Evil Consort Wants to Remarry/C13 It scared the baby to death
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Evil Consort Wants to Remarry/C13 It scared the baby to death
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C13 It scared the baby to death

Du Jinse uneasily curled his body, lowering the feeling of her own existence. Although she couldn't see it, her eyes were wide open.

Because she could not see, her senses were especially sensitive, especially after being intimate with the rats earlier, Du Jinse heard the sound of rustling noises in the darkness and felt the large army of rats pouncing towards him.

"The heavens will descend upon the saints, and they will first suffer their hearts and wills ? "Ugh, god, let's discuss a bit. Can we change methods?"

Originally, she had arranged things quite well for herself. A brothel with fragrant clothes, a place where one could sleep in and drink to death. She could completely ponder over her future life and decide not to follow the script she set for herself.

Du Jinse had never felt it was so hard to endure before. It was not easy to endure until dawn, and looking at the rats who treated the woodshed as a market, she avoided all these creatures with caution.

Footsteps came from outside the door. Du Jinse, the intruder, moved towards the door while making way for the rats.

"Open the door."

A deep and melodious male voice rang out.

Immediately after, the sound of chains clanging against each other rang out. Someone had unlocked the door.

The servant pushed the door open, and just as King Mo took a step, a black shadow rushed out from inside and grabbed his neck, then his legs wrapped around his waist.

"Mouse, there's a mouse."

Du Jinse felt that she was extremely unlucky, wasn't she just looking at the door? The mouse climbed up on her feet.

Wuu wuu, they scared the baby to death.

King Mo's face darkened. No woman would dare to do such a thing.

It was truly indecent.

"Come down." He tried to suppress his emotions, which were constantly on the verge of breaking down.

Du Jinse rejected him.

The two evils were better than the light. Although this King Mo was not a good man, he was still slightly better than a rat.

This scene was simply impossible to look at directly.

The servants were all stunned by this scene. Their cold and aloof prince was actually being carried by a dirty woman? When they thought about this, they felt a chill run down their spine, not to mention witnessing it with their own eyes.

"What are you all standing there for?" King Mo went mad.

Everyone came to their senses and stepped forward to pull Jin Se.

Jin Se hugged her tighter, not letting go, not letting go even if she died.

King Mo tilted his head and glanced at Du Jinse, a ripple flashed past his eyes, and he signaled the servants to retreat.

"Alright, the rats are all gone. Let go." King Mo controlled his desire to strangle Du Jinse.

He took a deep breath and reached out to break Du Jinse's hand.

Du Jinse turned her head uneasily, the mouse seemed to be stuck in a trap, it did not slip out just because the door opened.

Du Jinse was still in a state of shock, she stretched out her hand to pat her chest, and immediately discovered two people's dubious postures.

She felt a little awkward as she moved King Mo's body in a circle. This way, when the rat rushed out, and he as a barrier, she felt a little more at ease.

King Mo's eyes were deep, "Follow me."

As he spoke, he took the lead.

Du Jinse immediately followed.

King Mo brought her to the study room and sat on the main seat. Before he even opened his mouth, he saw Du Jinse meditating on her own.

"I hasn't asked you to sit yet." King Mo narrowed her eyes.

Ah, yes.

Du Jinse was still not used to new roles, but when King Mo said this, she suddenly realised and stood up.

Although she was very, very tired, but under the eaves, she still had to lower her head. She could go to the woodshed, but she could not have any rats.

When she thought that she had interacted with mice before, Du Jinse felt her whole body itch unbearably.

A servant came to fetch him water.

Just as King Mo rolled up his sleeves, he saw Du Jinse washing her hands as if no one was around.

King Mo's body stiffened.

After Du Jinse finished washing her hands, she sighed comfortably and turned around.

"That... Go and pour the water for a new one. "

Du Jinse instructed.

The servant glanced at King Mo. His master was obsessed with cleanliness, so naturally, he could not use the water that others used. However, King Mo did not say a word, hence he did not dare step down.

Du Jinse reached out her hand, and spoke in a flattering tone, "How can there be no one by the prince's side waiting on me? I've already washed myself clean, let me wait on you."

King Mo waved his hand, signaling the servants to leave.

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