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After entering the Scripture Pavilion, Yang Li was somewhat overwhelmed. His eyes were filled with all sorts of cultivation methods.

Yang Li thought about it for a moment. Finally, he decided to choose an inner force cultivation method. This was because his own cultivation method was nothing more than an unorthodox Fire Heart Sutra.

The internal techniques on the continent were on the same level as the spiritual martial arts. They were unranked, second-rate, first-rate, yellow, black, earth, heaven, half-magic, magic, and emperor.

The higher the grade of an inner force skill, the higher the realm it could break through to.

The Yellow Rank and above inner force skill had its own unique effects, be it cold or hot, etc.

On the other hand, the higher the level of a Spirit Spell Martial Art, the more powerful it would be.

However, it was very difficult to improve on unconventional methods. It was just a matter of whether one had the qualifications to test them.

Yang Li's failure to breakthrough a few years ago was also due to his cultivation technique. Thus, his first thought after choosing a cultivation technique was to choose an internal cultivation technique.

Yang Li walked over to the only bookshelf in the entire Scripture Pavilion and began to carefully choose one. From beginning to end, he had clearly marked out the rank of the cultivation method.

The Sky Mist Sect's system was very clear.

Service disciples could choose Yellow Rank or lower cultivation techniques. Outer disciples could choose Yellow Rank or lower cultivation techniques.

Inner disciples could choose a Xuan Level cultivation technique, while top disciples could choose an Earth Level cultivation technique.

Only the direct disciples of the Sect Leader could choose the only Heaven level technique in the Sect.

Yang Li directly skipped over the unconventional and second-rate cultivation techniques. He walked over to the place where the first-rate cultivation techniques were. He flipped through many cultivation techniques, but didn't find anything that was suitable for him.

At this moment, his gaze fell onto a bookshelf to his right.

There was a thick layer of dust on the bookshelf. After flipping through a few books, Yang Li understood the meaning of this bookshelf.

The cultivation techniques on these bookshelves were all incomplete. Compared to complete cultivation techniques, these cultivation techniques were either unable to cultivate or were extremely weak, so very few people chose them.

According to the degree of imperfection and its power, these cultivation techniques were similarly divided into unconventional, second-rate, and first-rate. After he had gone through the entire bookshelf, he had only found two inner force cultivation techniques.

Suspected to be an ancient cultivation technique left behind from the ancient times, it could be cultivated to the Blood Tempering stage. After successfully cultivating it, one's cultivation speed would be equivalent to a top Huang grade cultivation technique, and due to the fact that the content was incomplete and extremely difficult to cultivate, it was temporarily classified as a first-rate internal cultivation technique.

The 'Flame Mantra', the incomplete skill manual, and the local rank skill manual. Due to accidents, the skill manual was incomplete and could only be cultivated to the Blood Tempering realm. The content was relatively difficult, so the disciple had to choose carefully.

When Yang Li read the introduction of the Flame God Incantation, the beast skin on his chest felt slightly hot. An unknown voice in his heart told him.

Choose it!

Yang Li wasn't a hesitant person. When this impulse appeared in his heart, he unhesitatingly carved in his identity information and chose this cultivation method that no one had any interest in.

Although the elder who was guarding the Scripture Pavilion was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed in cultivation, his spiritual sense had already covered the entire Scripture Pavilion, allowing him to take a good look at everything that was happening inside.

Seeing Yang Li inscribe the Flame God Incantation, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but hang a trace of surprise. However, he suddenly seemed to recall something, and even his spiritual sense became absent-minded.

The power of this technique had bewitched too many people. The power of a top-grade Yellow Rank technique was something that only one person in the entire sect had managed to successfully cultivate.

Many disciples who did not believe Xie had chosen this manual, some had not been able to advance even an inch in a few years. Over time, this manual had been transferred to the Cold Palace and no one cared about it anymore.

After Yang Li finished choosing his cultivation technique, he gave a simple bow to the Scripture Pavilion Elder.

"Elder, this disciple would like to ask, how can a service disciple like me choose a second cultivation method?" Yang Li respectfully asked.

