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Yang Li naturally did not know of what was happening over there, so he did not mind.

The reason why he entered the Misty Forest was because he wanted to make use of the demon beasts within the forest to temper himself and increase his strength as fast as possible.

Of course, he knew that the Dense Fog Forest was filled with dangers, and that life and death situations could arise at any time. However, if he didn't even dare to challenge such dangers, there was no need to even mention Yang Li later.

However, Yang Li was not a reckless raider. After entering the forest, he had relied on his previous experience as a servant to quickly find the Fog Concealing Grass and consume it.

This was a medicinal herb that allowed him to conceal his presence. After consuming it, Yang Li would be able to avoid a small danger within two hours.

Just as the battle ended, Yang Li felt an inconsequential sense of relaxation. He carefully searched for a suitable place for him to recover his spiritual energy.

There were dangers everywhere in the forest, not to mention that his body was wounded and bleeding. If he was not dealt with quickly, he would provoke a lot of magical beasts.

He had to be careful even if he was within five kilometers of the Dense Fog Forest. Moreover, he didn't calculate the distance along the way, so he didn't know where he was. He could only be more cautious.

The dangers of the Dense Fog Forest were not undeserved. Yang Li had just arrived at the scene and had seen them for the first time.

As Yang Li walked, a fishy stench came from ahead. He hid behind the forest and looked around.

He discovered that it was a late stage one Fire Snake resting in a snake-like formation. Its poison was extremely terrifying, and very few late-stage Class 2 Magical Beasts dared to provoke him.

If he were to provoke such a demonic beast that used poison, he would definitely be in big trouble!

"No wonder there aren't any demonic beasts nearby. Even a late Class 1 Nubis would dare to rule over a Class 2 Magical Beast, not to mention the fact that he is the most powerful magical beast here." Yang Li thought to himself.

As for Yang Li, who had not recovered his spiritual energy yet, he also didn't want to provoke such a troublesome existence.

And then, he changed directions and continued searching, trying his best to avoid high level magical beasts.

Yang Li looked at the sky. It was almost dark now. If he didn't find a place to heal in time and wait for the demon beasts to frequently appear at night, he would definitely die in the stomach of the demon beast.

The sun was setting in the west, illuminating the forest with its golden rays.

At this time, there were also some demonic beasts that gradually woke up. There were always more demonic beasts out at night and at day.

The forest that had been asleep for the entire day began to become lively.

Yang Li heard the howls of lions and wolves in the distance. More and more demonic beasts woke up, and he had yet to find a suitable place to rest.

At this moment, when he saw a spot not too far away, his eyes lit up!

Walking in the direction which Zhang Xuan pointed at, it turned out to be an inconspicuous little cave!

Heaven never bars one's way; we've finally found a suitable place to heal!

However, Yang Li did not let down his guard. He carefully probed the interior of the cave with his spirit energy and found no signs of life. Only then did he enter.

He smashed the rock at the top of the cave entrance, barely covering the entire entrance, ensuring that no demon beasts or other people would come in while he was recuperating.

The interior of the cave was very dry. There was also something similar to a praying mat. It seemed that someone had once meditated here.

"What kind of place is this? Someone actually stayed here before?"

Yang Li was puzzled, but he did not think too much about it. This cave was now his best resting place.

There were also two fruit trees inside the cave, and there were many yellow fruits on them. It seemed like they were golden fruits that ordinary people would usually eat.

Yang Li had been hungry all day. He wanted to test if the fruit was poisonous, but he didn't have any tools.

"It's only a few fruits, can it be that they can poison me to death?" After a centrifugal force, he plucked four to five fruits and began to eat them.

However, the heavens still favored him. After he finished eating, he didn't feel any discomfort. Instead, he felt his body become abnormally energetic.

The spirit energy he expended in fighting with Fang Chong and the rest had actually recovered by quite a bit. Yang Li inwardly sighed at the mysteriousness of the fruits and couldn't help but eat a few more of them.

Recalling the battle from before, the corners of Yang Li's mouth curled up in a proud smile.

If he defeated this group of people, it would definitely cause Wan Hao to jump up and down. He just didn't know if he had the guts to chase into the Misty Forest.

From what he knew of him, Wan Hao probably wouldn't dare to enter. He would at most send players to patrol the area.

It was very likely that she was enraged and impulsively rushed in to look for him, but this was better so that she wouldn't have to look for him herself.

If it came, he could crush it with ease.

Yang Li composed himself and began the long and difficult healing process.

