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Yan Qingyi strolled around the palace. After she understood the situation here, it was already a quarter to noon.

The servants of the palace ate lunch at a quarter to noon. This was the rule of the palace, and for princes, it was usually noon. If it was Yan Qingyi's time on Earth, it would be exactly eleven o'clock.

When Yan Qingyi arrived at the dining hall, she discovered that the servants had already finished eating all the food. Not to mention the rice grains, she didn't even see a single bowl.

"Yo! Yo!" Tao Wan's voice came from the courtyard, "I'm really sorry for being late. We've finished eating already!"

Yan Qingyi turned around and looked at her. Her eyebrows knitted slightly as she asked in puzzlement, "Didn't Butler Li say that it was a three-quarter hour lunch? Right now, it's a quarter to ten in the afternoon! "

"I had nothing to do today, so I ate early!" Tao Wan crossed her arms in front of her chest and continued speaking after glancing at Yan Qingyi, "However, since you didn't do anything today, what's the difference if you eat lunch or not? You don't eat and you don't die of hunger, do you? Miss Qing Yi? "

Yan Qingyi was not an idiot.

She knew that this maid was purposely targeting her.

After all, every word of hers was full of thorns!

Yan Qingyi also understood that for a maid like this, the weaker you were in front of her, the more the other party would want you. After a while, the other party would step on your head, oppress you, humiliate you, and so on …

Therefore, they had to take advantage of the fact that she was aiming for a sprout. They had to uproot the root right now in order to avoid endless trouble in the future!

Walking up to her, Yan Qingyi glanced at the butterfly on her head before taking it off.

Tao Ye stretched out her hand to snatch it, cursing and saying some nasty words.

Yan Qingyi lifted her feet high up into the air. However, this little girl was shorter than her by a head. She was simply unable to snatch it away. She hopped around like a kangaroo, looking extremely comical!

"Give it back to me, Yan Qingyi!" Tao Wan stared at her.

"What else can I do for you?" No one will see you wear it, so why don't you wear it? "

Yan Qingyi gripped the wings of the butterfly with both hands and gently broke it apart …

Broken …

After Tao Ye saw that her headdress was broken by Yan Qingyi, her eyes widened and her mouth opened to the size of an egg. She had a stunned look on her face as she stared at the broken butterfly's foot in her hands!

Yan Qingyi took it off and saw that Bu Fang had broken it. She was extremely shocked.

"Aww!" So it's a fake!

With a smack on her lips, Yan Qingyi handed the two halves of the butterfly back to her!

Tao Wan was so angry that her eyes turned red.

This was something she had spent 10% of her money to buy. She had only worn it twice, but this woman had already broken it for her!

Tao Ye was flustered and exasperated. She waved her hand at Yan Qing Yi!

Yan Qingyi stretched out her hand and grabbed her hand. At the same time, she used her thumb to pinch her Inner Pass Acupoint!

Before she died, Yan Qingyi was a descendant of an aristocratic family of Chinese medicine, so she knew all the acupuncture points on her body better than anyone else!

And this so-called Inner Pass Acupoint was the so-called meridian point that people spoke of. As long as they could hold on to this place, it would hurt. This way, no one would dare to make any big movements!

Tao Wan's face turned red from the pain and her eyes turned even redder!

"Yan Qingyi, quickly let me go. Aren't you afraid that I'll report you to Butler Li?" She glared fiercely at Yan Qingyi, as if she wanted to tear her into a thousand pieces; she was extremely ferocious!

"Humph!" Yan Qingyi remained unperturbed, "The moment you saw me, I knew that you hated me. If I'm not wrong, you were the one who instructed them not to leave any for me for lunch today, right?" This lady, don't take others as fools. There's always someone stronger than you, and there's always someone stronger. You can't just cover the sky with one hand, because you don't have the qualifications to do so! "

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