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Yan Qingyi was dumbfounded like a wooden chicken as she stood there dumbfounded!

"Wah!" Your Royal Highness, you're so powerful. Your Royal Highness, what is this? How amazing, I've never even seen you do it! "

"Why do you talk so much nonsense?"

Whenever he met her, the words would chirp without end, just like that bird's voice, causing his ears to explode!

Yan Qingyi looked at him with a wronged expression.

"Sorry, Qingyi said the wrong thing again."

"…" Feng Lian took a deep breath and looked at her coldly. Then, he said, "This is spiritual power. It can help you temporarily relieve the pain."

"Wow!" Yan Qingyi was so happy that she clapped her hands together, "Your Highness is really amazing, you don't even know how to do this. Oh, that's not right, you don't know how to cultivate, unlike Your Highness, who is handsome and is also a prince, and most importantly, a cultivator. Your highness, I really admire you, really!"

As expected, all the women in the world were chatterboxes.

Chattering nonstop, he couldn't even calm down for a bit, it was so annoying!

As for Yan Qingyi, she was about to vomit because of her flattery!

"Shut up." Feng Lian glared at her. "The other one!"

"Oh!" Yan Qingyi pouted as she rolled up the other pair of pants.

This man was truly difficult to deal with.

She was so thick-skinned that she went to flatter and flatter the other party. Who would have thought that the other party would not appreciate her kindness and would even scold her?!

What was this operation? Could it be that this man didn't like to hear nice words and liked to be harsh?

F * ck! Heavy taste!

"Your Royal Highness, actually, you're not as fierce as you seem to be. Your Royal Highness is actually very gentle. Otherwise, Your Royal Highness, you wouldn't have helped Qingyi relieve the pain!" A smile appeared on his reddened face, like the gentle ripples of the sun. "Your Highness, isn't what I said right?"

Feng Lian looked up at her.

When he saw her smiling face, he wanted to scold her a little, but those words never left his mouth!

Feng Lian didn't answer her. Instead, he poured some spirit energy into it and stood up. Then, with one hand behind his back and his head held high, he walked away gracefully!

"Your Royal Highness, you're such a good person. Thank you for helping me with my wounds!" Yan Qingyi's eyes lit up and the smile on her face became even wider. When she smiled, the dimples on her cheeks became even more obvious.

She finally understood that Feng Lian was the type of person that had a sharp tongue and a rotten heart. Although he looked fierce on the surface, his heart was actually gentle. Otherwise, he wouldn't have healed her!

After being together with him for so long, Yan Qingyi finally understood something else.

Feng Lian didn't like to speak, so he gave off a very cold air. Even in the prince's mansion, she didn't see him speak much. When you speak to her, you only say a few words, so for someone like this, you should whisper in his ear like a mosquito. After a long time, if the person who is muttering doesn't whisper in his ear, he won't get used to it!

Thus, Yan Qingyi had to start from here. If she saw him in the future, she had to be like a mosquito!


003's voice sounded again.

"Host, your IQ is online!"

"003, hurry up and give me the pill!"

003 did not make a sound, in Yan Qingyi's arms, a small white porcelain bottle suddenly appeared!

After opening it and taking a sniff, a pungent smell of medicine immediately made her choke!

"You really are a Treasure Chest. You have everything!"

As Yan Qingyi spoke, she poured medicine on the wound.

[Of course, I don't have anyone here, but I do have everything else I need. There's nothing I can't find that you can't think of.]

Yan Qingyi heard the boast from 003's tone!

"Fine, fine, fine, fine. You're so cocky!"

Feng Lian had only used her spirit energy to stop the pain, but she hadn't completely healed her wound. Therefore, she had to pour some medicine on it to make it better as quickly as possible. Moreover, it could also prevent infection!

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