Holy Luo Continent, 92,016 years of age.

Haoyuan Empire, Capital City.

The wind howled, the sky was raining down like a waterfall.

Rumble ?

In the pitch-black night sky, bright lightning bolts danced chaotically like silver snakes, tearing through the pitch-black night sky and violently hacking down.

Residence of Yun.

On a tree in the backyard, a thin and slender young girl was hanging. Her entire body was drenched by the rain water and her long, wet hair stuck to her face. She looked so pathetic that it made one's heart ache.

Boom ?

An extremely strange bolt of lightning, which appeared to be a demonic blood-red, suddenly struck down towards the big tree, right at the location where the hanging girl was.

Immediately, the rope holding her snapped and the young girl fell heavily onto the ground. Bright electric currents flashed all over her body. Her long hair had been chopped to a scorched yellow, and she gave off a faint charred smell.

"Oh no, the Third Miss was struck by lightning, the Third Miss was struck by lightning ?"

The servant's voice resounded sharply in the night, but due to the rain, it did not spread throughout the entire Residence of Yun.

"Dog slave, why are you making such a ruckus? Are you letting me sleep in the middle of the night? "

The sound of a young girl berating a barbarian echoed in the room. The servant was immediately scared stiff.

"Wait, that bitch was struck by lightning? "Haha, I'll go out and take a look."

Very soon, the young girl's delicate and brash voice sounded again, followed by the sound of clothes being put on.

"Didn't you say that you were struck to death by lightning? "Why is she still alive? This slut's life is so tough. Indeed, she is a person that can endure hardships."

Feng Yu frowned in discomfort. It was so painful, as if his entire body had been struck by lightning, but also as if he had been slashed a thousand times by a person. Even his hair was hurting.

Opening her eyes, she saw a young girl squatting in front of her through the dim light. She had a malicious expression on her face. When she opened her eyes, she viciously flung a few slaps at her face.

Pah pah pah ?

With a few extremely forceful slaps, Feng Yu was instantly stunned. Her small face immediately swelled up as blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth.

"Bitch, it's good that I didn't kill you. If you just die like that, who will I torture in the future?"

This girl seemed to be around 14 or 15 years old. Her round face had small and exquisite facial features and she was extremely beautiful. However, her brows were filled with arrogance and malice.

She suddenly used her hand to cover Feng Yu's mouth and pulled out the silver hairpin from her bun. Then, she fiercely stung the hairpin on Chao Zhe Feng Yu's arm and body.

Feng Yu's body spasmed in pain as beads of perspiration trickled out from her forehead. Her pale face wanted to struggle, but her body seemed to have no strength left, only allowing the girl to torture it. She wanted to scream, but her mouth was tightly covered, unable to make a sound.

He could only endure the pain.

The young girl stabbed her body a hundred times, as if she was extremely tired. Finally, she stopped after looking at it, and her eyes landed on Feng Yu's sallow, skinny face with a malicious smile.

Waving the silver hairpin in his hand, he fiercely slashed across Chao Zhe Feng Yu's face.

"Puchi ?"

A weak voice came out, red blood immediately seeped out of Feng Yu's face, it was as strange as a flower in the dark night, Feng Yu's eyes turned black, his consciousness falling unconscious again.

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