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The Red Cloaked Monkey saw that Zhou Haoti's sword was covered with frost, and it moved forward like a shadow. The red-clothed monkey didn't dodge. With one hand on the ground, it used its little leg to sweep towards Zhuo Hao.

Seeing that the monkey had made its move, Zhuo Hao quickly formed a hand seal with his left hand.

"Dong Shuang Luo!"

He saw that the glow from Zhou Hao's wooden sword was even brighter, and the surrounding vegetation had formed a layer of frost as well!

The monkey's legs were frozen and its movements suddenly slowed. Caught off guard, it was sent flying by Zhuo Hao's sword.

"Zhizhi!" The red-clothed monkey climbed up from the ground, shaking off the frost on his body and looked at Zhou Hao in shock.

It had to be known that a few days ago, it could have exchanged over a hundred blows with Zhou Hao. But now, two moves had been completely destroyed by him.

The difference between the two was something that the red-clothed monkey was unable to accept for a short period of time. Of course, this was only the result of neither of them transforming.

But our Chao Hao can't care so much. He raised his right hand and waved the wooden sword horizontally. A stream of ice crystal sword qi quickly rushed towards the place where the monkey had landed. The red monkey hastily rolled away, barely dodging the sword qi.

"Haha!" Awesome! Again! "


Zhuo Hao and the red monkey had cultivated to a state where they had completely forgotten the time.

"After cultivating for such a long time, this martial skill has finally reached mastery. Frost Sword Qi!"

Zhou Hao gave a loud shout and a layer of ice appeared on the wooden sword, terrifying everyone.

Just as Zhuo Hao was prepared to swing his sword, Liu Li's voice suddenly appeared in the space between the Heaven Swallowing Ring and the world: "Brother Hao, wake up!"

Zhou Hao stared blankly, and the ice instantly dispersed.

"Ancestor, how long have I been cultivating?"

"It's almost noon."

"F * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck! Elder Zu, why didn't you remind me! "

"I can't bear to see you cultivate so selflessly." The ancestor also felt a bit guilty, after all, he had forgotten.

Zhuo Hao hurriedly left the inner world, opening his eyes and rushing towards the door. When he opened the door, he saw a pair of big, watery eyes staring at him.

"Brother Hao, it's the first time that we've met this morning. Why haven't you come?"

Seeing Liu Li's pair of clear eyes, Zhuo Hao's heart was slightly moved.

She was still so beautiful!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I overslept! I'm sorry. How about this, Liu Li, in the future, you can come and wake me up, okay? " Zhuo Hao rolled his eyes and said somewhat slyly.

"En!" Liu Li readily agreed.

Zhuo Hao's heart was filled with joy. He was even happier than someone who had matured in winter.

After all, on the path of cultivation, one was simply too lonely.

"Oh right, Brother Hao, let me bring you to a place!"

Liu Li subconsciously held onto Zhou Hao's hand and walked in a certain direction.

Zhou Hao's body trembled. He had been sleepwalking the entire way, and he didn't even know how to get there.

"She's holding my hand, Liu Li actually took my hand!"

As a 16 year old, although he had a lively personality, he had never experienced this before. He didn't show any signs of losing his composure on the spot, which was already considered quite good.

"16 years old again!" The Elder faintly sighed in the Heaven-Devouring Ring, while the red monkey beside him was very confused.

Fate is just so wonderful, some let you love her, but sometimes let you hate her.

Soon, they arrived at a towering pagoda. The tip was hidden in the clouds.

This was the Soul Master class' Scripture Pavilion. There were a total of nine levels.

"We're here, Brother Hao!" Liu Li turned around and looked at Zhou Hao. Seeing that Zhuo Hao was still in a daze, he waved his white, lily-white, lily-white hands in front of Zhuo Hao's eyes in confusion.

"Brother Hao?"

"Ah?" We're here, let's go! "Let's go in." Zhuo Hao scratched his head and bravely walked over.

Liu Li let out a laugh: "Brother Hao, over here!" Liu Li pulled Zhuo Hao towards an old man.

He was still a muddle-headed ghost.

Liu Li thought in her heart.

The old man sitting at the entrance of the Scripture Pavilion was the guardian of the Spirit Master Department's Scripture Pavilion. Every branch of the Scripture Pavilion had its own guardian, and their strength was unfathomable. This was the foundation of the Yizhou Academy!

The guardian looked up and glanced at the two men. "Freshmen, enter one hour every day. You are not allowed to bring books out. If you were to bring a soul skill out of the pavilion without permission, once it is discovered, your cultivation will be annulled and you will be expelled from the academy! "

Just as the guardian was about to give each of them a token, he suddenly saw the dean's token hanging on their waists.

"Eh? "You are Zhou Hao?"

"Yes, Teacher."

"Since that is the case, all of you should abide by the standards of the Inner Academy. There is no time limit."

"Thank you, teacher!" Zhou Hao took the token and happily held Liu Li's small hand as they walked in.

Ever since Liu Li took the initiative to lead Zhou Hao, it had only been a short while, and Zhou Hao had already dared to take the initiative to pull Liu Li. It had to be said that in a certain aspect, Zhuo Hao's talent was also extremely good.

However, all of this was indeed very natural, just like how the two of them had been partners in a previous life.

"Brother Hao, then why would the old grandpa know you?" After Liu Li entered the Treasure Vault, she asked in a low voice.

"Actually, when I first entered the school, I was accepted by the principal as a disciple. If there is a deeper reason, it might be because I am more handsome!" "F * ck!" Zhou Hao fawned over what he thought to be a handsome boss.

"Hm!" Actually, the first time I met Brother Hao was because I felt that he was very handsome, as if I had seen him somewhere before! "How strange!" Innocent Liu Li actually believed him.

However, Zhou Hao was indeed very handsome. With his well-defined face and faintly discernible smile, he was very lethal to the opposite sex.

The two of them quickly arrived at the first floor of the Scripture Pavilion.

"Brother Hao, this Scripture Pavilion is divided into nine levels. Each level has a corresponding rank of soul skill. If you want to enter the next level, you need to reach a corresponding level of soul power."

Soul masters were divided into nine stars. In the imperial palace of a large continent, Saber Elder was a seven star Soul Master.

"With our current soul power, I'm afraid we can't even be considered 1-star Soul Masters. In that case, we can only move about in the first two layers. "

"How did Liu Li know so clearly?" Zhou Hao asked.

"Big fool, who told you not to come this morning?" Liu Li replied with a smile.

"Ah?" Ha ha-ha, is that so? " Zhou Hao was a bit embarrassed.

In order to divert their attention, Zhou Hao said, "The first floor probably doesn't have any good soul skills. Let's go to the second floor."

"Yes." Liu Li replied obediently.

As the two of them walked up the stairs, they suddenly felt an inexplicable pressure obstructing them from proceeding forward.

"So that's how it is. The Scripture Pavilion relied on this sort of pressure to test one's soul power cultivation level to a certain extent, right?"

Zhou Hao mumbled to himself.

"According to this pressure, the second floor shouldn't be a problem. Let's go, Brother Hao. " Liu Li led Zhou Hao and was just about to walk up the stairs.

"Yo!" Who is this brat? He actually got Goddess Li to hold his hands! Is the goddess' hand something you can touch? "

An arrogant voice stopped them in their tracks.

Zhuo Hao turned around somewhat angrily: "What, you want to fight?"

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