li replied.

"Alright, give me your identity token."

When the blue-robed young man heard this, he nodded his head and withdrew his gaze. After he received the identity tokens of Xu Sheng and Yang Li, he made a strange hand gesture and simultaneously said:

"Alright, the challenge begins!"

The moment the blue-robed young man finished speaking, a scorching wave of spirit energy rose up from the field, as if a great fire was raging and burning in the arena. The heatwave was extremely oppressive!

If there was grass within, it would also turn into a withered yellow color before igniting into flames and turning into ashes!

That was Xu Sheng's terrifying spiritual power. At this moment, his entire body was surrounded by a scarlet glow and his pair of ice-cold eyes were dyed red. It was as if a ball of fire was burning within.

A tyrannical aura spread out, and even the arena was unable to block it. It was like a violent wind that swept in all directions, causing many people nearby to cast their gazes over.

After all, although there were many arenas, the challenge of a third layer Qi Accumulation stage was also very rare. Many people rushed over, wanting to see the competition between the disciples of the third floor, hoping to comprehend some of the mysteries of the third floor.

Among them, there were a few sharp-eyed service disciples who saw Xu Sheng's strange movements and terrifying aura. Some of them cried out in alarm,

"Eyes with fire! Spiritual energy red! That's a second-rate fire attribute cultivation technique!"

"Looking at those Spiritual Energy fluctuations, they are already at the middle of the third level of Qi Accumulation. Their Spiritual Energy density is even comparable to some disciples at the peak of the middle third level who cultivate third-rate techniques. They are truly amazing."


The moment Xu Sheng activated his natal cultivation technique, everyone cried out in alarm and broke out in a flurry of discussions. However, Xu Sheng and Yang Li who were standing on the stage turned a deaf ear to them.

They were all staring at their opponents. Since Xu Sheng had already unleashed his aura, he naturally wouldn't waste any time.

His feet moved again and again, and his sturdy physique rapidly rushed towards Yang Li, a red light with a scorching Qi swirling around it, his fist whistling through the air!

The fist wind was like a howling gale, rapid and sharp enough to cut through the air without end, and Xu Sheng was very satisfied with his punch.

From his point of view, his explosive punch was already able to easily exterminate an early third level Qi Accumulation stage existence. Even a middle or late stage third level Qi Accumulation disciple would have to treat it with rapt attention.

After all, this was a second-rate cultivation method, and the spirit energy it produced wasn't something third-rate cultivation methods could compare to. As for Yang Li, having a third-rate cultivation method was already quite good.

As Xu Sheng thought this, Yang Li also began to move. He also began to circulate his martial skill, the 'Heart of Flame'. A faint yellow light began to encircle his body, and a scorching aura began to emanate from him.

In addition to the dense Spiritual Energy, his aura was not any weaker than Xu Sheng's. A pale yellow light circulated around his fist as he charged directly at the scarlet fist without any fancy moves!

"The flames are like candlelight, this is... This was an unconventional cultivation technique! It is a low level cultivation technique compared to a third-rate cultivation technique! "

"An unconventional cultivation method has actually been cultivated to the middle of the third floor? How is that possible?"

"No matter what, every level is a great difference in cultivation methods. Now that they are at the same level, when second-rate and unconventional cultivation methods are compared, the result is certain. That tall and sturdy youth will win for sure."

Upon seeing this, the Misty Sky Sect disciples below cried out in alarm, their expressions no longer as interested in watching the show as if they had already expected the final result.

Wan Hao's group, who had been watching from the side, all had happy looks on their faces. They all let out sighs of relief in their hearts. It seemed that they had been too careless and worried about the heavens.

Servant disciples were cheering and shouting, calling out Xu Sheng's might, cheering, suppressing Yang Li and the like.

Wan Hao didn't stop him. Instead, he revealed a smile. Watching the show peacefully had a certain conclusion for him. After all, there were some obstacles that were hard to overcome.

When Xu Sheng saw the color of Yang Li's spiritual power, he couldn't help but laugh in his heart. How could such an existence fight against him?

He was afraid that after this punch of his, this arrogant brat would become a meat patty.

However, Xu Sheng felt that he had been humiliated to the extreme by the fact that such a weak third layer of Qi Accumulation had caused them to successively be humiliated.

The corner of his mouth revealed a sneer and cruelty, but his eyes became even colder. The strength of his fist did not decrease, instead, it increased as it went straight for Yang Li.

However, what happened the next moment made him think that he was hallucinating. What happened next made everyone dumbstruck and incredulous.


On the high platform, the two fists collided in the air, and the muffled sound of flesh colliding was heard as a violent wave of spirit energy swept out!


In a split-second, the scorching heat in the air surged crazily. The temperature of the entire arena had risen by several folds, and the terrifying power caused the two people on the stage to be pushed back.

"A draw!"

"How is this possible?"

"How can there be such a dense Spiritual Energy when one cultivates an unconventional cultivation technique?"

"To think that it would be comparable to a second-rate cultivation technique. How can this be?"

Everyone's eyes were wide open as they stared at the two people onstage as they muttered to themselves. Their expressions were filled with disbelief.

