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Xu Sheng believed that he would definitely be the last one to emerge victorious after consuming the pill. No matter what method Yang Li used, he would disintegrate into dust under his absolute strength!

Xu Sheng was confident but not arrogant. For this reason, he had even executed the only martial art technique he knew.

The < Spirit Flame Palm > was a special technique that used the fire attribute spiritual energy to move it and use it in an even more powerful way.

When the two methods were used together, even an expert at the late third level of Qi Accumulation would have the confidence to fight him. As for Yang Li, he didn't think much of him.

With a low shout, the Spiritual Energy within Xu Sheng's body surged out. With the mindset of not stalling for time and exhausting Yang Li's Spiritual Qi, he charged forward and aimed a palm at Yang Li, wanting to send him flying.

"Spirit Flame Palm!"

All of a sudden, an ear-splitting sound could be heard from the arena as a searing red glow erupted from within the scorching spiritual energy.

A violent and scorching aura spread out. Even though it was separated by the defensive barrier of the arena, the people below the stage still felt a kind of oppressive heat!

Faced with Xu Sheng's sudden burst of power, Yang Li's expression did not change, but his gaze turned solemn.

Yang Li could clearly feel the power contained within this palm strike, it was definitely not something he could withstand. After all, Yang Li was just a spiritual force, he wasn't that strong.

Yang Li would be able to withstand a few attacks if he had martial arts. However, Yang Li was merely at the first level of Qi Accumulation in the past and did not have the opportunity to even come into contact with martial arts. Naturally, he would not be able to grasp any martial arts now.

Since he could not fight them head on, he might as well avoid them for now. There was no need to use his weaknesses to clash with others', this was not something a wise man could do.

Yang Li's advantage lay in his dense spirit energy. He wasn't worried about his spirit energy drying up, so Yang Li's footsteps continued to speed up as he used his spirit energy to push his own speed to the limit.


The extremely powerful Spiritual Flames Palm had struck nothing but air. Even the air had been distorted by the scorching heat; it was extremely terrifying.

Xu Sheng did not give up after the first strike. On the contrary, he revealed an expression of surprise. Yang Li's strength was still far from his, but he had relied on the elixir to survive until now.

From Xu Sheng's point of view, he believed that Yang Li would lose the effectiveness of the pill after he consumed it. No matter what, Xu Sheng was confident that he would win.

As he thought of this, the malevolence on Xu Sheng's face became even more apparent. The Spiritual Energy within his body howled as he continuously struck out with the Spirit Flames Palm in his hand.

"Boom boom boom!"

A series of explosions rang out in the arena as Xu Sheng released his spiritual power without using any cost. His Spirit Flames Palm continued to be used as a scorching wave of heat enveloped the entire arena, bringing it all the way to an astonishing level.

At this time, Yang Li was just like a spiritual energy that had been picked up. He also unrestrainedly rained down, increasing his speed to his fastest as he dodged Xu Sheng's Spiritual Flame Palm.

In the end, when both sides had been entangled for who knows how long and Yang Li could clearly feel the power of Xu Sheng's palm grow weaker, his eyebrows raised and he didn't even try to dodge as he punched out.


In the blink of an eye, under Xu Sheng's astonished gaze, he was actually sent flying back by Yang Li's fist. His face was flushed red and blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

"How is this possible?"

Xu Sheng muttered absentmindedly. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at Yang Li. Then, he shouted,

"This is impossible!"

Xu Sheng leapt up and gathered all the strength in his body as he spoke. He struck a palm at Yang Li with great power, but not enough power.

"This is the truth. Nothing is impossible."

Yang Li's expression did not change. Facing this palm, he directly punched out. Yang Li had the support of dense spirit energy, his strength was not weaker than the ones that just came on stage.

With a single punch, he shattered Xu Sheng's Spiritual Flames Palm and even kicked him down from the stage.

Below the stage, a group of Heavenly Mist Sect disciples who were watching the battle were completely dumbfounded.

Could it be that he didn't consume the pill? Was there really such a powerful unconventional cultivation technique?

While their thoughts were turning, the blue-robed Sky Mist Sect disciple gently leaped onto the battlestage. He glanced at Xu Sheng, who had collapsed below the platform, and said:

"The winner of this challenge, Yang Li!"

As the blue-robed youth finished speaking, he began to make seals and record some information into the identity token in his hand. Then, he tossed it to Yang Li and Xu Sheng.

Yang Li took the order badge and respectfully thanked the young disciple. Then, he left the stage.

Below the stage, Xu Sheng's face was filled with unwillingness as he glared at Yang Li. Up until now, he still couldn't believe that he had actually lost to Yang Li.

This caused Xu Sheng to feel extremely embarrassed and indignant. When he saw the crowd looking at him with strange gazes, he wanted to immediately trample on Yang Li and wash away his shame.

But now that he had lost so much spiritual energy, and because of Yang Li's previous punch, the blood in his body was boiling. He was actually unable to move for a moment, causing his identity token to fall to the ground and not be picked up.

