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Under the dark blue sky, there were nine continents. People called them the Nine Continents! Between the continents was a vast ocean, while the nine continents were vast and endless. The population is in the trillions.

And the ruler of the Nine Continents is precisely the continent that stands on the continent of the Divine Continent, and our story started from here.

Outside the imperial city of the Divine Continent, the sunlight was sliced into pieces by the tree leaves, sprinkling onto the ground with spots and spots. A well-dressed young man was strolling in the woods.

It was strange to say that usually, when a noble young master dressed extravagantly, he would have ten to twenty servants following him. However, this person was alone.

This young man was called Zhuo Hao, the Third Prince of the Empire on the continent. However, the Third Prince, Zhou Hao, was extremely sullen. There was no other reason, it was just that Zhou Hao could not train!

Yes, the dignified Third Prince of the Great Zhou Empire was actually unable to cultivate! When Zhuo Hao had started to train when he was twelve, he discovered that he could not condense even the slightest amount of true energy!

This unexpected result quickly spread throughout the entire Imperial City, causing Zhouhao to become the laughingstock.

The Human Emperor and Zhuo Hao's two brothers tried everything to find out why Zhuo Hao was unable to cultivate.

In the end, the Human Emperor could only sigh and let him live a peaceful life.

However, in this world, those who couldn't cultivate would eventually be looked down upon, even if you were the third prince.

So for the past four years, although Zhouhao didn't have to worry about food and clothing, he still didn't have a happy life. Every time he would stand in a corner outside the training platform and secretly watch others practice martial arts, he would be extremely envious. When he was discovered, Zhouhao always pretended to be indifferent and whistled away to the ridicule of others.

"It's been four years, a whole four years! Is there no other way? "

Zhou Hao kicked away the rocks on the ground in frustration and found a shade to rest in.

The shadow of the leaves was imprinted on the side of Zhouhao's face. Zhuo Hao stared at the sky in a daze.

"Muhou, what should I do?"

Actually, Zhuo Hao's heart was hiding a secret that no one knew about.

That's right! Zhou Hao had transmigrated!

It was a pity that the heavens' will was messing with him. The heavens had given him the best family background, allowing him to fully display his ambitions.

However, he was also given this body, making it impossible for him to cultivate.

For four years, on every lonely night, Zhou Hao would always try, try to cultivate.

But the result was still the same.

Sometimes, Zhuo Hao really wanted to give up, but whenever he thought of his mother's expectations, he would grit his teeth and persevere.

Until today.

"Queen Mother, why is that so? This Transcender has really failed! " muttered Zhuo Hao, trying to catch the shadow of Ye with his hand.

The shadow passed between his fingers.

Although Zhuo Hao had crossed over, he had already lived in this world for 16 years and had almost forgotten the appearance of his home. To the current Zhou Hao, the Nine Continents were more like his home. At least, this place still had his home.

Suddenly, a rustling sound came from the depths of the forest, arousing Zhouhao's curiosity.

Zhou Hao got up, dusted off his butt, walked to the bush, and stuck his head in.

All the players who had played in the League of Legends knew that probing the grass wasn't a good habit.

As soon as Zhou Hao stuck his head in, a furry hand grabbed his hair.

"Damn, it hurts!" Zhou Hao was pulled in.

Zhou Hao looked up and saw that it was a 1-star spirit beast, a red clothed monkey.

In the Nine Continents, spirit beasts were divided into nine stars, and each star corresponded to a human expert's level.

The human cultivation realms were divided into nine levels, namely, Body Tempering, Entering the Realm, Soaring Through the Sky, Void, Void, Void, Life and Death, Reincarnation, and Immortal Ascension.

The crimson-clothed monkey had a body covered in fiery red fur and a pair of eyes that were as beautiful as gems; it was extremely adorable. It was one of the favorite pets of the Royal families. The monkey was mischievous and loved to tease people, but its fighting strength was usually very low.

They could only bully people like Zhou Hao.

"Damn!" If a tiger doesn't show off his might, what do you think I am? " Zhou Hao raised his hand to push the monkey away.

However, the most embarrassing thing was … Zhou Hao did not push it.

Zhuo Hao's eyebrows twitched, and his ashamed face turned red.

The Red Cloaked Monkey ripped off Zhuo Hao's clothes. Zhou Hao rushed towards the monkey bare-chested. He raised his foot and was about to kick the monkey's butt.

Unexpectedly, the red-clothed monkey was able to dodge the kick with a leap. Zhuo Hao's kick missed, and without any leverage, he lost his balance and fell forward.

The red-clothed monkey grabbed onto Zhuo Hao's right leg and pulled it forward.

Hiss ~

Zhuo Hao felt that he had hit the nail on the head.


A miserable scream broke the tranquility of the forest, startling countless birds.

After a long time.

Zhou Hao. His handsome face had a few scratches, and his perfect hairstyle had turned into an explosion. His luxurious clothes had turned into the tattered clothes of a beggar.

Zhou Hao was lying on the ground, and a stream of tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

"Who am I trying to provoke?"

"Suo Nian, you are not wrong. It's just that you did not meet the right person."

An elderly voice rang out from the depths of the forest.

"Who is it!" Zhou Hao immediately got up and sat down with a sigh.

What is there to covet for a man like me?

Suddenly, a white-haired, snow-white clothes, full of arrogance... Oh no! An old man with the demeanor of an immortal appeared in front of Zhou Hao.

Zhuo Hao was so scared that he almost ran.

"You can call me Elder Zu."

"Young man, do you want to become stronger?" The old man asked Zhuo Hao in an alluring manner.

Zhuo Hao's eyes dimmed and he said in a low voice, "I do, even in my dreams. But, what can I do?"

"Young man, do you want to be bullied?" The old man smiled mysteriously.

"Really? You have a way?! " asked Zhuo Hao in surprise, his eyes shining.

The old man looked at Zhuo Hao and a smile appeared on his face.

"I noticed you a long time ago. You are indeed a pitiful person; your talent is obviously top-notch. "However …"

The Old Ancestor paused for a moment, hanging onto Zhou Hao's appetite.

"But because your physique needs to be continuously tempered with true energy. For the past four whole years, all the true qi you've cultivated has been absorbed by your body. "

Zhou Hao froze. So he couldn't cultivate true qi and had been tricked by himself.

What was this? Deceiving son of a b * tch?

The Elder didn't wait for Zhuo Hao to speak and continued, "Now is the time to harvest. As long as you acknowledge me as your master, I will let you cultivate."

The elder stroked his beard, as if he was an otherworldly expert.

Zhou Hao immediately knelt down and kowtowed three times.

In order to become stronger, so what if I acknowledge him as my teacher?

After the old man enjoyed meeting with Zhuo Hao, he said in satisfaction, "Very good, now I have two scriptures, one is the Burning Heaven Scripture and the other is the Reincarnation Scripture. Your body is a little special, so you can only cultivate these two techniques. "

The old man took out two books. One of them was surrounded by divine flames, while the other was extremely simple and unadorned.

"The first one is the Burning Heaven Scripture. Cultivating it can allow you to quickly advance your cultivation. You can quickly surpass others in terms of cultivation, but practicing it has its limits. Although the other book is extremely difficult to learn, once you've mastered it, the power would be unimaginable. It can even control a person's life and death. What's even more terrifying is that I can't see where the limit of cultivating it is. "Alright, choose."

Zhuo Hao looked at the two books and pointed at the Burning Heaven Scripture without hesitation.

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