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In one of the holes, Zhouhao slowly opened his eyes.

"Sss, pain!"

Zhou Hao grinned, lying there motionlessly.

"Zhizhi!" At this moment, the red monkey entered the cave. Seeing that Zhuo Hao had woken up, it happily cried out.

The Red Cloaked Monkey quickly jumped in front of Zhuo Hao and fed the spirit liquid with the leaf in its hand to Zhuo Hao's mouth.

"This is?" Zhou Hao felt a strange cool sensation flowing through his body. Wherever this cool sensation passed by, it would no longer hurt, and his zhenqi would also begin to circulate slowly.

"What is this spiritual liquid? It's so magical!" Zhou Hao was very curious.

After a quarter of an hour, Zhuo Hao was able to get up.

"Did you save me? "What happened to that beast?"

"Squeak, squeak!" The red-clothed monkey pointed at Zhuo Hao, then lay down on the ground and pretended to be dead, indicating that Zhuo Hao had killed it himself.

"I killed it? "Really?" Zhou Hao couldn't believe it, but it was true that they were still alive.

Looking at the red-clothed monkey nodding its head like a chick pecking rice, Zhou Hao was also convinced that he had killed the Black Demon Tiger.

However, Zhou Hao still felt that this was a fantasy.

"Kid, don't be too shocked, the Samsara Scripture is the supreme technique, and you have a mortal body, so completing this small task is very easy."

The old man said leisurely in the Heaven-Devouring Ring.

"Elder Zu, is the Life and Death Body really that powerful?"


"2-star ferocious beast!" I actually killed him. "This is too unbelievable?"

Then, Zhou Hao called out to the elder in his heart, "Elder, didn't you say you would take action in the face of danger? Why didn't you help when we were fighting the Black Demon Tiger? "

A moment later, the Old Ancestor quietly replied, "Aren't you still alive?"

"… …." Just pretend I didn't ask. " Zhuo Hao secretly slandered him for a while and then no longer paid any attention to the Old Ancestor.

Zhou Hao sat down cross-legged and began cultivating the Reincarnation Scripture. Ever since Zhou Hao had been able to cultivate it, he had been cultivating it whenever he had the chance, as if he was addicted to it.

"This is my capital in the future to be able to dominate Jiuzhou." Zhou Hao clenched his fist, his heart filled with confidence.

Seeing that Zhou Hao was sitting cross-legged and cultivating, the monkey scratched its cheeks in boredom and then ran out to find something to eat.

When Zhou Hao observed the zhenqi in his body, it had actually filled his dantian to the point where it was about to melt. This was the sign of entering the country!

Just as Zhou Hao was still in shock, Elder Zu slowly explained from within the Heaven-Devouring Ring, "Kid, the reason why you were able to step into the realm so quickly was because of your continuous cultivation for four years. Although this did not accumulate the slightest bit of true energy for you, it laid down an incomparably solid foundation for you. You don't have to be surprised, after entering the country at the age of sixteen, a true genius will be able to reach that level before the age of sixteen. "Therefore, this is not surprising."

However, Zhuo Hao was already very satisfied. In just a few short days, he had gone from a person without true energy to a person who had just entered the country. If word of this got out, countless people would be ashamed and be ashamed. One had to know that in order to break through into the next realm, many people had to be stuck at the peak of Body Tempering for many years, accumulating large amounts of resources in order to successfully step into it.

The path of cultivation was incredibly difficult. This was the consensus of everyone. Even Zhuo Hao had to rely on this life-and-death battle, as well as four years of painstaking cultivation and many other factors in order to successfully break through.

This world was ultimately the stage for the strong and the talented. And at this moment, Zhou Hao finally stepped onto this stage. But no matter what, Zhou Hao was already a true cultivator.

One of the youngest cultivators of the Nine Prefectures!

"No matter what, I can't lose face as a Transcender!" Zhou Hao thought.

It was already dawn on the second day after Zhuo Hao had completed thirty-six cycles of the Samsara Scripture. Zhou Hao opened his eyes and turned around. He saw the monkey was sleeping soundly next to him. In front of him were some fruits that Zhou Hao had seen before.

Zhou Hao grinned. He picked up a fruit and wiped it with a piece of cloth. Then, he started to nibble on it.

"The taste is not bad." When Zhou Hao came out of the cave and looked at the sky, he realized that the sun had risen. He must have trained for quite some time. When the Red Robed Monkey heard the commotion caused by Zhuo Hao, it immediately woke up and ran over to Zhuo Hao's side while squeaking.

Zhou Hao touched the head of the monkey. Fate was indeed mysterious. One moment he was an enemy, the next he was a friend of life and death.

"It's about time to go back," Zhuo Hao thought.

Even though he had been ridiculed after returning to the palace, it was still his home and his blood relatives.

His two elder brothers were still very good to him.

Not to mention!

The corner of Zhou Hao's mouth curled up, "I'm no longer a trash!"

However, when Zhuo Hao walked out of the cave, his eyes widened.

The surroundings were all towering trees and a strange scene.

"Elder, this … "What is this place?" Zhuo Hao asked in a trembling voice.

This was definitely not the outskirts of the imperial city!

"When you were unconscious, I met someone who wanted to kill you," the elder said seriously. "I managed to save your life by crushing a World Shattering Symbol with my bare hands."

Elder Zu had explained that he had paid a great price to save Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao still hadn't reacted.

Did I get assassinated? And then he came to this godforsaken place?

However, Zhou Hao quickly calmed down. In the Imperial City, the only place that could assassinate him was the same place.

Hmph, sooner or later, I'll have to repay this debt. But for now, it was better to understand the situation.

Elder Zu was surprised by Zhuo Hao's calmness, and couldn't help but sigh at his determination. Then he continued, "This seems to be the edge of the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range, a Savage Forest. If you walk more than three thousand Li to the north, you should arrive at a plain. The main city of Yizhou is there."

"He actually sent me to Yizhou!" Zhou Hao exclaimed.

"This is nothing. Back then, when I was at my peak, it was no problem for me to teleport across borders!" The elder's proud voice came from the Sky Swallowing Ring.

Zhou Hao curled his lips and ignored the elder.

"Yizhou, it's a little far from the mainland!" Forget it, let's not bother about it anymore. I want to see if this world is the same as the one in the book! Let's see if the monsters of this world are so arrogant! " Zhou Hao took out a new set of clothes from the Heaven-Devouring Ring and put them on. If it wasn't for his dirty face, he looked like a cute boy next door.

The red monkey seemed to know that Zhuo Hao was leaving, so it quickly waved its arms and signaled that it wanted to follow him.

"You want to follow me?"


"Alright, but don't hold me back!"


"Alright, let's go!" Zhou Hao strode forward.

"Kid, that's the south." The Old Ancestor suddenly said.

"I know!" Zhou Hao turned around and headed north.

"Squeak ~" The Red Cloaked Monkey was a little curious as to why Zhou Hao would change directions.

In Savage Forest, a blue and a red figure were shuttling swiftly.

"At this speed, if nothing unexpected happens, we should be able to reach Yizhou City in three days." Zhou Hao estimated.

However, the journey forward was not smooth sailing.

Not long after Zhou Hao set off, not far in front of him, there was a huge python over a hundred feet long circling around him. Its sinister eyes quietly stared at Zhou Hao and the monkey.

2-star ferocious beast, Green Leaf Python!

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