"You can choose the second cultivation method with one hundred and fifty spirit stone slags. Give me the spirit stone slags and I'll record the information for you."

After Yang Li took out the token and spirit stone slags and handed them to the Elder, he waited for the Elder to finish recording the information.

However, he heard the elder asking, "Little guy, can you tell me why you chose to use an inner force skill?"

When Yang Li heard the elder's question, he thought it over carefully and spoke with confidence.

"There is no crippled cultivation technique, only handicapped people. My heart tells me that choosing this cultivation technique will help me the most, and I am confident that I can make it blossom with brilliance."

When the Elder saw his confident attitude, a trace of a smile appeared in his eyes, but he did not say anything else. He waved his hand, indicating for him to leave, then closed his eyes.

When Yang Li once again turned around and walked towards the Scripture Pavilion, a voice drifted into his ears, "Among the three types of sword, spear, and palm cultivation techniques, there is an early stage cultivation technique that is compatible with the Flame God Incantation. Find it yourself. No need to ask."

Yang Li turned around and saw that the Scripture Pavilion Elder had already closed his eyes, but he had remembered this kindness in his heart.

A single drop of water was enough to repay a favor, and in the future, there would be many opportunities to do so.

His top priority right now was to choose his own cultivation method. Thus, he resolutely entered the Scripture Pavilion.

When the elder saw him enter, he opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with a sense of loss and vicissitudes.

In the past, there was a disciple called Li Dongyang who chose this technique. When he succeeded, he was like a genius unrivalled in the world!

In the end, he had to change his cultivation method because his cultivation method was incomplete, but his talent and the power of this cultivation method were still revealed.

Unfortunately, Li Dongyang was killed by someone in a secret realm and died before he could grow.

However, the power he was once so powerful had still caused a frenzy in his cultivation. However, not a single person was able to successfully cultivate it.

As time passed, it was put on hold, and it was even covered with a thick layer of dust.

If this disciple succeeded in his training, then he was destined to sweep through an entire region in the future.

However, how could a mere service disciple be possible?

The old man chuckled as he shook his head. Putting aside this impractical thought, he closed his eyes and concentrated on his cultivation.


After entering the Scripture Pavilion, Yang Li flipped through the sword art and palm technique secret manuals. However, when he flipped through the entire bookshelf, he came up empty-handed.

These cultivation techniques were either uninterested or not suitable for him.

Yang Li understood the principle of being gluttonous without being bored.

If he wanted to find it, he would need to find a martial art that was suitable for him, and that could give the enemy a fatal blow at a crucial moment!

Finally, after looking through the spear arts bookshelf for a long time, Yang Li found the secret manual that Elder had mentioned.

Flame God Spear Art: Flame God Arts Matching Spear Art, can also be combined with other fire attribute cultivation techniques. The original rank is unknown, because of the too many imperfections, it is only equivalent to the power of a top tier cultivation technique. The sect only has three moves, and the difficulty in cultivating them is relatively high.

Note: The power of this spear art combined with the Flame God Incantation is even greater.

After Yang Li found the secret manual and read it, he was pleasantly surprised. Choosing this cultivation technique was the same as obtaining two Yellow Rank cultivation techniques. It was extremely beneficial to him.

Yang Li was prepared to burn the information down, but at this moment, his hands suddenly became empty.

Yang Li raised his head, and when he saw who it was, a cold light flashed in his eyes!

This was also a service disciple called Fang Chong. Just like Wan Hao, he was also one of the top servant disciples.

He relied on his good relationship with Wan Hao and did evil deeds and bullied many other weak disciples.

Yang Li had once been bullied by him, but today was not the same. If Fang Chong still dared to provoke him, he wouldn't mind giving him an unforgettable lesson here!

Fang Chong looked at him with a face full of ridicule: "You can trade for another cultivation technique. I've taken a fancy to this one."

Yang Li's eyes became cold, and only coldly said: "Is that what you want? If you fall for the entire Compendium Pavilion, do you want an elder to gift it to you? "

"Ho … You don't need to give me an elder, but you must. Who told you to be trash?" Fang Chong disdainfully said.