"Senior apprentice-brother!"

"Senior brother Xu."

Wan Hao and the other disciples hastily walked over. When they saw Xu Sheng on the ground, they immediately ran over to help him up. At the same time, they also picked up the identity token.

"Yang Li, I, Xu Sheng, will remember today's humiliation. He …"

"Still not leaving? Isn't it embarrassing enough? "

Xu Sheng glared venomously at Yang Li. Before he could finish his words, Wan Hao impatiently interrupted him.

Seeing that Wan Hao was truly angry, the group of service disciples didn't dare to resist and left with Xu Sheng. Xu Sheng didn't say anything either and only glared hatefully at Yang Li.

In Xu Sheng's mind, if it weren't for Yang Li, he wouldn't have acted this way. He would have been able to perform in front of Wan Hao and become even more highly valued by him.

However, all of this was destroyed by Yang Li. Xu Sheng hated Yang Li to the bones. To some extent, he hated Yang Li even more than Wan Hao.

"Yang Li, I'll remember you. As long as I'm not promoted to an outer disciple, and as long as I'm still in the Pill Pavilion, you just wait and see!"

Wan Hao, who was in the crowd, finally swept his cold gaze over Yang Li. His words were filled with vengeance.

Outer sect disciples, in terms of status, were a level higher than the service disciples like Yang Li. Their strength needed to be at least at the fourth level of Qi Accumulation to be able to take on this position.

It was clear that Yang Li had completely offended Wan Hao this time. However, Yang Li did not care about this. He looked at their departing figures and chuckled.

"Then I'll wait, I just hope that I won't get promoted to an outer court disciple before you."


Wan Hao snorted coldly without turning his head. He really didn't have the face to look back, nor did he have the face to stay here any longer.

Just like this, under the gazes of everyone present, the group of people dejectedly left. Compared to their arrogance from before, it was a very clear contrast.

As Yang Li watched them leave, his smile disappeared and a cold light flashed in his eyes. If it wasn't for the rules of the sect, Yang Li would have killed Xu Sheng and eliminated Wan Hao forever.

After all, there was no longer any possibility of reconciliation between him and Wan Hao!

Taking a deep breath, Yang Li suppressed the churning thoughts in his head and turned to leave. However, he didn't head in the direction of the courtyard house. Instead, he headed deeper into the courtyard.

In that last battle, Yang Li had gained a deep understanding of his own strength. At the same time, he was also aware of his own shortcomings as well as his own strengths.

The strength of his own spiritual energy and the length of his aura were undoubtedly the major advantages, but he was not able to see through the strength of his own attacks.

If Yang Li had an extremely powerful offensive martial art, his fight with Xu Sheng would be extremely easy. He could even solve the problem in a few moves.

And every disciple in the Sky Mist Sect who advanced to the second level of Qi Accumulation would have the chance to receive a martial art manual for free.

Yang Li's strength had already reached the 3rd level of Qi Accumulation. In addition to his deep understanding of his own flaws, Yang Li naturally wouldn't waste this opportunity.

After half a day, Yang Li arrived in front of a nine story pavilion. The tower was extremely tall and complex runes were repeated on every floor. They emitted a powerful and terrifying aura, making it so that no one dared to look down on them.

This pavilion was Yang Li's current goal. The location where the sect collected all sorts of mystical martial arts techniques was known as the Scripture Pavilion!

This was an important place within the sect, and it was heavily guarded. It was also the holy land in the hearts of the many Sky Mist Sect disciples.

At this time, the Scripture Pavilion was filled with janitor disciples in dark green robes, outer disciples in blue robes, and even inner disciples in white robes!

Although there were many people, they were all silent and no one dared to be impudent. They all respectfully came to retrieve their Mysterious Techniques and martial arts before respectfully leaving as well.

Although it was Yang Li's first time here, he knew of some of the rules and did not act presumptuously here. He obediently arrived at the entrance of the Scripture Pavilion.

There was an old man sitting cross-legged. His hair and beard were completely white, but his skin was as tender as an infant's. Clearly, he was an extremely powerful elder in the sect.

Every disciple of the Sky Mist Sect respectfully bowed as they passed by. Yang Li was no exception as he bowed and said:

"Disciple Yang Li from the Pill Refining Pavilion, has come to retrieve a martial art."


The old man didn't even open his eyes as he calmly said.

Yang Li respectfully handed over his disciple identity token. After the elder received it, he touched it and with a flash of light, he seemed to have received some information. He tossed the identity token aside and said casually:

Martial arts are on the first floor. You can choose them yourself. After selecting them, use your spirit energy to enter your identity token and copy the information.

"Thank you, senior."

Yang Li received the identity token and walked directly into the Scripture Pavilion. The moment he entered, it was as if he had entered another world.

There were rows and rows of martial arts that were radiating with spiritual light, as well as some first-rate or second-rate profound arts. Every single one of them was emitting an attractive force, making people want to stay there and absorb all of the profound arts.

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