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The Sky Mist Sect was on the mountain, and at the foot of the mountain was a small city.

The Sky Mist Sect did not prohibit disciples from going out normally, and only after opening up their sect for ten years would they close down their sect for a year. This action was to prevent disciples from being affected by the city's prosperity.

Of course, a large sect like this would naturally have a mix of fish and dragons. It wouldn't seek to improve itself, and it would be necessary for a number of disciples to fall in a busy city.

However, only a few of the disciples with good backgrounds were like this. Most of the disciples wholeheartedly wanted to seek the Dao to increase their strength.

Five years had passed. This was the first time Yang Li had stepped out of the sect. These five years had been like a nightmare for him. But now, this nightmare was no longer there.

He began his new life, and this time he left the sect to prove himself.

If people don't offend me, I won't offend them. If people offend me, I will definitely offend them.

Since Fang Chong already said he wouldn't stop until the other party was dead, and even made an agreement with him on a location, he naturally wouldn't let other people's doves go.

His opponent was only a late third floor. If he couldn't even challenge someone who had a cultivation realm higher than his, then there was no need to talk about the future.

To him, this was no big deal. He didn't care too much about it. He walked and walked until he arrived in front of a small city.

This small city was called Misty City, and it was named after the Misty Cloud Mountain Range and Sky Mist Sect.

The Misty Cloud Mountain Range was an extremely huge mountain range with numerous forests and rampant Demonic Beasts. The Sky Mist Sect was established here to contain the Demonic Beasts within the mountain range.

Of course, although there were many demonic beasts in the Misty Cloud Forest, it was very easy to get within five kilometers of the mountains. However, the deeper one went, the more demonic beasts there were, and the higher the level of the demonic beasts.

The hierarchy of demon beasts was slightly different from that of humans, but the difference wasn't too great.

Level 1 to 3 Demon Beasts equated to a period of accumulation of energy, level 4 to 6 Demon Beasts equated to a period of primordial blood, and level 7 to 9 Demon Beasts equated to a period of spiritual activity. The top-notch Demon Gods were the same as human gods, they had not appeared for hundreds of thousands of years, and their legends only existed in ancient times.

Yang Li strolled around the city leisurely, occasionally glancing at the people who were performing acrobatics. He cheered on them and threw one or two copper coins to them as if he had forgotten about the challenge.

In the blink of an eye, it was already dusk. The crescent moon lit up slightly. He picked up the cultivation technique he had chosen during the day and started to cultivate in the empty space outside the city.

The first thing he saw was the Flame God Technique. This was because the inner force technique determined the height he could reach in the future, as well as the power of his Essence.

Different cultivation techniques had different characteristics, and the same applied to the "Flame God Incantation".

However, due to the fact that the technique was incomplete, it seemed somewhat obscure and hard to understand. Yang Li had no choice but to devote himself to it.

At this moment, the beast skin on Yang Li's chest suddenly began to glow slightly. Afterwards, he was completely immersed in a wonderful state.

At this time, all of the cultivation techniques and secret manuals that were recorded in the identity token were also imprinted into his mind.

The Essence in his body started to revolve as well, following the path described in the Flame God Incantation.

The elemental energy also began to change subtly.

His aura started to become erratic.

However, just as he was about to circulate for a full week, he suddenly felt as if he had suffered a heavy injury. He gave a stuffy groan and stopped circulating his cultivation technique. The mysterious aura also dispersed with him.

Yang Li felt a little suspicious, "Huh? What was going on? "The path of elemental energy circulation is the right one."

After trying a few more times, he was still stuck at that spot. He pondered for a long time, but still could not find the reason.

Yang Li felt his own origin energy condense, and the circulation speed became faster.

He had a premonition that even if he faced an opponent at the fourth level of Qi Accumulation, he would have no problem dealing with them.

At this moment, a mocking voice sounded out.

"Hmph, it is really a narrow path for enemies. I never thought that I would meet a trash like you everywhere. Yang Li, are you afraid that you would secretly cultivate here if you can't beat me later?" You think you can beat me like this? It's simply a dream! "

Yang Li slightly opened his eyes. There was no need to think about it as the speaker was Fang Chong.

However, compared to when he was in the Scripture Pavilion, there was now a spear at his back.

Yang Li's expression was calm as he raised the cultivation technique. The corner of his mouth lifted as he said: "That should be better than not having a cultivation technique to cultivate in. Fang Chong, how does it feel to be punished by an elder today?"

"Yang Li, you're courting death!" Upon hearing these words, Fang Chong was instantly enraged. If it wasn't for Yang Li's scheme today, he wouldn't have suffered such a punishment and lost face in front of the crowd!

"Eh, to be so easily angered?" Yang Li shook his head and sighed, "That's right, I didn't even care about tomorrow's arranged battle."

"Don't be so glib! "Since that's the case, I won't wait for tomorrow. Today, I will give you a painful lesson!"

Fang Chong flew into a rage and immediately took out a medicinal pill from his chest and swallowed it.

