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"Yes, Your Highness." Yan Qingyi replied.

"Go out, there's no need to do it."

Feng Lian walked directly into the room.

Yan Qingyi followed him with a resolute attitude.

"My lord, this cannot be, this is my duty, since I have come to the palace, I should be doing good work, I cannot be lazy, your highness, please wait a bit, I still have some vases left, I will finish cleaning and then go!"

Yan Qingyi did not wait for Feng Lian to speak and directly wiped the vase in the room.

Feng Lian's eyebrows moved slightly, but she didn't say anything else.

There were many vases in Feng Lian's room. If one had to count them, they were more than fifty years old.

Yan Qingyi did not clean any of those vases, so the so-called vases she did not clean were actually all of them!

Not only were the vases not cleaned, but the tables, cabinets, and censers were not cleaned at all. Because she didn't think it was necessary. Those things weren't even touched by a speck of dust. What was the point in wiping them?

If not for the sudden return of Feng Lian, she would have already left.

Yan Qingyi took out a vase and held it in her hand. As she wiped it, she secretly glanced at Feng Lian who was in the room.

Feng Lian's senses, hearing, and sight were all extremely sensitive. Did she really think that just because she peeked inside, she wouldn't be able to tell? What a joke! When she had first laid eyes on him, he had already sensed her presence. He just didn't want to bother with her!

But this time was still alright. He was constantly being watched by someone, and it was even a woman who had some sort of relationship with him. Just thinking about it made him feel weird!

Yan Qingyi wiped the vase on the outside casually before she took a cloth and entered the room.

At this moment, Feng Lian was sitting at the table, reading a letter. Seeing her walk in, her face didn't look too happy.

Some of the vases that he had mentioned had not been cleaned. In the end, not a single one of the vases in the room had been cleaned!

Feng Lian took a deep breath and put down the letter in her hands. She lifted her dark and gloomy eyes and looked at Yan Qingyi, who was wiping the vase with her back.

"Don't come next time, let the steward change his identity."

Hearing that, Yan Qingyi's heart tightened. She suddenly turned around and pounced in front of Feng Lian, kneeling on the ground with a thump. With one hand on the side of his robe and the other on his chest, he looked miserable!

"Prince, wuu, did you say something wrong with him?" That's why you dislike him, Your Highness? "Woo woo, your highness, please don't be angry. I will make sure to do my job well!

Feng Lian gritted her teeth.

Women were really quick at changing their faces!

If this was done to other men, they might even take the bait!

Don't forget, he is Chu Yang's cruel and merciless man!

Yan Qingyi stared at Feng Lian with a pair of pitiful big eyes. Her small and exquisite nose was sniffing and her cherry lips were pursed. She really looked delicate and pitiful!

When Feng Lian saw her like this, the words that were just about to leave her mouth were swallowed back down her throat.

"There's no need to do it today."

"Then... Can I still do it tomorrow? "


This word was clean and extremely cold.

"Don't worry, Your Highness. I will definitely do it well next time."

Yan Qingyi pushed herself up from the ground. Because her movements were too nimble when she was on the ground, she had just stood up when a burning sensation came from her knee!

He couldn't stand still, so with a cry, he pounced towards Feng Lian's body!

Feng Lian's face turned even colder. The icy aura emanating from her body became even denser, to the point where it was extremely terrifying.

This woman was simply asking for an inch more!

Yan Qingyi felt that something was wrong and wanted to leave him. However, the pain in her knee was too great. She could not use her own strength to stand up.

However, she was afraid that the other party would get even angrier, so she quickly apologized!

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