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Butler Li found Yan Qingyi and told her to clean Feng Lian's room.

Hearing this, Steward Li was extremely surprised, as he ran like a motor!

This girl was truly a diligent person, unlike those maids who would shirk their duties!

With a bucket of water in his left hand and a feather duster in his right, Yan Qingyi made her way to Feng Lian's bedroom!

In Feng Lian's room, she had previously stepped on the door a bit better, so even if no one told her where it was, she would still be able to find it!

She stood at the door and knocked. Seeing that there was no one inside, she pushed open the door and walked in with the bucket!

Within the room, a faint aroma of sandalwood permeated the air.

This room was beautifully decorated, and it was also very simple.

As soon as Yan Qingyi entered, she was attracted by the Night Pearl on the cabinet on the right.

She put down the wooden bucket, walked to the side of the cabinet, and took the Night Pearl in her hand!

He was dumbstruck and astonished.

This... The Night Pearl was actually so big? Like a child's head, is this really a Night Pearl?

A ding, 003's voice resounded in her mind.

"Host, please do your job properly."

"I know, tsk!"

She's speechless, okay?

This damned System! It cares about everything, just like an old lady!

Yan Qingyi pursed her lips and placed the Night Pearl back into its original place.

However, the Prince was truly a powerful person. The Night Pearls his family had were actually so big, scaring a person to death!

Yan Qingyi took one last look at the Night Pearl before she went to clean the room!

The prince's identity was different. His room was being cleaned every day, so there was not even a speck of dust!

This room was so clean, yet someone was always cleaning it. He really couldn't understand these nobles and nobles!

Yan Qingyi threw down her cloth and walked over to the bed. Both her hands were on her waist!

"This prince is really extravagant. Can he sleep on such a wide bed by himself?"

Yan Qingyi sat down on the bed. As her hand slid across the yellow bed, she felt a silky feeling seeping into her fingers.

"Wow!" Yan Qingyi was dumbfounded. "This bed sheet is actually made of silk. It feels so comfortable to the touch. I wonder what it feels like when I lie on it!"

Just as he was considering whether he should lie down, 003's voice rang out again.

[Host, Feng Lian doesn't have any feelings for you yet. If you continue to mess around like this and get seen by him, he'll definitely hate you even more. Don't do anything rash!]

"Can't I lie down?"


Yan Qingyi pursed her lips and could only give up on that thought.

Wasn't this bed meant for sleeping? It's not like she's going to lie on it for the rest of her life!


The 003 pipe was too wide!

However, this sheet felt really comfortable to touch. It was a pity that she couldn't enjoy it anymore!

Thus, she had no choice but to give up.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from outside!

Yan Qingyi was startled and hurried over to the bucket. She picked up the towel and wrung it dry before continuing to clean the table!

The door creaked open!

Feng Lian walked in.

When he saw Yan Qingyi, his foot that had just crossed the threshold paused for a moment before he stepped in!

When Yan Qingyi saw that he had arrived, she walked up to him and blessed him with her blessing. She lowered her head and said, "Greetings, Prince!"

"..." Butler Li asked you to come? "

Her voice was cold, her eyes as cold as usual, without any warmth. The biting cold aura she emitted made it hard for people to approach her.

Standing by his side, it was like he was standing in a world of ice and snow. Moreover, a strong suffocating feeling involuntarily appeared in Yan Qingyi's heart!

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