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Yan Qingyi's face was pale white as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. The strength in his body was rapidly disappearing like quicksand in his hands!

Suddenly, a "bang" sound was heard!

Yan Qingyi fell to the ground!

Feng Lian was still sleeping soundly, but when she heard the sound of him falling to the ground, she immediately woke up!

Feng Lian sat up when she heard the commotion outside.

As he looked at Yan Qingyi's frail and frail body falling to the ground, he didn't know why, but deep in his heart, he actually felt pity for her!

However, when he thought of what this woman had done that night, then thought of her actions today, his face darkened and he lay down!

It would be best if such a cunning woman died so as not to dirty his eyes!

He closed his eyes and continued sleeping.

However, when he thought of that woman lying unconscious on the ground, he couldn't fall asleep!

He was extremely annoyed!


Feng Lian got out of bed!

He walked in front of Yan Qingyi and patted her face. When he felt that her face was covered in sweat, he frowned and hurriedly carried her to the bed!

He pointed at the candlestick, and it ignited, lighting up the entire room!

Under the yellow candlelight, Yan Qingyi's face was deathly pale and her forehead was covered in cold sweat!

Feng Lian pulled open her skirt and rolled up the pants of her underpants. With a single glance, he saw that her knees were bleeding!

Only now did he remember that this woman's knee had been broken during the day!

She was so delicate, why did she come to be a maid? Wouldn't it be better to be your Fourth Miss?

Feng Lian's face darkened as the spirit power in her hand shot out and entered her injured knee!

Around her knees, a striking purplish-red color appeared. The blood that flowed out dyed the spot where her underwear and knees were!

It was infuriating!

As the master of this mansion, he was actually taking care of the servants!

Ridiculous, truly laughable!

When the spirit energy entered Yan Qing's knees, the bleeding stopped.

At this moment, Yan Qingyi had awoken.

Thus, she could feel Feng Lian healing her wounds, and at the same time, she could feel that she was lying on his comfortable bed!

However, she did not open her eyes.

He quietly enjoyed himself.

After Feng Lian finished infusing spiritual power, he went to find medicine to apply it on her.

Only after he was done did he walk to the bedside. Just as he was about to lie down, he sat up!

That's not right!

She was just a cunning little girl. Why should she sleep on his bed? And she was so dirty!

Feng Lian was about to pick her up and let her sleep on the ground, but then he pulled his hand back.

'Forget it. On the account that she served me that day, I'll let her off this once! '

Feng Lian laid beside her. With a wave of her hand, the candle on the candlestick instantly went out, and darkness returned to the room once more.

Dong, dong, dong!

His heart started beating faster for no reason!

A blush appeared on his face!

This was just a normal sleep, how could his heart beat so fast?

Unnormal, very abnormal!

Sure enough, she was still suitable for sleeping on the ground!

Feng Lian was about to throw her to the ground, but she withdrew her hand.

Gritting her teeth, Feng Lian took a deep breath and finally closed her eyes!

The nearby Yan Qingyi was holding back her laughter. Her face was so swollen that it was as red as a pomegranate!

If he continued to hold it in, his internal injuries would soon appear!

As expected, Feng Lian's expression was cold, but his heart was actually as warm as the summer sun!

He laughed in his heart as Yan Qingyi started to mutter.

"Dad, I was wrong! Dad, don't hit me!"

Feng Lian's brows fiercely twitched.

Didn't this fellow pass out? How did he fall asleep? Furthermore … You're still talking in your sleep?

"Sis, wuu …" "Don't feed me an amorous pill. Sis, I beg you, please don't …

Yan Qingyi sobbed as a tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Feng Lian's face darkened as he turned to look at her.

Under the moonlight, he could clearly see the tear that had flowed out from the corner of her eye!

Why is it that when I see her tears, my heart is like this … Unwell?!

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