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"Prince, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My knees just touched the ground and I'm feeling a little pain. Prince, please don't blame me. I'll leave right now!"

Yan Qingyi pushed him away in an attempt to stand up. She could only do this!

Feng Lian's sinister gaze was fixed on Yan Qingyi.

Yan Qingyi felt the temperature around her dropping, the hairs on her body all standing up!

Feng Lian was so scary, so scary, so scary!

He recited it three times in his heart.

She was close to tears from the fear, but for the mission, she had no choice but to endure the pain in her knees and strongly push herself up!

"You …"

Before Feng Lian finished speaking, Yan Qingyi was afraid that he would say something that wouldn't allow her to do anything, so she interrupted him!

"My lord, I am truly sorry, I did not do it on purpose, it is all my knees that are disobedient, it is too weak, I am sorry, my lord, I am leaving now, I am leaving now!" Yan Qingyi smiled apologetically as she retreated.

With a limp, Yan Qingyi walked to the side of the vat, grabbed the vat, and limped out again.

However, every step he took, the bucket of water would spill out, and eventually, it would splash everywhere!

Feng Lian pinched the bridge of her nose, looking a bit irritated.

What the hell had he done that night? Why couldn't he help but want her? This time, she was like a pile of mud, sticking to him and unable to be washed clean!


After Yan Qingyi left the room, she did not leave. Instead, she sat on the stone ledge by the door, lifted her skirt and rolled up her pants. When she saw that a layer of skin had been worn off from her knees, she sucked in a breath of cold air!

A ding, 003's voice resounded in her mind!

"Host, are you learning how to act?"

"..." You're teasing me? "Look at my knee!" Yan Qingyi said angrily, "Cut the crap, hurry up and treat me!"

[Someone will cure you.]

"Who is it? Who would? "

After Yan Qingyi asked this question, her mind began to clear up again.

She knew that this bastard, the System, had once again gone missing for her!

The door creaked open and Feng Lian walked out. He saw Yan Qingyi sitting at the entrance without leaving, and he instantly wanted to return to the room!

However, thinking about it, it was not right. The other party was merely a piece of smelly ointment. Why would he avoid her?

With a sullen face, Feng Lian walked to her side!

The first time Yan Qingyi saw him, she thought to herself: Could the person 003 said he would treat her knee be this ruthless man?

Feng Lian wanted to bury her head and leave, but when she arrived at her side, she didn't know why, but her feet didn't move at all. In the end, her legs couldn't help but squat down beside her!

"My prince, I'm sorry. I will leave now!"

Yan Qingyi let out a few hollow laughs and put down her inner pants. Just as she was about to put down her dress, Feng Lian grabbed her hand.

Eh? What was he trying to do? You're not really going to treat me, are you?

"Pants up." This sentence did not have any warmth in it, and its eyes were frighteningly cold.

"Prince, there's really no need, I …" Before Yan Qingyi could finish her sentence, Feng Lian's sinister gaze landed on her face.

This gaze caused Yan Qingyi to shudder in fright.

She had no choice but to roll up her pants with trembling hands.

Then, Feng Lian saw her skinned knee!

There was no temperature in his eyes. His slender finger pointed towards her knee. Rays of white light appeared from his finger. That light seemed to be alive as it drilled straight towards the place where she was injured!

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