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The old man quickly took back the Burning Heaven Scripture and said, "Brat, to be frank, I just want you to cultivate the Reincarnation Scripture. I will need your help in the future."

"But, can my talent be cultivated?" After all, for four whole years, no one had been able to understand his pain.

"If you keep talking nonsense, this book is gone!" The old man was so angry that his beard was flying.

"Practice, can't I practice?"

Zhuo Hao took the Book of Reincarnation from the old man and sat down to start comprehending it.

Zhou Hao sat down and began to carefully study this book. Zhou Hao had just opened his Reincarnation Scripture and actually felt a sense of familiarity. The scriptures in the Book of Samsara automatically glowed and caused Zhou Hao's body to resonate with him!

What was going on?

Luohao was shocked.

They saw that Zhuo Hao's blood was flowing faster and faster, and his heart was beating more vigorously. Gradually, black and white true energy gushed out from his dried up meridians, and rushed straight towards Zhuo Hao's dantian!

He succeeded! Zhou Hao was ecstatic.

He had finally cultivated zhenqi!

Black and white true qi circulated between Zhou Hao's fingers like two dragons.

"Is this the Life and Death Qi described in the scripture? How amazing. I can finally cultivate! " Zhuo Hao felt a strange breath of vitality and death coming from his fingertips.

At this moment, Zhuo Hao's face was completely red. He roared into the sky, and once again, the tears from his eyes began to wet.

"I didn't expect this kid to really be the legendary Life and Death Body. It looks like I didn't choose wrong." Damn it! I never thought that the Life and Death Body and the Mirror of Samsara would be so compatible! " In his heart, the old man was envious, but he still maintained a stern face and said: "Humph! "Brat, you are already so excited after just cultivating a wisp of true energy. You must change your mindset if you don't want this to happen!"

Zhou Hao quickly wiped away the tears at the corner of his eyes and nodded. Feeling that it was not enough, he knelt down and kowtowed to the old man a few more times. Even his forehead started to bleed.

Elder Zu's heart warmed as he hurriedly used his true qi to help Zhou Hao up.

"Kid, your Life and Death Body is different from other ordinary people's bodies. Because your Life and Death Body can seize the good fortune from the heaven and earth, its structure is different from ordinary people's bodies, so it is normal for you to not be able to cultivate other techniques. The Reincarnation Scripture was a cultivation technique specially created for the Life and Death Body. And the person who created this technique has a great relationship with you! "

Zhou Hao felt that Elder Zu's smile was very strange.

Zhou Hao was shocked. He had transmigrated here, how could there be someone who was related to him? Could it be that the old man made a mistake?

Thinking of this, Zhou Hao quickly asked, "Elder Zu, please tell me."

The elder sighed, "Knowing it now is of no benefit to you."

When Zhou Hao heard this, he didn't pursue the matter too much. Some things would naturally be known when the time was up.

"Brat, I just saw you being bullied by a little monkey. As my disciple, I can't be bullied. Do you understand?"

"Yes …" "Understood!" Zhou Hao was startled by the old man's loud roar.

The old man nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Right now, this old man will teach you one martial skill, Yang Fist. "You can watch my demonstration first." After the old man finished speaking, he didn't wait for Zhuo Hao's reply and began to practice. Zhuo Hao hurriedly focused his eyes, wanting to deeply imprint the old man's actions into his mind.

The old man waved his fist, his entire arm wreathed in blazing flames.

After finishing a set of fist techniques, the old man slightly adjusted his breathing and then taught Zhou Hao the mnemonic chant, allowing him to think about it on his own.

"Yang Fist?" After mastering it, one would strike with a blazing ring of fire, and its prowess would be comparable to a 4-star battle technique. This is pretty much the same as the introductory martial skills that older brothers have. " Zhuo Hao nodded in satisfaction.

This sentence caused many in the outside world to want to cry to death when they heard it. You are a prince, and you don't understand our pain! Many people's entry level martial skills could not even be rated as a star!

Zhou Hao swung his arms, preparing to start training in this martial skill.

Elder Zu threw a ring to Zhuo Hao and said, "This is the Sky Swallowing Ring. It is my strongest treasure. Take good care of it. I will tell you its uses in the future."

"Elder Zu, you?" Zhou Hao was confused.

