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"Little Red, is your hand good? Whether we die or not depends on the will of heaven. I never thought that we would ever join hands again!" Zhou Hao lifted the monkey, which waved its arms to show that it could move.

As it turned out, the monkey was only slightly injured by the black demon tiger and wasn't too injured.

Zhou Hao put down the monkey and slowly squatted, indicating that the monkey should make the first move. The red monkey bit its lips and rushed towards the Black Devil Tiger.

The Black Devil Tiger disdainfully waved its claw, and the monkey suddenly dodged to the ground.

"Black Tiger, look at this!" Zhou Hao stepped on the monkey's butt and went straight for the Black Devil Tiger's face.

This was definitely revenge! Although Zhuo Hao saved the monkey, he still couldn't let go of his revenge.

"Squeak!" The red-clothed monkey protested.

Zhou Hao threw another handful of sand at the Black Demon Tiger. The Black Demon Tiger accidentally let its eyes enter the sand and roared madly.

It had to be said, this was quite a popular place on Earth to learn such rogue tactics.

Zhou Hao took the opportunity to climb onto the back of the Black Devil Tiger, took out a one star short sword from the Sky Swallowing Ring, and stabbed towards the back of the Black Devil Tiger.

There were quite a few treasures in the Heaven Swallowing Ring that Elder Zu had given him.

Ka-cha! *

The dagger was broken!

"Fuck, why is the back of this beast so hard?" Zhou Hao didn't have enough time to be shocked and was thrown away by the Black Demon Tiger.

At the same time, the red monkey also appeared at the Black Demon Tiger's tail. Both of its arms tightly held onto the Black Demon Tiger's whip, preventing it from charging towards Zhuo Hao.

The Black Demon Tiger turned around and shook the monkey off.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao immediately stood up and waved his fist towards the Black Demon Tiger.

"Yang Fist!"

Zhou Hao's right hand was surrounded by a blazing ring of fire, which was aimed at the Black Devil Tiger's ass.

"Roar!" The Black Demon Tiger felt extremely angry. It was actually tricked by two ants!


"Little Red, just like that!"

"Squeak!" "He's going up!"

Zhou Hao took out another set of 2-star punching gloves, it could increase the strength of a martial skill by 30%.

"Take another of my Yang Fist!" Zhou Hao raised his fist.

"Roar!" The Black Demon Tiger blew Zhou Hao away in one breath, then turned its head to look at the monkey. The monkey slowly lowered its raised fist and immediately ran away. The Black Demon Tiger chased after him.

"Hey!" Cat, your grandpa is here! " Zhou Hao threw another handful of sand.

However, the Black Demon Tiger didn't fall for his trick this time and turned its head in time. Just as he was about to turn around and mock Zhang Xuan, he saw a fist growing bigger and bigger.

Boom! *

The Black Demon Tiger was actually sent flying, leaving a deep gully in the ground.

"Hou ~ Hou!" The Black Devil Tiger stood up, completely enraged. Its pupils turned red, and its entire body ignited with black flames.

"Is this an ultimate move?" Zhuo Hao looked at the monkey seriously and nodded, taking his stance seriously.

The Black Demon Tiger was on alert, ready to attack at any time.

"One, two, three, run!"


Zhou Hao and the monkey turned and ran! Without hesitation.

The Black Demon Tiger froze for a moment, then roared towards the sky and chased after Zhuo Hao.

Like a bolt of black lightning, the Black Demon Tiger rapidly closed the distance with Zhou Hao.

Dong dong dong dong!

The earth trembled as the Black Demon Tiger was burnt to ashes wherever it passed!

"F * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck! He couldn't run away! "Let's go all out!"

Zhou Hao turned around. True energy of life and death swirled around his hand, fusing into the scorching halo of the Yang Fist, exuding an aura that made one's heart palpitate.

This was the first time that Zhuo Hao had infused his true qi into a martial skill.

"So powerful!" There's hope! " Zhou Hao clenched one of his fists and faced the incoming Black Demon Tiger.