The moon was becoming more and more bent, and after the crescent moon, it would become round again. The gentle moonlight scattered on the forest. There was a breeze blowing, and it was so cold that it seemed to come from the ninth heaven.

The law of the jungle prevails everywhere in the forest.

There was a pack of wolves that attacked the wild boar, and there were also Snake Devouring Mice and vicious Earth Dragon Bears that were eating other unknown creatures.

There were creatures similar to bats in the sky, letting out ear-piercing hisses.

The trees that had been silent for a long time also began to rustle. Some of the trees emitted tempting fragrances, causing some of the beasts that went by silently.

The sky gradually brightened as Yang Li's recovery was nearing its end.

For some unknown reason, the spiritual energy attached to Yang Li's wounds was being expelled very quickly, and the spiritual energy in his body was also rapidly nourishing his wounds. Based on his current condition, he should be able to recover in a few days.

"Is it because of this cave?" Yang Li muttered.

After careful consideration, Yang Li decided to take advantage of these few days to cultivate in the forest and temper his combat ability.

Once again, he took out the《 Flame God Incantation》 that he had recorded in the Scripture Pavilion and carefully read its contents before starting to cultivate.

The spiritual energy in his body started to circulate according to the route of the cultivation technique.

One Cycle...

Two Weeks...

Thirty-six cycles …

Seventy-second cycle …

One big cycle...

After completing a full circulation, Yang Li was jolted awake, and the aura around his body began to grow!

"Late stage of the 3rd level of the Qi Accumulation Stage!" Yang Li cried out in alarm.

The cultivation technique gave him an obvious change, but he was a little doubtful, "Why is it so simple to cultivate this time? Something doesn't seem right. "

In order to test if he had really succeeded in his cultivation, he sent a palm flying towards the top of the cave entrance.

Crushed rocks fell from the sky, and his simple palm strike had achieved the result he had spent so much effort on yesterday's attack.

Yang Li couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised. The power of a first-rate cultivation method was clearly different from an unconventional cultivation method. It was many times stronger!

This kind of power meant that he had already successfully cultivated this cultivation technique.

Yang Li's internal spiritual energy also changed with the cultivation method. The circulation path was different, but there was also a different kind of aura attached to it.

Even though the Flame God Incantation was only an incomplete cultivation technique, Yang Li had successfully cultivated it with an attribute attached to his spirit energy. However, he wasn't too clear on just how to use this energy; he still needed to study it later.

Moreover, a whirlpool had formed within his body. The whirlpool that could only be formed at the seventh level of the Qi Accumulation Stage was already formed by him at the end of the third level.

This meant that no matter how fearless he was against others in a battle of the same level, it would no longer be difficult for him to challenge others beyond his level!

Perhaps all of this still had something to do with this cave. He could faintly feel that this cave was not simple at all. Not only was the cultivation of the Flame God Incantation a little too simple, it was also a little too simple compared to last time.

Moreover, during his meditation, he felt that his spiritual energy was recovering at a much faster rate than normal.

"This is a good place. I have to hide it well and not let anyone else know about it!" Yang Li thought to himself.

"Your spirit energy has been fully recovered. Now you should go out and hunt demon beasts. You should train your own strength and increase your own combat experience!"

Thinking of this, Yang Li consecutively blasted away the shattered rocks at the entrance of the cave, creating a path that only a single person could walk on.

The blazing sun illuminated the entire forest. Just as Yang Li left, he saw a land dragon and bear charging towards him.

It was said that the Earth Dragon Bear was born from the combination of a land dragon and a bear. Although it had the appearance of a bear, its body and fur were both scarlet red.

Their physiques could be considered as one of the most powerful low-level demon beasts. Perhaps it was because they were mutually resistant to each other.

The Earth Dragon Bears, however, were not afraid of the extremely terrifying Flame Serpent's poison. There were even some Earth Dragon Bears who ate Flame Serpents as food, often devouring them.

Seeing the Earth Dragon Bear charge towards him, Yang Li dodged to the side, dodging the attack of the Earth Dragon Bear.

The Earth Dragon Bear crashed into the tree behind him, but it didn't feel anything. It shook its head and charged towards Yang Li again.

Yang Li did not dodge this time. He directly rushed forward and struck his palm towards the Earth Dragon Bear!


The Earth Dragon Bear was in a sprint state and had no time to dodge. It was directly struck in the head by Yang Li's palm and let out an angry roar!

