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"What are you doing?" "Let me tell you, if you dare touch me, I'll definitely …"

Before Yan Qingyi could finish speaking, the man suddenly pressed her two acupoints.

Not only was she unable to speak, she was also unable to move from these two acupoints!

The man took out a bottle and poured out a black coloured pill. Then, he took it in front of Yan Qingyi.

"The name of this pill is Beauty Pellet. After consuming it, you have to get on good terms with men, and within four hours, if no man touches you, your body will become unbearably itchy, and in the end, you will have pustules all over your body. If there is no antidote, these pustules will grow on you forever, so …" Yi Yi, sorry! "

When he said the word 'clothes', for some reason, Yan Qingyi felt a sense of desolation!

After the man stuffed the pill into her mouth, even if she didn't swallow it, the pill, which was only the size of a child's fingertip, would slide down her throat!

When she felt that Lust Pill had been swallowed, she felt goosebumps all over her body!

It's over! It's all over!

Fuck, where the heck would she go to find a man to have a good time with? What other man would come here?

Damn Yan Mo! He actually let this man feed him the Beauty Pellet!

"Yi Yi, sorry!" The man undid her acupoints and disappeared into the darkness.

"Stupid man, you will definitely die a horrible death!"

Yan Qingyi's body went limp as she collapsed onto the ground.

Damned stinking man, dead Yan Mo, you two colluded with each other, you will definitely die a horrible death!

At this moment, a 'ding' suddenly rang out in Yan Qingyi's mind!

"Host, please remember your mission."

This was the system that was hidden in her mind, codenamed 003. His voice was very cold!

"I know, isn't it just to make them admit that they love me? "Rest assured, remember this well!"

After saying that, his mind became clear.

Yan Qingyi's mission was very simple: to make all the men in this world fall in love with her!

This seemed very simple, but it was actually very difficult!

This was because the male owner of this world was an incomparably cruel and ruthless person. He was also the Sect Master of the Heaven's Reflection Courtyard in the cultivation world, the Prince Xuan whom everyone feared!

Thus, her mission was to make the other party admit that she was in love with her and admit it herself. Only then would this be considered as completing her mission!

Not long after, Yan Qingyi's body began to heat up, and her brain began to involuntarily think about the matters of a man and a woman getting along!

This medicine was really powerful, it began to control her body so quickly!


At that moment, a wolf's howl sounded from outside!

Yan Qingyi's heart trembled as she abruptly opened her eyes.

This... There was actually a wolf nearby?

"Hey!" 003, there are wolves outside. They won't come in, will they? "

"Host, don't worry. He won't come in."

Yan Qingyi did not dare to believe the system's words. After all, he was in her mind. If that wolf suddenly barged in, he would definitely not appear immediately.

Thus, Yan Qingyi did not dare to yell anymore. Her thoughts of going out to look for someone had been shattered. She could only lie there quietly, enduring the reaction to the pill's effects on her body!

His body was getting hotter and hotter, his face hotter and hotter, his body was burning with an unbearable heat, his heart was beating faster and faster, and his eyes were becoming blurry …

"Hmm …" "Ugh …"

A strange sound was emitted from her mouth!

At first, her brain was not under her control, but now, her heart was as well!


In the bamboo forest, a black shadow flashed past!

As the black shadow passed by the direwolf, it stopped moving and struck the body of the direwolf that was not far away. In that instant, the direwolf that was incomparably brutal was reduced to ashes!

After the wolf died, the black shadow flew back into the bamboo forest!

After flying for a short while, they arrived outside a run-down temple!

Just as he was considering whether or not he should enter to see if there was a Frost Wolf lurking inside, a charming cry reached his ears!

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