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Ridiculous, right? The second miss of the Censor's manor, the third miss, all lived in exquisite rooms, except for the fourth miss, who lived in a dilapidated woodshed under the sun and the rain. She lived a life worse than a dog, and ate food that even dogs couldn't eat!

All of this was about to end right here at Yan Qingyi's place!

Compared to Yan Mo, Yan Rushuang's mind was even more vicious.

From the moment the System had recovered her memories, Yan Qingyi knew what the two sisters had done to the original owner.

She remembered a link in her memory.

Yan Rushuang stripped the body of the original owner's clothes clean and used a sewing needle to ruthlessly prick the original owner's body. In the end, the original owner's entire body was covered in bloody needle holes, making him look extremely terrifying!

Thus, Yan Qingyi would naturally not let Yan Rushuang off that easily. And today, she was going to use someone else's path to suppress him!

When he arrived at the Southern Xiang Academy, he noticed that Yan Rushuang wasn't in the courtyard. When there was only a maid cleaning the courtyard, Yan Qingyi had already moved over!

"What about your Miss?"

This maidservant had relied on her power to bully others. When she saw that he was looking for his mistress, he rolled his eyes at her and did not intend to bother with her!

She saw that the maidservant didn't seem to mind and didn't get angry with her, but continued to speak kindly.

"Shuangxi, I have business with your young miss, where did she go?"

Shuangxi looked at her impatiently, and finally opened his mouth, "Fourth Miss, what does it have to do with you that my family's young miss has gone? "You should stay somewhere cool. Can't you see that I'm busy?"

This kind of person was obvious that the more courteous you were towards her, the more she would think you're easy to bully!

Yan Qingyi could not take it anymore!


A slap landed on their faces!

With this slap, a five-fingered mark appeared on his overjoyed face!

While she was covering her face and glaring furiously at Yan Qingyi, tears had already begun to appear in her eyes.

"Why did you hit me? I am not your servant! "

There was unwillingness and anger in her eyes. Yet, this was the Fourth Miss of the Censor's household. Although she was not favoured, her status was still there. She was only a servant girl.

"Why should I hit you? Just based on the fact that you are despicable! " Yan Qingyi's face turned long and she said coldly, "You are just a small maid, what rights do you have to be against me? Eh? Double Joy, don't think that I won't dare to do anything to you just because you have that young lady Yan Ru Shuang! "

Shuangxi looked at her in disbelief!

This Fourth Miss was once weak and incompetent. How come she suddenly became so powerful when she could not even get a fart out of her? This was not the same Fourth Miss who had allowed others to bully her!


A smacking sound came from behind Yan Qingyi!

Yan Qingyi turned around to look and saw that Yan Rushuang had arrived. Her originally elongated face revealed a smile that was like the spring wind!

"Yan Qingyi, you sure are courageous. You actually dared to hit my servant girl!" Yan Rushuang walked to Yan Qingyi's side.

Yan Rushuang wore a big yellow silk dress with the collar opened very low, revealing her ample breasts. "Her face was like a lotus, her black hair was tied up in a beautiful bun, and the pearl hairpin shone brightly in the sunlight. Her bright red lips were slightly raised as she smiled sinisterly.

"Oh, I saw that she didn't understand the rules, so I tried to educate her. After all, no matter what, I'm the Fourth Miss of the Censor's manor!" Yan Qingyi's mouth curved into a sincere smile like a red pomegranate. Her face appeared so natural and comfortable. Under the fluorescent lights, she seemed like a jade lotus blooming in the moonlight.

This amicable smile shook Yan Rushuang's heart.

Every time she saw him, she would be so scared that she would flee far away. But this time, she didn't hide far away.

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