"It really isn't that easy to deal with." The massive impact of the Earth Dragon Bear also caused Yang Li's arm to feel somewhat numb.

The Landwyrm Bear angrily stood up and glared at Yang Li, directly slapping him with its palm!

Yang Li saw that he was basically harmless and also felt a headache coming. He easily dodged the Earth Dragon Bear's attack and then raised his hand to strike the Earth Dragon Bear's chest with his palm.

Although he didn't do any damage to the Earth Dragon Bears, his chest gave Yang Li a weak feeling.

"Hmm? Could it be that special power contained within the Spiritual Energy? "

At this moment, he remembered that after cultivating the Flame God Incantation, there was a special kind of energy within the spirit energy. His eyes lit up as he thought to himself, "This Earth Dragon Bear's skin is rough and thick, just nice to test the effects of the spirit energy!"

The Earth Dragon Bear's physique was extremely strong, and he wouldn't be able to kill Mo Wuji just by using spiritual energy. He might be able to kill Mo Wuji by relying on the characteristics of the Flame God Incantation.

As the number of attacks continued to increase, so did the reaction speed of the energy!

Finally, after dodging the Earth Dragon's attack once again, Yang Li, who had little spirit energy left, attacked the Earth Dragon Bear's chest once more, trying to draw out the power.


The chest of the Earth Dragon Bear immediately began to split open, the bones of its heart were clearly visible, blood was continuously flowing out, and it painfully collapsed onto the ground, unable to move.

"A good chance!" When Yang Li saw the look on the Earth Dragon Bear's face, he immediately sent a palm strike towards the head of the Earth Dragon Bear.


A loud sound rang out. The head of the Earth Dragon, which was originally extremely hard and had not been broken even after being struck a few times, was now shattered by his single palm strike. Even he himself was somewhat confused.

"Could it be the effect of the Flame God Incantation?"

Yang Li was amazed. If this was true, then this cultivation method was truly too powerful!

"Mm. From the looks of it, this energy should be an explosive type of energy!" Since it's the energy that came with the Flame God Incantation, then let's call it Fire Energy! "

However, he didn't seem to be able to completely master the fire ability. He could only find an opportunity to study it in the future.

However, looking at the corpse of the Landwyrm Bear, Yang Li came up with a new idea.

"Hehe, now I have a weapon to practice the Flame God's Spear Art!"

Yang Li used his spirit energy to split open the body of the Earth Dragon Bears. He took out the ribs, which were still intact from the explosion, and grinded them into bone blades.

After he cut down another tree, he used a bone knife to grind it into the shape of a stick. Then he took out the bones within the body of the Earth Dragon Bear and grinded them into the shape of a spearhead.

Then, he cut a portion of the bear skin into strips and tied the spearhead to a wooden stick, creating a simple long spear.

The ribs of the Earth Dragon Bear were extremely hard. Otherwise, it wouldn't be enough to support such a massive body. It would be the most suitable weapon to use.

With a weapon for cultivating the Flame God Spear Art, this would be another great improvement in his strength.

Once he returned to the cave, he immediately started to practice the Flame God's Spear Art!

Flame God Spear Technique: The original rank is unknown, because the spiritual energy circulation path is damaged, for the time being can only display the power of a first-rate spiritual technique, moreover the moves are incomplete.

First Style: Flaming Dragon Soars the Sky, following the circulation path of the spirit energy, attaching it to the weapon, forming a fire dragon and charging towards the enemy. This style's power is great, one can break mountains and rivers if cultivated to the highest depths!

The second style: Flame Jue in all directions, attacking with a group martial art, attaching spirit energy to the weapon, slapping it on the enemy's body or on the void or on the ground, then dispersing the attacks on the enemy, cultivating to a high level can shatter mountains!

The third style: Divine Flames Shining the Heavens, attack and defense techniques, attach spirit energy to the spear, form a flame barrier in front of the body, and also allow it to attack!

Yang Li looked at the Flame God Spear Art's introduction, and couldn't help but feel a surge of emotions in his heart. His thirst for great strength had become the greatest motivation for his cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. Not only was the Flame God Spear Art extremely proficient, the explosive effect of the Flame God Incantation was also under his control.

Hunting demon beasts were becoming more and more relaxed. He had accumulated more than ten beast cores, so it was rather hard to believe in the eyes of the bystanders.

On this day, Yang Li had just finished training and was preparing to go out to hunt demon beasts. However, he heard faint cries for help from afar.

Yang Li frowned slightly. After pondering for a moment, he ran off in the direction of the voice.

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