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Feng Lian was the Duke Xuan of this world, and also the head of the Heaven's Yingtian Academy. However, this was his secret identity; Yan Qingyi could not go to the Heaven's Yingtian Academy to find him. She could only go to the mansion to find him!

It was good that this person had power and influence. If he could casually ask a passerby, they would know where Feng Lian's mansion was. She didn't need to spend more time to find it; it was really convenient!

Just as Yan Qingyi was about to enter, she was stopped by two guards.

"Big brother, I want to go in and look for your prince. Can I …"

Before Yan Qingyi could finish her words, she was pushed away by the two guards.

This made Yan Qingyi angry.

She was a girl after all, how could she be so rude?

"Diao Min, did you meet with the King? Scram! If you don't scram, don't blame us for being impolite! "

At this moment, another ding resounded in Yan Qingyi's mind!

"Host, use your brain."

Yan Qingyi was stunned.

What the hell does this 003 mean? Was he saying that she had no brains?

[Cough cough, I've already said it before. I know what you are thinking!]

"F * ck you, can you leave me some secrets?" After Yan Qingyi said this, the two guards glanced at each other before turning to look at Yan Qingyi!

Muttering to himself... Could she be a fool?

Seeing the expressions on their faces, Yan Qingyi cleared her throat and laughed dryly, "My two big brothers, I really have an urgent matter to discuss with your princes. Please go in and report, as long as you say the words' ruined temple ', your prince will understand!"

After saying that, Yan Qingyi took out two taels of silver from her sleeve and gave it to the two guards!

This was what she was thinking.

In this world, there was nothing that could not be solved with money.

When the two guards saw the silver taels, their eyes lit up. They hurriedly nodded their heads and one of them went in to inform the others.

"Isn't that great?"

Yan Qingyi did not want to answer him, otherwise the guard standing in front of her would think her a lunatic!

After waiting for a short while, the guard who went in to report came out!

"Lady, our prince invites you in!" The guard politely stepped back and made a gesture of invitation.

"Thank you!" Yan Qingyi politely smiled and entered.

Everyone said that Feng Lian was cold and merciless, but that didn't necessarily mean so right?

At the very least, when she wanted to see him, he had agreed!

It was just that last night, he had left in a somewhat straightforward manner, and was a bit inhumane!

However, he didn't care. He wanted to capture him and then let him go!

Not long after, Yan Qingyi was brought to the front hall.

After sitting for a while, Feng Lian arrived.

Feng Lian was dressed in a black robe, perfectly adorning his body. Every part of him was so uniform. With every step he took, his long hair would flutter in the wind. Every movement he made was a sign of his grandeur that others would look up to!

His face was expressionless, and his long and narrow eyes were filled with a cold and sinister aura.

When he saw Yan Qingyi, other than the deep chill in his eyes, there was also that familiar hint of disgust.

When Yan Qingyi saw him, her heart started beating faster.

It was fear, not shyness.

"Your Highness!" Yan Qingyi stood up from her teacher's chair and blessed herself.

"What is it?"

Feng Lian walked up and slowly sat down. She stared at Yan Qingyi, her gaze causing Yan Qingyi to be alarmed.

This person was just too scary, just like that night. Although he was doing it, his face didn't show any other emotions. Even during his final sprint, he was as cold as a snowy mountain!

"En..." It's like this, my dad found out about what happened between me and you, he chased me out, I'm homeless now, and I'm a weak girl with nowhere to go, that's why I came to find you, your highness! "

Yan Qingyi tightly gripped her large sleeves, her palms were covered in sweat from her nervousness!

That night, she hadn't realized how scary this man was. Now, just looking at his eyes was enough to make one's hair stand on end!

"Ha!" Feng Lian let out a cold laugh. This sneer immediately caused Yan Qingyi to shiver, "So, this was something that you had planned, right? First let me have sex with you, then come to the palace and find me? If that's the case, then your hopes will be dashed! "

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