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C18 enchantment

"Understood." Du Jinse's thin lips curled up slightly.

Li Hao suddenly had a strange thought, was he really going to give her to royal father?

If that was really the case, then he would admit that this Du Jinse was the bane of beauties.

After sending Li Hao to the hot spring, Du Jinse stopped. Seeing that Li Hao had left, she slowly sat down.

When she was in woodshed, because she had the rats, she was so nervous that she didn't think carefully about what to do next. She wanted to take advantage of the time between baths to think carefully about it.

Li Hao drank his tea and waited quietly.

Before today, he had never placed Du Jinse in his eyes, even though his mother had once told them to be closer.

Although Du Jinse was the current Prime Minister's daughter, and was deeply favored by the Prime Minister, so what? Men were the most heartless, Prime Minister Du had already remarried. A woman without a mother to rely on, was the same as a woman without a family.

Last night, he heard from Prince Rong that Du Jinse had committed suicide, and he even said that this woman had at least left him some dignity.

The tactics of the Prince Qing were incomparably vicious.

Not only did he remove the Prince Rong, the biggest stumbling block to the position of crown prince, he also took care of Du Jinse, the woman whom the emperor had bestowed the marriage with.

The most important thing was that, for Prime Minister Du's daughter to do such a shameful thing, what face did he have to meet anyone? Even if he did not tell the old, she would still complain.

The Emperor had long feared that the Prime Minister Du was powerful and influential. How could the Emperor not be happy that the Prince Qing had helped the Emperor get rid of the Prime Minister Du and threw it into the emperor's favour?

This was a dead end. There was no solution.

Who would have thought that they would be turned over by the Prime Minister Du?

If not for the fact that he had seen Du Jinse in his own residence, he would have thought that the Prime Minister Du was extremely resourceful.

Du Jinse.

Li Hao chewed on Du Jinse's name.

Since she was Prime Minister Du's daughter, how could she be stupid?

Was he blinded by love before? Now that he knew about the plot of the Prince Qing, there was nothing more sad than death in his heart.

Behind him, the sound of rustling clothes could be heard.

Li Hao turned and his eyes lit up.

Instead, he was dressed in simple and elegant clothes. He wore light green colored clothes and a pleated skirt. There was only a small pearl flower on his black hair.

Such simple decorations, yet such a great contrast to her figure. She slightly lowered her head, making it hard for others to see her face.

"Raise your head."

Although he knew what Du Jinse looked like, Li Hao still couldn't help but order him.

Du Jinse slowly raised her head.

Li Hao stared intently at Du Jinse, not wanting to let him off even the slightest of it.

The person was clearly still the same person, yet he didn't know what exactly had changed into ? It was too eye-catching.

Where was the difference?

Li Hao couldn't understand, he was clearly such a normal person.

Du Jinse raised her sleeves and covered her mouth as she smiled, "Could it be that King Mo doesn't recognize Shaking?"

She winked mischievously.

Tsk, men are all visual animals. They are clearly enchanted by her beauty, yet they still refuse to admit it.

"Why are you different from before?"

Li Hao asked.

He was asking her how she looked, and also asking how she had become so smart.

"This is the package I was talking about." Du Jinse giggled.

Li Hao's expression changed as he grabbed onto Du Jinse's lower jaw, "Insolent Du Jinse, what scheme do you have to get close to the Emperor?"

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