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In the room, the sound of Yan Qingyi sobbing could be heard.

Feng Lian really wanted to kick her out.

This woman was too annoying!

It was the first time in his life that he hated women so much!

"Your Royal Highness, please beat me up. Please don't chase me away!"

Feng Lian covered his forehead. When he closed his eyes, he could feel his temples throbbing!

They were all infuriated by Yan Qingyi!

"You like to serve people that much?" His ice-cold eyes didn't even flicker. His voice was like ice, devoid of any warmth.

Yan Qingyi was stunned, she did not quite understand what he meant.

By the time she understood the meaning behind his words, he had already taken off his clothes. At this moment, all that was left was his impeccable figure wrapped in a white undergarment!

"Mute?" Feng Lian said again.

"Ah?" No, I just feel that since the Prince has allowed me to stay, I should do my best to fulfill my duty and fulfill my duty.

Leave me!

Feng Lian had no chance to refute these words!

The only thing he could say was that this woman was too tactful with her words, leaving him with no place to start!

"Are you the daughter of Censor?" Feng Lian asked again, his voice still as cold as ever.

Yan Qingyi was stunned.

Had Feng Lian investigated her background?

"Your Highness …" "Me!"

"You, the fourth lady of Imperial Physician Gu, are now a servant of this king's palace. Aren't you afraid that your father will come to get me if he finds out?"

"My lord, to tell you the truth, Qingyi was bullied at the Censor's office. That time, Qingyi was given a seductive pill by the Censor's third young miss, and Qingyi really can't stay any longer, so …" That's why I'm here to seek refuge with the Prince! "


Feng Lian raised his eyebrows and walked in front of Yan Qingyi. His long index finger hooked onto her chin as his ice-cold eyes locked onto her. This gaze caused Yan Qingyi's entire body to stiffen.

"This King remembers that you said you were chased out the other day, but now you say that you came out on your own. Yan Qingyi, you sure are bold. You actually tricked me!"

Yan Qingyi's heart skipped a beat.

F * ck that!

He was intentionally digging a pit for her to jump into!

F * ck me! What a treacherous man!

With a thump, Yan Qingyi knelt in front of him!

"Your Highness, I know my wrongs. Please punish me!"

"Very good."

Feng Lian walked to the side of the bed and sat down. Her ice-cold eyes looked at Yan Qingyi who was kneeling on the ground.

"Then just kneel like that."

Feng Lian lay back down.

Since she insisted on staying on as his servant, since he couldn't chase her away, he could only let her suffer until she voluntarily left!

"Yes, Your Highness!"

Yan Qingyi stood up and walked over to the candlestick!

Feng Lian turned around and looked at her, a sinister light flashing in his eyes.

"You …"

"Oh, I was afraid that the room would be too bright, so I blew out the candle so that the prince would not be able to sleep. This way, the prince would also be able to sleep a little more peacefully."

After Yan Qingyi extinguished the candle, the room instantly turned dark.

After fumbling about, Yan Qingyi walked over to the place where she had just knelt down.

Feng Lian's eyebrows twitched.

Was this woman stupid or scheming?

He couldn't even protect himself, yet he still cared about whether he slept soundly or not?

But let her be!

The floor of the inner room was carpeted, so kneeling was not very uncomfortable.

But if you kneel for too long, your knees will hurt!

What's more, her knee had been grinded!

Thus, after kneeling for nearly four hours, a scorching pain appeared once again on his knee!

If this continued, not to mention kneeling for the entire night, she wouldn't even be able to withstand kneeling for six hours!


"Host, your body won't be able to take it if you continue like this. I'll remove all of the sensation on your body so that you won't feel it anymore!"

Yan Qingyi replied in her heart: No need, I just thought of another move.


The trick.

Yan Qingyi used the voice in her heart to speak to 003. After she finished, a smirk appeared on her face.

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