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After Yan Qingyi had been able to cuddle up with him, she was extremely happy.

She would always hang herself if she was treated like a stranger, but she was too happy to even close her mouth!

Feng Lian put on her clothes and was about to turn around to leave when Yan Qing Yi pulled on his sleeves.

"Husband, since you've gotten involved with me, you should be responsible for me." Yan Qingyi looked at him pitifully.

"Feng Lian, if you need anything in the future, you can come find me anytime." Feng Lian's face was expressionless as she prepared to leave.

It's not like saying that I have to take responsibility for you!

This made Yan Qingyi very disappointed!

"Alright, then... Can I come and find you more often in the future!? " Yan Qingyi stared at him with her large eyes, even though he did not look at her.

Feng Lian didn't say anything else and just left, not leaving a single speck of dust behind.

Moreover, he always had an illusion.

The illusion was that he felt that he had entered a trap!

This feeling was very uncomfortable!

Unfortunately, he had once again done that kind of thing to her, so he had tolerated it!

Yan Qingyi pursed her lips.

This guy really is merciless, he isn't like those books. Logically speaking, whenever this kind of situation occurs, the male lead would always say that I will be responsible for you, but he just directly left!

"003, won't I chase them?"

"If you keep chasing after him, he will loathe you even more.

Yan Qingyi felt that he was right. When dealing with men, one had to try his best.

However, the System seemed to understand quite a lot!

"Then how am I going to find him in the future?"

[Host, you have to go back to clear the obstacles first.]

Only then did Yan Qingyi remember that there were still two young misses in the Censor's residence who had not been dealt with.

If she didn't get rid of them first, who knew when she would finish her mission!

[Cut the crap, let's go.]


Just as Yan Qingyi finished answering, her vision turned black. When she opened her eyes again, she had arrived at the woodshed where the original owner had always lived!

The original owner was a concubine who had given birth to the fourth lady. Due to her weak personality and having no mother, she was often bullied by the two sisters above. It was a good thing that Eldest Miss had died young. Otherwise, not only would Second and Third Miss bully her, even Eldest Miss would bully her.

Not only did those two elder sisters bully her, even the servants of the Censor were bullying her!

Therefore, the original owner's third sister kidnapped the original owner and went to a ruined temple outside the city to feed her the Lovers' Elixir. Even if no man came to cure her, the original owner would still be disfigured!

It was already too late. Yan Qingyi did not want to continue tormenting herself, so she directly returned to the firewood house to sleep.

It was the morning of the next day.


Sunlight penetrated into the dilapidated wooden hut and it was rather dazzling. It was only after a long while that Yan Qingyi finally recovered.

"Speaking of which, the original owner doesn't even know any martial arts and can't refine any pills. How am I supposed to deal with those two young misses? "003!"

The System did not speak, but a box suddenly appeared beside Yan Qingyi.

The box was very delicate. It was red in color and had some carvings on it.

Opening it and seeing that it was filled with medicinal powder, Yan Qingyi frowned.

[This is the aphrodisiac, as long as you sprinkle it on their bodies, they will act the way you did last night!]

Yan Qingyi jumped up from her seat.

This was a good treasure!

This damned 003, why didn't he take it out last night?

[Host, I can hear what you think in your heart and in your mind!]

"..." "Tsk, then you should have taken it out last night. I wouldn't have watched Yan Mo walk away so easily!"

[Everything is cycled gradually, which is why the rules are not messed up.]

"Fine, fine, fine. You are the System, you have the final say!"

Yan Qingyi covered the box, got off the bed and put on her clothes. After that, she hid the box in her sleeve and swaggered off to find Yan Mo.

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