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The steward's surname was Li, and he was a man in his forties. Everyone called him Steward Li.

Even though Housekeeper Li was usually fierce, he treated his servants very well. He had never criticized them harshly, so his reputation was extremely high in the Prince's Mansion!

Feng Lian was the only one who would listen to him in such a large manor.

Butler Li was in the back yard directing the servants to weed the area. Seeing that an unfamiliar girl had suddenly appeared, he couldn't help but frown.

"Miss, who are you looking for?" Butler Li asked.

"Excuse me, are you Butler Li?" Yan Qingyi asked politely as she walked in front of Butler Li.

"That's right, I wonder if Miss …" Butler Li asked.

"It's like this. The Prince told me to come find you and said that you would give me a job. Butler Li, we're in trouble!" Yan Qingyi bowed slightly, her polite appearance finally causing Butler Li to smile.

This girl didn't seem to be old age, yet she was so polite and considerate. This was indeed the style of a big family. However, looking at her clothes and her rough skin, she was not the daughter of a rich family!

"So that's how it is!" Butler Li said, "Miss, are you acquainted with the prince?"

Yan Qingyi really wanted to tell him, not only am I familiar with your son, I'm even having an affair with him!

"Hehe, I'm not familiar with him, but I've only met him once. His Highness took pity on me and told me to stay behind!" Yan Qingyi replied.

So he was acquainted with the prince.

Since that was the case, Steward Li couldn't ask her to do any dirty work.

When the servants heard that Yan Qingyi and the Prince knew each other, they did not do anything else, but stared at Yan Qingyi!

Butler Li said, "Miss, since it's like this, then clean the prince's room every day. But remember, when the prince is still in the room, do not enter. Also, the prince does not like to be disturbed."

Yan Qingyi was prepared to let him arrange for her to be able to approach the work of the prince, but he took the initiative to have her clean the house of the prince.

Yan Qingyi nodded and said, "Yes, I understand. "Oh right, Butler Li, my name is Yan Qingyi. You can just call me Qingyi from now on!"

"Alright." Butler Li pursed his lips into a smile. "Go and familiarize yourself with the environment of the palace. If there's anything you don't understand or don't know, just come and find me!"

"Yes, Qing Yi understands. Manager Li, Qing Yi will go first!" Yan Qingyi bowed and turned to walk around the palace.

After Yan Qingyi left, a maidservant called Tao Wan stood up.

She walked up to Housekeeper Li and unwillingly asked, "Housekeeper Li, she's just a newbie. How could you arrange for her to clean the prince's room?"

Butler Li said sternly, "Are you the butler of this manor, or am I the butler? Alright, cut the crap, and do your job well! "

"Yes sir!" Tao Wan pouted and squatted beside the flowers, continuing to weed them.

"Hey hey hey!" Those are your prince's favorite chrysanthemums, don't touch them! " After Butler Li finished speaking, he patted his thighs in annoyance, "You guys are really careless. Besides, what else can I expect you to do? It's true! "

"Butler Li, we have already been very careful!" The other maid, Ling Long, felt wronged.

"That's right. If you find us unsuitable, let that newcomer do it. Doesn't she know who the prince is?" Tao Ye was unwilling to give up.

Butler Li was speechless.

These maids were usually lazy, but now that a new person had arrived, they were actually so conflicted. Truly!

"Enough nonsense, she has her work to do. Your task today is to weed her. Hurry up, if you don't do it well, don't even think about eating lunch!" Housekeeper Li didn't smile at all. It was only because of his sharp tongue that they dared to talk too long in front of him.

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