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"Do I deserve it?" Yan Qingyi let out a cold laugh, her eyes bloodshot as she said, "Very well, I deserve it!"

Yan Qingyi nodded her head heavily and took out a box from her sleeve. She took out a needle from the box and walked in front of Yan Rushuang.

When Yan Rushuang's eyes opened, she was so frightened that her face turned pale!

Like a snake, she retreated in fear!

Shuangxi didn't dare to make a sound, afraid that the Fourth Miss would use that needle to stab him!

"Don't come near me, don't come near me!" As Yan Rushuang retreated and shouted at the same time, tears were already flowing from her eyes due to fright.

"It was the same for me. I told you not to come over, but what happened in the end? Didn't you also stab me with a needle? " As Yan Qingyi spoke, she walked in front of her and sat on her waist. The needle in her hand pierced into her body crazily!

With every stab, Yan Rushuang would sweat profusely and scream hysterically from the pain!

Yan Rushuang struggled as hard as she could under her body. She wanted to reach out to push her, but when that hand reached out towards her, Yan Qingyi quickly pricked her hand with a needle!

In this way, Yan Rushuang did not dare to stretch out her hand again!

Shuang Xi was so scared that his whole body was trembling!

People said rabbits bite when they are anxious, dogs jump over walls when they are anxious!

Now that Fourth Miss had become like this, it looked like it had really forced her into a corner!

He could only hope that she wouldn't harm him!

"Ah!" "Fourth sister, I'm in the wrong, I'm in the wrong, I'm in the wrong, I'm begging you, don't prick me, I'm in the wrong, I'll apologize to you, I'll kowtow to you!" Yan Rushuang's brain could no longer control itself. Right now, she could only beg for mercy.

This needle went into the flesh again and again, the pain pierced through the heart!


Yan Qingyi did not stop there. The needles were still stabbing randomly at her body, and countless needles had pierced her large yellow silk dress. Fresh blood flowed out, dying it red.

At this moment, she seemed to have gone mad!

Yan Rushuang was in so much pain that her strength was getting smaller and smaller, and her face was also getting paler and paler. She almost fainted from the pain several times. However, every time she was about to faint, the needle in Yan Qingyi's hand would stab into her flesh and she would immediately regain her senses!

"Host, it's about time."

When Yan Qingyi heard the words in her head, she immediately retracted her hand and stood up.

Yan Rushuang felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders. At that moment, she was in a very sorry state.

"From today onwards, if you continue to bully others, I will definitely treat you twice as well. Yan Rushuang, remember this well."

Yan Qingyi harrumphed coldly and left with ease.

Both of them walked in front of Yan Rushuang, tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Yan Rushuang glared viciously at the joyous pair as she said weakly, gritting her teeth, "Scram!"

Shuang Xi was so scared that he trembled, and had no choice but to stand up.

"Miss, this servant will call a doctor for you right now."

After saying that, Shuang Xi left the Southern Xiang Academy.

Yan Rushuang stared at the front with a very unwilling expression.

Back then, she was the one who bullied others, but now, she was the one who was bullied and couldn't retaliate!

The Heavenly Dao was truly great reincarnation cycle!


When Yan Qingyi passed by Yan Mo's courtyard, she heard the sound of a woman's mother and the sound of two men attacking with all their might.

These two men were probably the servants of the mansion.

In this way, let's see how Yan Mo will live up to his pride!

Yan Qingyi did not have the heart to look over. Now that Yan Rushuang and Yan Mo had fallen into such a predicament, she naturally felt joy in her heart. After all, this could be considered as avenging the previous owner!

"Host, it's time for you to find Feng Lian, it's almost time."


After Yan Qingyi answered, she left the Censor's residence.

Feng Lian was too cold and proud, but so what if he was cold and arrogant? Didn't she take him last night as well?

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