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A bean-sized cold sweat broke out on the blade teacher's forehead as he shakily wiped it off. He said, "Haha, today's weather is pretty good!"

"Is that so? The weather is really good. Come here, let me teach you why flowers are so red! " Zuo Yu Meng grabbed the saber teacher with one hand. The bloody scene afterwards was too intense, there was no need for her to describe it any further.

"Alright, alright, stop arguing." As the dean spoke, the office quietened down.

"I've thought of a solution." The dean said in a deep voice.

"The dean is wise." Someone flattered.

"Although this method is very unfair to me, but for the sake of the academy's harmony, I'll make an exception and accept him." The dean had a heroic look on his face.

"President!" All the coaches stared at the dean in dissatisfaction.

"Cough cough, that's all! I'm feeling a little wronged. " The dean was so pleased with himself that his white beard was almost sticking out of his skin.

After all, they were the principal, so the coaches had no choice but to accept the current situation.

The dean suddenly recalled that he still did not know Zhou Hao's name. He then asked, "Student, what's your name?"

"His name is Zhou Hao." Kou Zhong finally found the place to interrupt.

"Zhou Hao, not bad, not bad. Good name." With a wave of his hand, a token flew out from his storage ring, upon which was carved the words' Zhou Hao '.

"Take it. This is a token this old man specially made. With this token, you can go to each of the elemental scriptures to study it." Choose the department that is most suitable for you, and don't waste your talent. " With a flick of the dean's sleeve, the medallion flew automatically to Zhou Hao's hands.

Zhou Hao looked at the two words "Zhou Hao" on the token and was about to correct it when the ancestor spoke.

"Kid, keep your trump card up your sleeve."

After hearing this, Zhou Hao let the misunderstanding continue.

While the dean and the coaches were discussing the arrangements for Zhuo Hao, he sneaked out.

No matter what, he just had to sneak in.

He wondered if he would be able to see that woman again today.

Zhou Hao still couldn't forget about Liu Li. He always felt as if he had seen her somewhere before.

"Forget about the lessons, I might as well train by myself!" He wanted to take the opportunity to stroll around the academy. I might even be able to meet her! " Zhuo Hao took a deep breath of spiritual energy and released the monkey from the Heaven-Devouring Ring. Then, he began to stroll around the academy.

After strolling for about two hours, Zhuo Hao arrived at the Soul Master division's main entrance.

"Eh? Zhou Hao? Why are you here? " A melodious voice called out to Zhuo Hao.

This was the voice!


This is definitely fate. How can I not grasp the opportunity that the heavens have given me?

Zhou Hao thought.

The one who came was Liu Li.

"What a coincidence! I came to this academy to train and learn. " Zhou Hao giggled.

"Really? Which department did you get into? I'm a Soul Master. Haha, you must be powerful! " Liu Li said in a playful manner.

"Haha, what a coincidence!" I'm also in the Soul Master Department, fate! " Zhuo Hao decided to stay in the Soul Master Department.

Liu Li slightly opened her mouth, with both hands covering her mouth: "So powerful! I didn't expect you to also be a Soul Master, then let's cultivate together from now on! "Is that okay?" Liu Li looked at Zhou Hao with her big eyes.

This was a request that could not be refused by Zhuo Hao.

"Alright, alright. I'm extremely happy." Zhou Hao was so happy that he almost jumped up.

"Squeak." The red-clothed monkey on the side expressed his disdain.


Zhou Hao smacked the monkey on its head.

"Is this your spirit beast? So cute, can I hug you? " Liu Li's watery eyes looked expectantly at Zhou Hao.

"Ah?" "Oh, okay."

Zhuo Hao whispered into the monkey's ears: "You better behave! Don't touch randomly! "

"Squeak squeak." The red-clothed monkey rolled its eyes and no longer paid any attention to Zhou Hao. It happily jumped into Liu Li's embrace.

After all, the little monkey always liked beautiful things.

What's more, Liu Li had an impeccable appearance?

Liu Li laughed as she caressed the head of the Red Cloaked Monkey. The two dimples on her face were mesmerizing.

Zhuo Hao looked at the monkey with an expression of envy, wondering how he was going to deal with it later.

This is my goddess!

"Yo!" Wasn't this Zhou Hao? "What, have you decided to come to elder sister's place to cultivate?"

The person who had just arrived was Zuo Yu Meng. She was chuckling as she joked with Zhou Hao.

"That's right. Sister Zuo, I was just about to come to the department to take a look!" Zhou Hao winked at Zuo Mengyu.

When Zuo Yu Meng heard the two words' big sister ', she was laughing so hard that she was trembling. Glancing at Liu Li beside him, he immediately understood.

"You little brat!" Not bad, it's a pity that he doesn't have the talent of a Soul Master. I'll see you tomorrow then. I'll personally teach you! " Zuo Yu Meng left with a light smile.

Zhou Hao suddenly shivered as he had a bad feeling about this.

"Brother Hao, who is she?" Liu Li pouted.

Hearing Liu Li address him as Brother Hao, Zhou Hao felt his bones go soft and immediately felt refreshed.

"She, don't you know? Our department's leader! "

"Oh." Liu Li replied in a cute manner. Without thinking any further, she went back to play with the monkey.

As for Zhou Hao, he was completely engrossed with the two words' Brother Hao '. His mind was wandering around the world.

Afterwards, the two of them returned to their respective lodging spots. It was unknown if it was fate or fate, but the distance between Zhou Hao and Liu Li's house wasn't too far, so Zhou Hao was secretly excited for a long time.

After making an agreement with Liu Li that they would meet tomorrow in the department, Zhou Hao pulled the monkey back to his own residence.

After Zhuo Hao ruthlessly ravaged the monkey, he threw the monkey into the Sky Swallowing Ring and began to circulate the Book of Reincarnation.

"My cultivation cannot be left behind."

This was the only request the Elder had of Zhou Hao, and it was also Zhou Hao's own request.

No matter what, in the Nine Regions, the strong were respected!

Zhou Hao sat cross-legged on the bed. Then, the Life and Death True Qi began to circulate in the meridians around Zhou Hao's body.

"Life and death body is truly marvelous. Just how powerful is it?"

Ever since Zhuo Hao entered the country, Zhuo Hao was pleasantly surprised to find out that even though he didn't actively circulate the Book of Samsara, the Life and Death True Qi would still circulate on its own, tempering Zhuo Hao's meridians time and time again, increasing at every moment.

"Kid, this is the most insignificant ability of the Life and Death Body!" After hearing what Zu Lao said, Zhou Hao was shocked for a long time.

After slightly circulating the 'Heavenly Samsara Scripture', Zhuo Hao entered the inner world of the 'Sky Swallowing Ring'.

This was one of the functions of the Heaven Swallowing Ring that the Elder told him.

It could enter the inner world through the spirit body, cultivate martial skills, and also increase soul force.

Just from this alone, Zhou Hao was sure that the Heaven-Devouring Ring was a unique treasure. At the very least, he had never even heard of such a treasure in the Imperial Palace.

In the inner world, the monkey had already been cultivating for quite a while. When Zhuo Hao saw that the red monkey was cultivating, he grabbed a wooden sword out of thin air and started practicing his 4-star martial skill, Dong Shuang Luo.

Familiarity makes perfect, nothing is naturally formed. Even a genius like Zhou Hao would have to put in a lot more effort in order to reach the peak.

"Red Skin, watch this!" Zhou Hao raised his sword and stabbed towards the monkey.

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