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When night fell, there was complete silence.

Yan Qingyi arrived at the dining hall very early. After all, she did not want to starve anymore!

She thought she was the first to arrive, but who would have thought that Tao Wan came to the dining hall before her!

The two of them looked at each other and became hostile. No one paid any attention to each other as they sat down on stools by the long table.

No matter how Tao Ye looked at Yan Qingyi, she didn't like her. Her eyes were fierce and evil, as if she wanted to swallow her alive!

On the other hand, Yan Qingyi was calmly sitting there, allowing the other party to glare at her!

You're angry with me, you hate me, so what can you do if you want to kill me? I'm f * cking ignoring you, you feel worse than anyone else!

After a while, a lot of people came in.

These people were all women. They were all maidservants from the Royal Mansion. Looking at the number, there were around twenty or so of them!

Yan Qingyi only found out earlier that the men in the mansion could not eat with the women, so they were separated!

At the end of the month, when Yan Qingyi came, he grinned and happily walked to her side and sat on a bench with her!

"Qing Yi!"


Yan Qingyi pursed her lips and smiled at her.

At the end of the month, Yue Wan giggled a few times.

When everyone had arrived, the people from the kitchen followed suit and served the dishes!

Yan Qingyi did not wait for anyone to move before she got up and brought two bowls of rice over. All of the maids were stunned!

Yan Qingyi ignored him. After she gave a bowl to Yue Wan, she began to eat!

The rest of the people looked at Yan Qingyi with contempt and went to get their food as well!

"Qingyi, thank you!" At the end of the month, he smiled at her, revealing his white teeth. His smile was very bright, and his eyes were bright and lovely.

"It's just a small task. Alright, hurry up and eat!" Yan Qingyi did not speak any further and started to gobble down the food in large mouthfuls.

Tao Wan's eyes seemed as if they could kill, staring straight at Yan Qingyi!

Bitch, two b * tches!

Tao Wan cursed in her heart before she got up to fill the bowl with rice!

After the meal, Yan Qingyi threw her bowl down and left, patting her bottom.

Just as she was about to go back to her room, Butler Li found her.

"Qingyi, the maid that took care of the prince has gone home to visit her family and won't be back for half a month. Since you know the prince, then you should take care of his food and accommodation!"

When Yan Qingyi heard that, her eyes immediately lit up.

"Yes, yes, yes! Butler, I will not fail you, hehe!"

Butler Li was not like these youngsters. He really liked people like Yan Qingyi who were so energetic. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come looking for her!

"The prince normally sleeps at midnight, and rises at midnight. At noon, you eat breakfast, and at noon, you eat supper. Remember, don't miss the time!"

"Yes, yes. Butler, rest assured, I will remember this!"

Butler Li glanced at her in admiration before leaving.

With his departure, Yan Qingyi's face drooped.

The sky wasn't even bright by this time, and the chickens hadn't even crowed yet. She had to get up to serve Feng Lian tea. Did she have to be so cruel?


"Host, this is a good opportunity, don't miss it."

"I know!"

If this wasn't a good opportunity, would she have agreed so readily? It's not like he ate too much!

As soon as the hour arrived, Yan Qingyi filled a basin with warm water and also took some things to wash up before heading to Feng Lian's room!

She knocked on the door and waited for the person inside to answer before she carried the wooden tray in!

Feng Lian came out from the inner room. When he saw Yan Qingyi, he could clearly feel his temples throbbing!

[This woman is really haunting!]

Seeing his expression, Yan Qingyi lowered her head and placed the wooden tray on the table. She then carried the basin to the washstand and placed it there before walking over to Feng Lian!

"Your Highness!" Yan Qingyi blessed herself and said in a low voice, "Butler Li said that the girl who took care of you went back home to save her parents. He said he would not return until half a month later, so Butler Li sent me here!"

So that's how it was!

Damn Butler Li, why didn't you notify him first!

He really didn't want to see this woman again!

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