As for Wan Hao Hao, the smile on his face had already frozen and his gaze gradually became gloomy. The servant disciple behind him who was shouting suddenly stopped.

"This Yang Li must have eaten pills. Otherwise, how could a person who cultivates an unconventional cultivation method have such dense Spiritual Energy?"

"He must have eaten a medicinal pill. No wonder he delayed coming over. He must have taken the chance to eat it to temporarily increase his spiritual energy!"

All of a sudden, the janitor disciples looked as if they had found an excuse and started to speak. As soon as these words left their mouths, everyone began to agree.

After all, the scene before their eyes was truly unbelievable. Other than the method to consume the pill, they couldn't think of any other method. Moreover, they were all service disciples of the Pill Pavilion, so it wasn't strange for them to have some pills.

They paid no attention to the two people on the stage. Their eyes were all glued to the screen, and their thoughts were all different.

Yang Li was elated. He hadn't thought that after breaking through to the third floor, his own spiritual energy would be so dense. It had actually crossed the natural barrier between second-rate and unconventional cultivation methods.

It was the mysterious space!

A thought flashed through Yang Li's mind as he cautiously faced Xu Sheng. Although his strength was similar to Xu Sheng's, the battle would not be easy.

As for Xu Sheng's heart, it was filled with disbelief and an indescribable rage. He had never thought that a person who cultivated an unconventional cultivation technique could actually be on par with someone who practiced second-rate cultivation techniques.

How was this possible?

Xu Sheng felt extremely uncomfortable as he felt that his second-rate cultivation technique was useless.

"He must have consumed some medicinal pills. All of them have their own medicinal effects. As long as I can stall for time and let his medicinal effects pass, won't I still be able to handle them?"

As Xu Sheng thought this, the heaviness in his eyes faded, turning into self-confidence.

In the end, the weak were still the weak. Even if they were lucky enough to become strong, it would only be for a short period of time. They were always searching for a way to take advantage of the weak.

This was Xu Sheng's assessment of Yang Li. He didn't say anything as he charged toward Yang Li.

He wanted to stimulate Yang Li and force him to make a move so that he could consume his spirit energy faster and reach the limit of the effects of the pill. At that time, it would be his turn, Xu Sheng.

"Boom boom!"

The two of them were constantly dodging and evading in the arena, from east to west, moving at an extremely fast speed. The disciples at the first level of Qi Accumulation were unable to see their figures clearly.

A violent gale swept through the area as the crimson and pale yellow Spiritual Energy filled the air. It was as if it was being roasted on a scorching summer day.

It was unknown how many hundreds of strikes the two had exchanged, but when the two colored spiritual energy dispersed from the stage, it was reborn, making it impossible for people to see through the scene inside.

Every time Xu Sheng would force Yang Li to act, he would be forced to split apart the moment he touched Yang Li. However, every time he was forced to act, Yang Li would press against him, forcing Xu Sheng to act in a serious manner.

Even though Xu Sheng tried to consume as little of his spiritual power as possible, Yang Li still forced him to use up most of his spiritual power.

On the other hand, Yang Li's every move was an all-out, all-out strike that contained the full power of the third level of Qi storage.

However, even after spending so much spirit energy, Yang Li didn't show the slightest sign of fatigue. This caused Xu Sheng to feel extremely frustrated, and the thoughts in his mind began to waver.


Yang Li and Xu Sheng's fists clashed again. The collision of scarlet and pale yellow sent the two flying once more, separated for a short period of time.

Yang Li's breathing quickened, but his eyes revealed an expression of joy. In the battle just now, Yang Li already had a grasp of his own strength.

Because of his extremely dense spiritual energy, he could definitely suppress most people at the middle of the third level of Qi Accumulation. Even the weaker people at the late of third level could fight him!

This was the confidence that came from Yang Li and Xu Sheng!

On the other hand, Xu Sheng was breathing heavily as he glared at Yang Li. He felt as if he was about to spew fire, his eyes filled with rage and disbelief.

Xu Sheng practiced a second-rate cultivation technique and was an extremely powerful existence even in the middle of the third level of Qi Accumulation. Even the average late third level disciple would not dare to provoke him.

And now, he was actually forced to the point of almost exhausting his spirit energy by a kid who cultivated an unconventional technique. The crux of the matter was that he still hadn't used up that kid's spirit energy even after facing such a situation.

The rage in Xu Sheng's heart burned as well as a faint fear that he would be defeated by the unknown Yang Li.

If that were the case, then he, Xu Sheng, would definitely die. He would never be able to raise his head again amongst the disciples.

"This cannot continue. That brat's Spiritual Energy is too dense. If this goes on, I will definitely be the one to die. Since you took the pill, don't blame me for taking it too."

Xu Sheng made up his mind and gritted his teeth, using the thought of taking the pill. In his opinion, Yang Li also took the pill, so this wasn't considered bullying.

His hand brushed past his chest, and he put a medicinal pill into his mouth without leaving a trace. In an instant, Xu Sheng's already weakened aura abruptly increased, becoming much stronger than it was during his all-out victory.

Sensing that his entire body was brimming with energy, Xu Sheng's mouth curved into a cruel and confident smile.

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