His aura instantly surged to the fourth level of Qi Accumulation and he attacked Yang Li angrily.

As for Yang Li, he watched as his Essence Qi skyrocketed and Fang Chong attacked him. While dodging, he taunted, "Relying on medicine to reach the fourth level of Qi Accumulation, can you be any more promising?"

"Don't dodge. If you have the guts, fight me head on!" Fang Chong spoke with resentment, but his hands did not stop as he continued to attack Yang Li.

"I just haven't had enough fun. Let's see how high you can jump." Yang Li said with a smile.

At this moment, Fang Chong was getting impatient and took out his own weapon: "Heng, the game of cat and mouse is over. The first movement of the Fierce Sun Spear Technique, the Fierce Sun Strike!"

He saw a fire dragon rapidly charge towards Yang Li, but he didn't panic in the slightest as he dodged to the side, dodging to the right.

At this moment, the beast skin on Yang Li's chest began to heat up. He moved even faster, easily avoiding the fatal blow.

"You actually managed to dodge my spirit art, you're very good. Let's see how you will dodge this. Fierce Sun Spear Technique Second Move, Fierce Sun Shaking the Earth!"

Fang Chong's spear slammed onto the ground as eight fire dragons burst out from the spear, sweeping out in all directions!

Yang Li didn't dodge and quickly used his Essence to form a barrier to block Fang Chong's spirit technique. Seemingly sensing his impatience, Yang Li also sped up his flow of Essence to form layers of barriers in front of him.

Seeing his attack once again blocked by Yang Li, Fang Chong couldn't help but clench his teeth and say word by word: "Hmph!" Yang Li, oh Yang Li, look at your surroundings, today, this place is where your bones are buried! "

At Fang Chong's command, several late stage third floor and an early fourth floor disciple leapt out and appeared in the area.

He actually brought people to ambush, this Fang Chong is really despicable!

However, since Yang Li dared to …

"Heh heh, you think you can kill me with more people? "You're really childish." Seeing this, Yang Li decided that he had to take action.

Thinking up to here, Yang Li suddenly attacked Fang Chong!

"Aren't you finally running around like a dog, risking your life for a single strike? Laughable! " Fang Chong raised his spear and sent it towards Xiangyang Li.

Yang Li saw that he wasn't in a rush to dodge so he gritted his teeth and increased his speed. His palms accumulated dense amounts of Essence Qi as he attacked Fang Chong's chest.

Yang Li's palm was getting closer and closer to Fang Chong's chest, but Fang Chong's longspear was also very close to Yang Li.

Just at this moment, the beast skin on Yang Li's chest once again emitted a faint heat, causing Yang Li's speed to quicken as it directly smashed into Fang Chong's chest.

When Fang Chong saw his sudden increase in speed, his eyes were filled with disbelief!

He didn't increase the protection for himself by much, but simply placed a barrier around himself.

He originally thought that Yang Li wouldn't be able to attack him no matter what, but the truth had exceeded his expectations!


Yang Li's palm shattered his protective barrier and slapped his chest. Fang Chong was sent flying!

The people around them, who originally swore that Fang Chong would be able to crush Yang Li, were all stunned!

After a while, the person at the fourth level of Qi Accumulation recovered from his shock. "Stop him! Take him down! "

The surrounding people all took action, and one spirit technique after another shot towards Yang Li!

Fang Chong struggled to stand up and coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood. At this moment, he was already forcing himself to turn red: "Quick! Kill him! This person has enmity with Wan Hao, whoever gives him to Wan Hao will definitely win his good impression! "

If they really managed to get a good impression from Wan Hao, then the benefits of entering the outer sect would be many!

When the few of them heard about the temptation, the power of the spirit art in their hands increased as it once again struck Yang Li!


Yang Li's eyes were filled with rage as he wished he could turn around and kill Fang Chong!

Faced with the combined assault of a few people, Yang Li was not afraid in the slightest. Killing intent appeared in his eyes!

"Ridiculous, do you think I would die from being surrounded by you four pieces of trash?" Yang Li became increasingly angry, and the circulation speed of his Essence also increased by a lot.

As if sensing Yang Li's anger, the beast skin on his body once again emitted a reddish glow. Yang Li's speed increased yet again, giving him the impression that he could move behind a few people.

Yang Li's mind stirred and his entire body moved like a phantom. He instantly appeared behind the few people behind him and could not help but feel joy in his heart. Circulating his Essence, he struck his palm towards the back of the disciple at the fourth level of Qi Accumulation.

That disciple was caught off guard and was directly sent flying by Yang Li. His body was severely injured, and he fainted.

The other disciples were extremely shocked when they saw Yang Li suddenly appear behind them, but Yang Li didn't give them any time to think. His figure instantly flashed, and he slammed his palm towards another early third floor disciple.

The disciple frantically tried to block, but unfortunately, the difference in strength was too great, and he was still sent flying by Yang Li. He was also heavily injured, and continued to wail as he laid on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, only two of the four remained. The remaining two looked like gods of war, instantly killing Yang Li.