Fang Chong knew that Yang Li had offended Wan Hao a few days ago. If he were to insult Yang Li this time, he would be able to vindicate Wan Hao and obtain Wan Hao's goodwill!

Yang Li smiled. "Even a grain of rice shines?"

After speaking, he directly attacked Fang Chong!

Fang Chong obviously did not expect Yang Li to dare make a move against him. He was greatly shocked and hastily reacted, throwing out the secret technique in his hands.

Just as Yang Li was about to attack him, he suddenly changed his direction and reached out towards the secret technique that Fang Chong threw.

Fang Chong also did not expect him to suddenly make a move and suffered a loss.

When he saw the secret scripture in his hand, his expression turned even uglier.

This kid was actually playing with him!

"Trash, hand it over!"

Fang Chong was infuriated as he gathered his spiritual energy to attack Yang Li.

But at this time, the elders who had their spiritual sense watching the two saw what they were doing and couldn't help but get angry and directly send a sound transmission to the two.

"As a service disciple, you actually did something that even the top disciples wouldn't dare to do. You sure have the guts to make a move in the Scripture Pavilion. Get the hell out here!"

A roar of anger rang out and Fang Chong hurriedly retracted his hand. No matter how arrogant he was, he didn't dare break the Scripture Pavilion's rules.

"Yes." Not daring to make a sound, the two of them walked out.

The Scripture Pavilion Elder was already waiting for them at the door. Fury was written all over his face.

"Tell me, why did you do it in the Scripture Pavilion!"

Fang Chong hurriedly replied, "Reporting to Elder, Yang Li was the first to make a move. I chose the manual first but it was actually taken away by Yang Li, that bastard. Disciple is ashamed as the secret manual was taken away by him using a small method!"

The elder declined to comment and asked Yang Li again.

Yang Li looked at Fang Chong, who had a small face, and said, "Elder, the truth is basically correct. The only thing is, I followed your suggestion and picked it up a long time later before finding the secret manual. Just when I was about to finish recording the information, he took it away."

"Disciple had no choice but to use some tricks. However, disciple did not injure any of the books in the Scripture Pavilion, nor did he attack the person himself. I only feigned an attack and retrieved the secret scripture."

"Elder, he's lying! It's not like that. " Fang Chong hurriedly tried to defend himself.

The Elder calmly looked at him and said, "I have long known about what happened. I am very clear on every single move of the Scripture Pavilion."

"Cultivation techniques belong to whoever gets them first. Fang Chong is the first to snatch them away, Yang Li wants to retrieve the cultivation technique he wants afterwards. Although he made a move, it's still within reason."

"And it is as Yang Li said. Although he attacked you, he did not hurt you nor did he damage the Scripture Pavilion's secret scripture."

"Thus, this Elder determined that it was your fault. Fang Chong, do you admit to it?"

Fang Chong's expression was extremely ugly as he responded in a low voice, "Disciple has pleaded guilty."

"Since you made a mistake, you should be punished. Thus, I will strip you of your rights to choose a cultivation technique."

"As for Yang Li, although he was not in the wrong, he violated the rules of the Scripture Pavilion that he is not allowed to take action against. As a result, he is not allowed to come to the Scripture Pavilion for a secret manual within a month."

"Alright, you two can go back. Let's drop this matter. We can't allow any more trouble to arise."

Yang Li and Xiao Yan respectfully bowed and left.

To Yang Li, not entering the Scripture Pavilion for a month was a small matter, and didn't have much of an impact.

But Fang Chong completely lost a chance. Without a doubt, Fang Chong's losses were even greater. After he left the Scripture Pavilion, Fang Chong's expression became colder and colder, and killing intent began to emanate from his eyes.

"Yang Li, if I don't kill you, I won't be able to vent the hatred in my heart. Tomorrow at noon, I'll wait for you at the entrance of the Misty Cloud Forest. I won't rest until I die!" With that, he sped off.

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