Boom! *

As their fists and faces met, Zhuo Hao's sleeves were instantly shredded, revealing his white arms!

With a muffled bang, the violent shockwave blew both Zhou Hao and the monkey away. Zhou Hao spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

On the other hand, the Black Demon Tiger was standing there quietly. There was a long ravine in front of it, and its eyes seemed to have lost all life.

A gust of wind blew as the Black Devil Tiger fell to the ground.

Two star berserk beast Black Demonic Tiger, dead!

The Black Demon Tiger's body collapsed on the ground.

At this moment, if someone were to go up and inspect the Black Demon Tiger, they would discover that its internal organs had been completely minced!

The red monkey struggled to get up and tiptoed to the Black Demon Tiger's location. After confirming that the Black Demon Tiger was dead, it breathed a sigh of relief and quickly ran towards Zhuang Hao.

Zhou Hao's clothes were torn, and he was lying there motionlessly. If he wasn't still breathing, he would have thought that he was dead.

When the red monkey was about to approach Zhuo Hao, a black and white wave of true energy suddenly burst forth from Zhuo Hao's body, preventing the red monkey from getting close.

At this moment, the elder appeared once again, scaring the red-clothed monkey beside him.

Elder Zu carefully observed Zhou Hao's condition and his eyes lit up, exclaiming in surprise: "It truly is a Life and Death Body. The more severe the injury, the faster the cultivation. This kid is blessed by the misfortune. But it's not a big deal to lie here.

With a wave of his hand, a surge of soul power appeared, suppressing the true qi that was gushing out of Zhou Hao's body.

"This kid's soul power is exceptionally strong. No wonder he could persevere for four years and cultivate. He's a good material for a Soul Master." The elder praised once again.

The ancestor looked at the monkey and said with concentration, "Hey, could it be that this monkey is …?" Forget it, rest is more important. "

The ancestor aged into a wisp of green smoke that drifted into the Heaven Swallowing Ring.

The red-clothed monkey at the side covered his eyes with his hands, but he was still terrified.

When the red-clothed monkey felt that there were no longer any movements in the surroundings, he spread out his two fingers and revealed an eye to observe his surroundings. After discovering that there was nothing wrong, he bravely let go and carefully walked towards Zhuo Hao.

After making sure that that true energy would not appear again, the little monkey carried Zhou Hao on its shoulder with much difficulty and walked towards its own residence.

However, just as the red-clothed monkey was about to reach home, two black-clothed men blocked its path.

One of the two men in black was fat and the other was thin. Their faces were covered as they held daggers in their hands, revealing their killing intent!

The red-clothed monkey's eyes became serious.

Both of them were stronger than the Black Devil Tiger!

Without further ado, the two black clothed men turned into two black shadows, stabbing towards the unconscious Zhou Hao.

The red-clothed monkey didn't even have the time to react!

"Hmph, scoundrel, you dare to injure my disciple!"

At this time, Zhuo Hao had already opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with endless vicissitudes of life. With a cold snort, the two black-clothed men vomited blood and retreated!

The two looked at each other in shock and quickly retreated, disappearing into the depths of the forest.

"Is it that one?" Forget it, this sort of matter should still be left to this kid to resolve himself. Alas, my newly gathered soul power is gone again. That's not right! There are two more people! "

Elder Zu controlled Zhuo Hao's body as he explosively retreated while holding the monkey.

Two sword slashes suddenly appeared at where Zhou Hao was just standing.

"This isn't going to be easy. Sigh ~ The last World Shattering Symbol, I'll have to waste it here."

Zhuo Hao took out an ancient talisman from his Heaven-Devouring Ring. True energy appeared between his fingers and slowly burned the talisman.

Space twisted between Zhuo Hao and the monkey. In less than a breath of time, Zhuo Hao and the monkey had disappeared from where they stood.

The empty and silent forest hinted at what had happened in the past for the sake of the smooth, round hole in the ground.

Two more black clothed men appeared around the circular hole. One of them gloomily said, "There's a mistake in the report, go back and report."

With that, the two of them disappeared.

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