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At this moment, Yan Mo was bathing in the spring breeze in the courtyard of her room.

Seeing that Yan Qingyi had arrived, his originally good mood had all been ruined.

However, when she saw that there were no pustules on Yan Qingyi's face, her lips curled up into a sinister smile.

"Yan Qingyi, you still have the face to come back?" Yan Mo said arrogantly, "But from the looks of it, you've really gotten involved with a certain man. Yan Qingyi, you're really shameless. You had a relationship with another man before you even left the pavilion!"

Without another word, Yan Qingyi walked in front of her.

"What do you want to do …" Yan Mo glared at her with an indescribable panic in his eyes. In the next second, he waved his right hand towards Yan Qingyi.

Yan Qingyi grabbed her wrist and pushed her to the ground.


Being pushed like this, Yan Mo fell flat on her butt. The pain made her suck in a breath of cold air, and the fire in her heart burned even hotter than before.

"Yan Qingyi …"

Yan Mo glared fiercely at her, and just as she was about to erupt in rage, Yan Qingyi squatted in front of her. Her smile became increasingly cold.

"Third Sister, we were born from the same root, why are you in such a hurry to fry? Aren't you afraid of retribution someday for dealing with me like this? Oh, I get it. The Heavens won't punish a person like you, because you'll go straight to hell. The Heavens don't want to dirty their hands, so … I am here to send you to hell! "

"What do you mean?" Yan Mo was so angry that his eyes turned red, and his face turned red like the color of a pig's liver.

The corners of Yan Qingyi's lips curled up as a sinister smile hung on her beautiful face.

She stood up and took out the box given to her by the system from her sleeve. After opening it, she looked at Yan Mo, who was sitting on the floor with a panicked expression.

"I am trying to return the favor. Sis, you made your dog servant feed me the Lust Pill last night. Now, I will let you have a taste of being bullied by a man!"

As soon as Yan Qingyi finished her sentence, Yan Mo's heart skipped a beat. She turned around and was about to leave.

With a cold snort, Yan Qingyi quickly walked to her side and stepped on her skirt. She could not move and turned around to pull on her skirt!

"Get out of my way, you wicked woman!"

"I'm malicious? You have bullied me for more than ten years, and my mother also died in your hands.

Yan Qingyi suddenly let out a loud roar. This roar scared Yan Mo and caused him to shudder. Immediately, tears began to appear in her eyes!

Yan Qingyi did not want to waste any more words with her and directly poured the powder from the box onto Yan Mo's face.

After the powder was poured onto the powder, Yan Mo went crazy and tried to wipe it off with her hands. However, she did not know that the powder seemed to have taken root in her body. No matter how she did, she could not erase it!

Soon, the powder seeped into her skin!

Yan Mo's eyes widened as he roared in hysteria, "Yan Qingyi, what did you do to me?"

"Nonsense, I've never said it twice. Alright, just wait obediently, hahaha!" Yan Qingyi laughed arrogantly as he left leisurely.

"Ah!" Yan Qingyi, you slut, I will definitely not let you off! " Yan Mo shouted angrily as veins popped out on his forehead. His eyes were filled with extreme rage!

Yan Qingyi didn't have the spare time to cause trouble with her, so she directly went to the Southern Xiang Academy.

The South Xiang Academy was Yan Rushuang's residence.

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