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"Ah?" Your Highness, you have wronged me, what happened that night was just an accident, I really did not plan for anything, please believe me! "

Yan Qingyi hurriedly explained, so anxious that her heart was pounding. At this moment, she could only hope to finish this mission as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would sooner or later have a nervous breakdown!

"Someone, come!"

Feng Lian looked outside and called out. After that, a servant walked in. He bowed and then asked, "Your Highness!"

"Go get five hundred silver notes!" Feng Lian said lightly.

"Yes, your servant will go now!" When the servant clasped his hands and left, he even intentionally glanced at Yan Qingyi.

Seeing how this matter was getting more and more messy, Yan Qingyi could not help but become anxious.

She walked up to Feng Lian and hastily explained, "Prince, I didn't come for money, I …"

Before Yan Qingyi could finish her sentence, Feng Lian's eyes flashed with a cold light.

This gaze instantly scared Yan Qingyi into taking a step back!

"This King has seen many women like you. I'll give you five hundred silver notes. From now on, don't let This King see you again!" Feng Lian glanced at her sinisterly, then stood up and left.

Yan Qingyi rushed to his side and pulled on his sleeve, not allowing him to leave.

She knew it was dangerous, but for the sake of the mission, even if it was dangerous, she had to do it!

Feng Lian turned her head, her eyes becoming increasingly cold. They were like deep, ancient wells that made anyone who looked at them feel a chill run down their spines!

"Why?" Feng Lian asked in a low voice, "Is five hundred taels not enough?"

This woman's appetite was too big!

If he had known earlier, he would have killed them that night!

Otherwise, there would be one more thing to do right now!

"Host, you're pushing him further and further away like this. Men don't like you to be like this!"

Those words from 003 finally made Yan Qingyi somewhat rational.

She trembled as she released her hand. She could only lower her head and pretend to be pitiful!

"Wuu … wuu …" "My lord, I really am not here to ask for money, I really don't need anything, I'm homeless now, I only need you to give me a bowl of rice, my lord, please don't chase me away, if I go back, my father will definitely beat me to death …" "Woo woo!"

He pretended to look alike, and his eyes began to tear up.

The sobbing sounds became more and more real!

Feng Lian snorted coldly. She really knew how to act!

"This King will give you two choices. One, leave with five hundred silver taels. Two, leave your life behind!" He looked at her coldly before adding in a stronger tone, "You choose one of your own!"

This man was not easy to mess with!

Just as the rumors said, the three words "ruthless" were vividly displayed on his body!

"Prince, wuu wuu!" Yan Qingyi continued to cry, "Do you know what a girl's innocence means? "I don't want anything, and I don't want you to be responsible either. You just need to agree that I'm in the Prince's Mansion. Really, I promise I will behave. I promise I won't cause any trouble for the Prince!"

Feng Lian was emotionless in the eyes of others. Even the emperor feared him today. Whoever provoked him would not utter a single word, and would be killed without mercy!

But facing this woman crying in front of him, he didn't know why he couldn't be so heartless!

Perhaps, it was because it was as pitiful as she said it was. Perhaps … It was because he had taken away her innocence!

"Go find Butler Li. He will tell you what to do." Feng Lian pulled out her sleeves after speaking coldly, and then left gracefully.

"Thank you for accepting me!"

Yan Qing was blessed. She waited for him to leave before she smiled. Her cheeks revealed two shallow dimples, just like a rose that had just bloomed, extremely cute.

Earlier, Yan Qingyi was worried that Feng Lian would kill her or chase her out. Unexpectedly, the result was beyond her expectations!

It seemed like this Feng Lian wasn't as good as the rumors said in the outside world!

"Host, don't be happy too early, this is only the first step, you want him to admit that he has relations with you, there is still a huge gap!"

Yan Qingyi knew that this was only the first step.

For someone like her who could go to the hall, go to the kitchen, act cute, and act cute, wouldn't it be easy for Feng Lian to personally admit that she was involved with him?

Noticing her thoughts, she only let out a disdainful snort. She didn't know who was the one that was scared to such an extent just now!

"Let's wait and see!" The corner of Yan Qingyi's mouth curved into a smile that said she was determined to get what she wanted, before she went to find the butler.

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