Her ice-cold eyes swept towards LongZixuan, wanting to see what this man planned to do.

LongZixuan smirked, as if it was not related to him watching a good show, and said with a smile that was not a smile, "Second Wife seems to have asked the wrong person. In this matter, This Seat is only an outsider."

Second Wife immediately understood what the LongZixuan meant, and turned to look at Feng Yu, a hint of threat actually appearing in her eyes, "Ruo Er, your Fourth Sister was too concerned about you, and that's why she was misled. Since you guys are from the same sect, why don't you forgive her this time?"

Feng Yu gently touched the scar on her face. Until now, she could still clearly remember the pain of Yun Mu Xiang's silver hairpin cutting her face and piercing her body. A bloodthirsty light flashed in the depths of her eyes.

Blood on the same sect? When Yun Mu Xiang destroyed her appearance and tortured her, why didn't he think of this? Why hadn't she thought of that when she'd found someone to rape her and destroy her?

If the man was found in her room today, would she let him go? She would probably think of a way to force her to death, right?

If it wasn't for her today, the Yun Ning Ruo of the past would probably have been completely destroyed by this mother and daughter pair. Thinking to this point, the corner of Feng Yu's lips curled up coldly.

She looked at Liu Qing He and strangely smiled, "Second Wife is right. After all, we are all in the same sect, so ?"

She paused for a moment.

A smile immediately rose on Liu Qing He's face, she probably thought that Feng Yu was planning to let her go, and despised Feng Yu for a while. She thought that she had become different, but in the end, it was still that puny person that she had accepted.

"Ruo Er, you really are a good child.

The LongZixuan frowned, but quickly relaxed again. Feng Yu's reaction seemed to be within his expectations, if she was really determined to not let Yun Mu Xiang go, then it would be unexpected.

But then, Feng Yu's next words, immediately caused the entire arena to congeal, as though even the air was frozen over. She squinted her eyes, and spoke with a voice that was cold enough to pierce bone marrow.

"It's fine if you break your own tongue, but let me do it for you."

After she finished speaking, under Liu Qing He's widened eyes, she took a step forward and pulled out the silver hairpin that was in her hair, and used one hand to pinch her lower jaw.

Yun Mu Xiang wanted to struggle, but it was as if her entire body was frozen, she could not move an inch. She could only stare wide-eyed in fear at the woman who seemed to have instantly turned into a demon.

Feng Yu used a lot of strength and was forced to open her mouth. Under everyone's astonished gaze, she smirked and used her hand to swipe the silver hairpin, causing a piece of pink meat to fall to the ground.

Surprise flashed through his eyes but following that, the corner of his mouth curved up as he looked at the arrogant and demonic Feng Yu in front of him with an obscure expression.

Dazzling blood flowed down, Yun Mu Xiang was in so much pain that her face twisted, and her tears flowed down. She opened her mouth wide in an attempt to scream, but could only let out a soft creaking sound, making her look very pitiful.

"Xiang Er..."

Liu Qing He suddenly screamed and pounced over. Feng Yu squinted his eyes and before she pounced on him, he threw Yun Mu Xiang towards her. Liu Qing He caught Yun Mu Xiang and stared at her in pain and grief as he cried in grief.

Yun Mu Xiang cried a few times in Liu Qing He's arms, then tilted her head and fainted.

"Xiang Er, my Xiang Er ?"

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