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The Green Leaf Python was good at hiding and liked to stay in one place, quietly waiting for its prey to take the bait.

This young man in front of him did not seem to have any ability to resist! Looks like I'm lucky today. Hehehe, let's treat that little monkey as a snack!

As the Green Leaf Python thought this, it lowered its head, preparing to attack at any moment.

Zhuo Hao and the red monkey didn't seem to notice anything unusual as they just continued moving forward without a care.

"Coming, coming. Approaching." Hehe, this kid is so careless, today let me teach you a lesson. "And the tuition is, life!"

"Hiss!" The Green Leaf Python opened its bloody mouth and charged towards Zhou Hao, wanting to swallow him.

However, Zhou Hao seemed to have already expected this. He immediately took out a long sword from the Sky Swallowing Ring, and slashed horizontally across the Green Leaf Python's body.

"This is different from what was planned!" This was the Azure Leaf Python's last thought before it lost consciousness.

Boom! *

The Green Leafed Python was immediately cut into two halves by Zhou Hao. Its corpse fell onto the ground, kicking up a huge cloud of dust and blood sprayed into the air.

Zhou Hao was still maintaining his position of killing the Azure Leafed Python, as if he was acting cool. That's right, Zhou Hao was actually acting cool!

Ever since Zhou Hao gained power, he liked the feeling of acting cool even more.

This was not something that could be experienced on Earth.

The black blood of the Green Leaf Python splattered all over Zhou Hao's body. The blood on the tip of the sword in his hand dripped onto the ground, blooming into a beautiful flower of blood.

"Sorry, I was too strong." Zhou Hao said in a slightly deep tone.

The nearby red clothed monkey was dumbstruck. It seemed that it didn't understand why Zhuo Hao kept his posture and didn't move at all. If he didn't understand, then there was no need to understand. This was the Red Cloaked Monkey's usual line of thought.

Thus, the monkey ignored Zhou Hao and continued forward.

"Brat, the monkeys have left!" When the Elder saw Zhuo Hao's pretense of forgetting his emotions, he couldn't bear to remind him.

"Ah?" "Oh." Zhuo Hao quickly sheathed his sword and chased after the monkey.

"It's great to be arrogant with your cultivation base!" Zhou Hao was elated.

In the following three days, the little monkey seemed to understand why Zhuo Hao did this, because it also seemed to like this feeling. He felt like he was the center of the world.


A Barbarian Elephant fell onto the ground, raising a huge cloud of dust that filled the air.

In the smoke and dust, one could vaguely see two figures, one tall and the other short.

"You didn't die because you were too weak."


"You are the one who offended someone you shouldn't have."

The ancestor finally could not hold it in anymore, "Brat, are you done yet? Who are you putting on an act for! There's a plain right in front of us, let's go! "

"Wait, it's almost done!" Zhou Hao drew his sword and put it into the Heaven-Devouring Ring.

In these three days, Zhuo Hao learned a set of sword technique from the Elder called Dong Shuang Luo. Because this sword style was handsome and didn't lose any power, Zhou Hao immediately fell in love with using a sword.

"Four-Star Martial Technique, Dong Shuang Luo!" When used, it feels great! " Zhou Hao laughed out loud and pulled the little monkey, who had been frightened out of his wits, along with him as he walked towards the plains.

Walking out of Savage Forest, they came face to face with a boundless prairie. The sky was filled with white clouds and spirited birds were circling.

"Such abundant spiritual energy!" After staying in Savage Forest for three days, suddenly seeing such a vast scene, Zhuo Hao's mood immediately improved!

"Let's go quickly. According to this speed, we'll reach Yizhou City at noon." The Elder reminded Zhuo Hao that it was time to go.

"Oh yeah, why don't you put this monkey into the Heaven-Devouring Ring? It's greatly beneficial for you to face it here." The elder said again.

"Really?" Zhou Hao had never seen a spatial ring that could hold living creatures. He tried it out with half-belief and half-doubt and really put it away.

"It's true!" Zhou Hao cried out in alarm. He saw the monkey transform into a streak of white light and fly into the Sky Swallowing Ring.

"Of course. There are many other miraculous treasures of this level. You will know about them in the future." The ancestor said proudly.

The Yizhou sun hung high in the sky, extremely sinister. The travellers on the plain were sweating and cursing the sun.


A huge city towered above the earth, and in front of this city, humans seemed insignificant.

"This is the Yizhou City ah, it's not that big of a deal." A youth was mumbling to himself at the city gate, followed by a red clothed monkey.

Some of the people nearby sneered and shook their heads as they walked away. What a joke! Yizhou City is the largest city in the entire Yizhou. It has a noble king overseeing it. It is also one of the top ten cities in the Nine Regions. You brat, you actually dare to say that's nothing.

As Zhuo Hao approached the city gate, he was stopped by two guards.

"10 spirit coins to pay inside the city."

Spirit coins were spirit stones that were condensed from the spirit energy contained within. They were the currency used in all of the Nine Continents.

"Eh …" Zhou Hao didn't have a single piece of spirit coins on him.

Zhou Hao scratched his head. It was really awkward!

When Hao left the house, the spirit coins he brought with him were lost in the battle with the red clothed monkey, and the ancestor didn't have any spirit coins in his Heaven Swallowing Ring.

Indeed, at the level of an elder, money was useless.

"It's all this damn assassin's fault. I left the Imperial City so suddenly, I didn't even have the time to bring out the spirit coins!" Zhou Hao slandered his opponent in his heart.

The surrounding people all looked at Zhou Hao with disdain. Didn't they just say that Yizhou City wasn't good? Why can't he afford to pay the entrance fee?

While Zhuo Hao was at a loss of what to do, a crisp and pleasant voice sounded, saving Zhuo Hao.

"Let me help him pay."

Zhou Hao turned around and immediately saw the god.

The corners of her eyes were filled with elegance, and her voice was gentle.

The girl was dressed in green, her long hair flowing down her shoulders. Her eyebrows were curved, and her eyes were like the autumn waves. She had a tall nose, and her skin was fair. She had two dimples.

"This girl, why do I feel like it's my fate to meet her? Is this love? "

Zhou Hao discovered that he seemed to be in love.

Eh … Is my love that cheap?

Although Zhuo Hao had been a person of two lifetimes and had seen many beauties, this girl seemed to have touched something soft in his heart.

Zhou Hao suddenly didn't hate the Assassin anymore.

"My name is Liu Li, what about you?" The girl asked Zhuo Hao with a smile. The two dimples made the surrounding scenery lose its luster. Her long hair danced in the breeze, and the corners of her emerald green skirt fluttered, revealing her white calves.

"Ah?" Oh! I … My name is Zhou Hao. " Zhou Hao came back to his senses and stammered in reply.

"Zhou Hao? What a nice name. " Liu Li smiled.

The two people who were fated to meet in this life were destined to do so.

"Miss, the master's appointed time is almost up. Let's go."

An old woman whispered into Liu Li's ear.

"Hmm, it's nice to meet you. We'll meet again if it's fated!" The girl waved to Zhuo Hao and left.

"Again... "See you." Zhou Hao looked into the distance.

"Hey kid, I've gone far!" The elder couldn't help but remind him.

"Oh." Zhuo Hao regained his senses, collected his thoughts, and walked towards the city.

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