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"Can I see her again?" The beautiful figure in Zhuo Hao's heart couldn't be shaken.

Zhou Hao shook his head and temporarily stopped thinking about it. Instead, he started strolling around Yizhou City.

"What should we do now? So confused! " Zhou Hao wandered around the city for a long time, not knowing what to do.

"This old man thinks that you should first think of how to earn money." The elder reminded him from inside the ring.

That's right, now I'm no longer the Third Prince, but a poor diaosi like I was back on Earth.

Money. Money was the most important thing.

Zhou Hao suddenly thought of a way and said in a flirtatious tone, "Um, Elder Zu, there's something I need to discuss with you."

The Elder could feel the bewitching charm that came from Zhou Hao's bones, and couldn't help but shiver. "If you have anything to say, quickly say it. Don't be so mischievous!"

"Can we sell the Martial Skills of the Heaven Swallowing Ring?"

"No!" The more things like martial skills, the better. How can they be sold? " The elder rejected immediately.

Zhou Hao steeled his heart, "Elder Zu, let me be clear. I don't have any money right now, so I'm going to starve to death. After I starve to death, you'll have to find another life-and-death body!"

Zhou Hao threatened.

"Once you enter the country, you will never starve to death." The ancestor expressed that this threat was useless against him.

"Ancestor ~"

"Straight away!" There was only one book! "Too much is too much!" The Elder couldn't stand this sound anymore.

"Wouldn't it have been fine if the ancestor had agreed earlier? "No way, retch ~" Even Zhuo Hao himself couldn't stand his voice and started vomiting.

This made the elder laugh.

"I really don't know what to do with you. How about this, you go and sell this 3-star martial skill, Frost Tactic, for a bit first. You should be able to buy some money."

"Alright, you brat, don't be like this anymore. How can a dignified third prince be like this!"

"I promise I will never do it again! "Ugh ~"

"Oh, yes! Elder Zu, there's something else I need to discuss with you! "

"Speak everything you have to say, don't push your way out bit by bit!" The elder was angry again.

"How about we go to the gambling den later?"

"You want me to help you cheat?"

"The Elder understands me."

"Get lost!" "Old Ancestor!"

"Only this once!"

"Thank you, Old Ancestor!"

Just like this, Zhou Hao arrived at the pavilion.

Speaking of which, there was still some connection between the Plethora Gem Pavilion and Zhou Hao. The Pavilion of Myriad Treasures was a top-tier company that was affiliated with the continent's imperial court. The pavilion master was a noble king of the continent's imperial court. When Zhou Hao was still in the Imperial City, he often went to the Myriad Treasures Pavilion to play.

Why? It was because there were so many treasures in the Myriad Treasures Pavilion!

"Is this the Thousand Treasures Pavilion? Unfortunately, it doesn't have the domineering aura of the Imperial City. " Zhou Hao stood at the entrance of the Myriad Treasures Pavilion, paused for a moment, and then walked in.

"Hello, guest. May I ask what you need?"

A young girl with a slim figure smiled as she walked towards Zhuo Hao in a polite manner. Although Zhou Hao was only sixteen years old, the waiter didn't look down on him at all. There are always unexpected people. One had to say, there was a reason why the Myriad Treasures Pavilion had spread its business all over the Nine Prefectures.

"I want to sell martial skills!" Zhou Hao took out the Condensation Technique.

3-star battle techniques, neither high nor low, just perfect for sale.

The girl was slightly surprised because there were very few people who sold martial skills, not to mention that a three star martial skill wasn't considered low. However, the girl quickly regained her senses and slightly bowed.

"Alright, please follow me."

The two of them passed through the lobby and arrived at the second floor.

"Master Yun, someone wants to sell martial skills." The girl bowed to an old man sipping tea on the second floor.

"Oh? Let me see. " Master Yun put down the teacup and took the Art of Condensing Water, reading the Superclass carefully.

The time it took to burn an incense stick was estimated.

"Little friend, I see that this three-star martial art combined with the Water Heart Sutra is extremely powerful, to the extent that it is comparable to a four-star martial art. It's a pity that it's limited to the Water Elemental Sutra, so its market value is around three thousand spirit coins. "

"Three thousand?"

"That's right, 3,000 is the limit of this martial skill. No matter how high it is, we won't be able to earn money."

Actually, the market price for martial skills was very vague for Zhou Hao. Elder Zu had never sold martial skills before, so seeing that Master Yun didn't seem like he was lying, he believed most of it.

Anyway, he was going to the gambling den, wasn't he?

Without much hesitation, Zhuo Hao slapped the Water Congealing Technique into Master Yun's hands, took the three thousand spirit coins that the girl had prepared, and prepared to leave.

"Haha, little friend, you're so straightforward! Today, this old man will make you his friend. In the future, come to the Myriad Treasures Pavilion and buy something at a 20% discount!" Master Yun handed a token over to Zhuo Hao.

"Then I'll thank Grand Master Yun." After receiving the token, he was about to leave.

"That's right, little friend." Master Yun stopped Zhuo Hao.

"Does Master Yun have anything else?" Zhouhao asked.

"Aren't you from Yizhou? Did you come to Yizhou to join Yizhou Academy?" Master Yun asked.

"Oh? I really don't know of such a thing. I'll try it out and thank Great Master Yun here. "

In any case, Zhou Hao had no relatives in Yizhou City, so joining the academy wasn't a bad thing. He would think of a way to go back to Divine Continent in the future.

"Looks like little friend is a person that travels the four directions? "Well, when you apply for the exam, you may mention my name. I still have some face in this Yizhou." Master Yun said.

"This one thanks Grand Master Yun first." Zhou Hao thanked him.

However, Zhou Hao didn't take this to heart. Right now, he really didn't need the back door to enter the academy. Then, Master Yun took out another token and said, "Just now, this old man had carefully observed the soul power of little friend's little friend. "I wonder if little friend would be so kind as to become our Myriad Treasures Pavilion's consecrate?"

"Master Yun, you?" The girl asked in confusion.

One must know that the number of ministers in Yizhou's Plethora Gem Pavilion did not exceed ten fingers at the moment. This kind of position was something that many people wanted to cram their brains into.

It could be seen how much Master Yun valued Zhuo Hao.

Master Yun waved his hand and looked at Zhuo Hao.

Zhou Hao was first surprised. He knew how important the Million Treasures Store was to him.

"May I know the reason, Master Yun?"

Master Yun smiled. "This old man only wants to make a little friend, he doesn't have any other thoughts."

Zhuo Hao thought about it for a moment, then took the token and thanked: "Thank you, Master Yun."

After receiving the token, Zhou Hao chatted with Master Yun for a while before taking his leave.

After seeing Zhou Hao leave, the young woman looked at Master Yun with a puzzled expression.

Master Yun took a sip of his tea and said, "Don't look at his dirty clothes, but judging from his attitude towards a three star martial skill, and his temperament, he should be a noble young master who came from a powerful family to train. Furthermore, from what I see, his character is not bad, and his talent is not inferior to yours."

The woman was enlightened. "Understood, Master Yun."

"Yun'er, you still have to learn."

If Zhuo Hao heard these words, he would probably be even more surprised. This was because the old man could roughly guess his background from just these aspects alone.

As expected, they were all mature people.

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