After looking at each other, the two of them quickly attacked Yang Li. Yang Li easily dealt with them, but the amount of Essence in Yang Li's body was becoming lesser and lesser.

"Flaming Palm!" A disciple struck out with a palm that contained a formidable amount of origin energy. The fire attribute origin energy tumbled around his palm, appearing extremely brilliant under the reflection of the setting sun.

"Too slow!" With such a slow palm technique, who could you possibly hit? " Yang Li sneered and moved behind the disciple with the help of the beast skin. His palm was also overflowing with Essence. Although he did not use any Spirit Spell, its power was not inferior to his opponent at all.

The disciple couldn't react in time and was directly struck in the back by Yang Li's palm. The backlash of his Essence was also severely injured, causing him to faint.

The last disciple immediately stopped and did not dare to attack again.

When Fang Chong saw this scene, he was enraged: "You piece of trash! Trash! Kill him! "What are you doing!?"

While this disciple clenched his teeth and was about to attack, Yang Li left his mouth.

"You must think carefully. If you dare to attack me, I guarantee that you will all go back to your beds today! Or never go back! "

The disciple instantly hesitated, but Yang Li didn't hesitate as he sent another palm containing Yuan Qi towards Fang Chong with hatred.

The already heavily injured Fang Chong had terror plastered all over his face, but he was still unable to escape Yang Li's attack. Yang Li had broken his heart meridian and killed him right at the entrance of the Misty Cloud Forest.

In the end, the remaining person's face paled. He never imagined that Yang Li would actually dare kill Fang Chong!

However, he gritted his teeth and said, "Yang Li, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Do I need to explain it to you? If you want to die too, then I don't mind killing a few more people! " Yang Li's eyes were cold as he coldly spoke.

The disciple was so frightened by Yang Li's aura that he immediately did not dare to speak anymore. His legs went soft and he knelt to the ground, trembling as he said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's my fault. Please forgive me!"

The disciple continued to beg for mercy, but Yang Li's eyes did not waver at all, and he said: "Hmph, it was your tactfulness that saved your life, get them and scram! "By the way, tell Wan Hao that if he dares to look for me in the Misty Forest, he better not be a turtle hiding behind his back!"

As Yang Li finished speaking, he turned and leapt into the Misty Cloud Forest.

He could already imagine Wan Hao's furious expression after hearing these words. Just thinking about it was exciting.

How could that disciple dare to resist? Supporting his other companions, he stood up and fled.

They had originally thought that with their overwhelming numbers, it would be easy for them to take down a mere Yang Li. They hadn't thought that they would end up like this.

What level had Yang Li's strength reached?

He still had some lingering fear in his heart as he anxiously told Wan Hao Yang Li's words.

And as Yang Li expected, after Wan Hao heard this news, his veins began to bulge and the cup of water in his hand was crushed!

"What!?" All of you surrounded and attacked Yang Li, and you're actually all crippled? Fang Chong died? "

Wan Hao gritted his teeth, causing the group of people below to not dare to make a sound.

"What about you, Mo Luo? Didn't you already reach level 4? Even you were defeated? "

Mo Luo was ashamed. He remembered his fight with Yang Li and felt a lingering fear. He said with a guilty conscience, "Yes … "I don't know what that brat ate, but his cultivation has broken through so much. Even I am not his match."

"Hmph, a bunch of trash!"

Wan Hao kicked a disciple to the ground, but the latter didn't say anything.

"That trash Yang Li actually dared to charge into the Misty Forest by himself. Is he not afraid of death?" Wan Hao's eyes were vicious. He didn't understand why Yang Li would do such a thing.

Demonic beasts roamed all around the Misty Forest, making it extremely dangerous. Ordinary cultivators would only dare to enter when they were in a group, let alone Yang Li, who was only at the third level of Qi Accumulation.

Could he be just trying to provoke me?

Thinking about how he had been provoked by such a trash, Wan Hao was once again enraged.

"Senior-apprentice Brother Wan Hao, maybe he's just bluffing and is afraid of being chased down by you. That's why he intentionally fled to the Misty Cloud Forest to seek refuge!"

"That's right, even if he went in, he wouldn't be able to block the demon beast's attack. Who knows, he might already be dead!"

The only thing the disciples wanted to do was to redeem themselves.

Wan Hao didn't appreciate her kindness and angrily said, "If it weren't for you trash, Yang Li would still be alive to escape in! "Let me tell you, if you are alive, you have to see him, if you are dead, you have to see his corpse. You have to patrol around the forest, and catch him immediately if you find him. This is my last chance for you!"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

The other disciples heaved a sigh of relief. It was already a blessing that they were not allowed into the dangerous region of the forest. They quickly agreed.

As everyone left, the anger in Wan Hao's eyes was still burning.

"Yang Li, there are different levels of people between noble and lowly. For a trash like you who comes from a lowly background, wanting to climb over my head is simply a dream!" I will never give you that chance! "

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