The elder yawned and said, "Ai, I like to sleep when I get old."

The ancestor turned into a wisp of green smoke and entered the Heaven-Devouring Ring.

While Zhuo Hao was still in shock, Elder Zu's voice came from the Sky Swallowing Ring, "This is all of my wealth. You can use anything that hasn't been sealed."

After hearing this, Zhou Hao immediately looked into the Heaven-Devouring Ring.

In Zhou Hao's eyes, the treasures were sparkling. The number of people here was almost equal to their own national treasury.

It was at this moment that Zhuo Hao realized that the Elder wasn't a physical body, but rather a soul!

This frightened Zhou Hao for a long time. For four whole years, the ancestor had been secretly following him.

However, Zhuo Hao didn't care too much about this. After all, the Elder had given him his second life, so even if the Elder had committed any evil deeds, Zhuo Hao would still accept it.

Seven days later …

For a full seven days, Zhuo Hao had not returned to the Imperial City. His clothes had long since been torn to shreds.

"Yang Fist!"

Zhou Hao's right hand was surrounded by a faint flame as he punched a huge tree about the size of a man. The tree was immediately broken in half.

"Wahaha, now I can take revenge!"

Zhou Hao laughed out loud. His clothes were all tattered and tattered. It turned out that not long after he started practicing Yang Fist at Zhou Hao's place, his movements had attracted the attention of that red clothed monkey.

In the ensuing training, Zhou Hao's target had turned from the air to a speeding monkey.

After that, Zhuo Hao was tortured for a whole week.

"Just wait and see Little Red for me. Even mother wouldn't recognize you if I didn't beat you up!" Zhuo Hao's mouth twitched as he walked towards the monkey's habitat.

After so many days of torture, if Zhou Hao didn't even know where the Red Cloaked Monkey lived, then his life would have been in vain.

After playing around with me for so long, it's time to change roles.

However, just as Zhuo Hao was about to reach the place where the red-clothed monkey lived, Zhuo Hao suddenly felt that something wasn't right.

It was terrifyingly peaceful!

Previously, before Zhuo Hao had even reached this place, the monkey would have noticed him and started toying with him.

Could it be that the red skin was constipated today?

Zhou Hao thought.

However, as he got closer to the destination, he frowned.

Not good! Other berserk beasts appeared!

Zhou Hao carefully pushed aside the bushes in front of him and saw that the monkey was bleeding on the ground.

And in front of the monkey …

"Roar!" It was actually a 2-star beast, the Black Demon Tiger!

"Holy sh * t!" Why is your luck so bad? "

Zhuo Hao looked at the Black Demon Tiger, who was about to eat the monkey.

"Should I care? Do you want it? "This damn monkey was playing tricks on me before, I don't want to care about that anymore."

Zhou Hao slowly lowered the bush and quietly retreated.

However, after taking a few steps back, they stopped. If one looked carefully, they would see that Zhou Hao's legs were trembling.

At this moment, Zhou Hao's mind was filled with the scene of the Red Cloaked Monkey being chewed into pieces by the Black Demon Tiger.

"F * ck!" "If I die, I die!"

Zhuo Hao yelled and jumped out of the bush.

"Put that monkey down!" Zhou Hao pointed at the Black Demon Tiger.

The Black Demon Tiger raised its head. Its ice-cold gaze caused Zhuo Hao's hair to stand on end.

"Err..." I was just passing by! "You're busy!"

However, although Zhou Hao said so, his body wasn't honest.

Zhuo Hao grabbed a handful of sand and waved at the Black Demon Tiger, who subconsciously tilted his head.


Hao quickly dashed towards the red clothed monkey, grabbed it and ran!

The Black Devil Tiger froze for a moment before it roared in anger! He actually dared to steal the monkey from the mouth of a tiger! I must eat you!

The Black Demon Tiger quickly chased after Zhuo Hao.

"It's over, it's all over. This time we're dead for sure!"

Following that, Zhou Hao's field of vision widened, and what appeared before him was a cliff.

There was no escape for Zhou Hao! Zhou Hao turned around stiffly with the monkey in his hand. Cold sweat ran down his face when he saw the glaring Black Demon Tiger.

There was no other way. He could only give it his all!

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