Originally, her body was protected by the Divine Seal Fragment, but every time that Fragment used its power, it would release a blinding golden light that would attract others' attention.

Now, knowing that her LongZixuan was searching everywhere for Divine Seal Fragment, she naturally did not dare to brazenly continue to use the Fragment's power, and so she completely hid her Fragment.

This way, the Fragment would not be able to move of its own volition, which was why it was injured by Yue Ling Yan.

Feng Yu climbed over the wall and left the Prince Chen's Mansion. With one hand holding the cage, and the other clutching her chest, she headed towards the General's Estate. She wanted to summon her space, but she couldn't concentrate her mind no matter what.

Her vision became more and more blurry, Feng Yu shook her head with all her might, and her consciousness also started to become drowsy. Her chest was fiercely bullying him, but she suddenly failed to catch her breath as her eyes blacked out and she fell onto the ground, completely fainting.

In the afternoon, a group of people arrived from afar on a clean bluestone path.

Among this group of people, there were two Ferghana Horses, closely followed by a golden carts made of purple sandalwood, followed by a team of more than ten horses.

The two Ferghana Horses in front suddenly stopped, and the carriage behind them naturally stopped as well. Within the carriage, the man lazily leaning against the carriage opened his eyes, revealing a charming look.

"My lord, someone has fainted in front of us and blocked our way."

Outside the carriage, Chi Xiao's voice could be heard; a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes as she said, "Throw his to the side."

"Yes, my lord."

Chi Xiao dismounted from his horse and walked over. He bent over and grabbed the black dressed girl's shoulder with one hand and dragged her to the side, causing her to flip over. The half of her mask on her face shone with an eye-piercing light under the bright sunlight.

Chi Xiao looked astonished and his mouth filled with shock, "My lord is the Miss Yun San."

He had always followed closely behind the LongZixuan and memorized the General's Estate s in his heart. Amongst the few of them, who today did not know that this lady seemed to be rather special in the Lord's heart.

Although they were also puzzled, why did their lord treat an ugly woman so differently? Could it be that their lord's eyes were different from a normal person's?

Within the carriage, after hearing what Chi Xiao said, a tremor ruthlessly flashed past his eyes. His gorgeous lips trembled for a moment, then he got up from the carriage, lifted his hand and lifted the carriage's curtain as he walked out with large strides.

Seeing LongZixuan personally come out, Chi Xiao was once again discussing this matter in his heart. His master was indeed different to such an ugly woman.

His eyes darkened as he looked at Chi Xiao's hand that was grabbing Feng Yu's shoulder. That deep look in his eyes made it hard to tell what he was thinking, but Chi Xiao felt as if his wrist was about to break.

Her head knocked against the blue stone and made a loud noise. Chi Xiao was so frightened that he retreated a few steps, then looked at the unparalleled beauty of the man not far away with fear in his eyes.

LongZixuan retracted his gaze, narrowed his charming eyes, and gracefully raised his leg to walk towards the unconscious Feng Yu. He squatted down, with his dark black cape hanging on the ground, causing everyone to frown.

They weren't even prepared yet, so why did their lord leave already? What would he do if the dust on the ground stained his brocade boots?

The enchanter-like man narrowed his eyes as he looked at the unsteady, unconscious woman on the ground. His beautiful, thin lips were tightly pursed, and his peerless, charming face was as deep as water. No one could guess what he was thinking about.

He suddenly sighed and stretched out his hands to pick up the woman. When he saw the cage in her hands, he couldn't help but frown.

"Master, even when Miss Yun San was unconscious, he was still holding onto this cage so tightly. Looks like this cage is very important to her."

Chi Xiao looked up for a long time before hesitating to say something. After hearing this,'s eyes opened as he said with a voice that was deep into one's bones, "Take down the cage in her hands and take care of it."

"Yes, my lord."

Looking at the cage in Feng Yu's hands, he did not know how to make a move. He did not forget the dark expression on Master's face when she had grabbed her just now.

But it made him break out in a cold sweat.


When the LongZixuan saw that he had not moved for a long time, he squinted his eyes and gave a dangerous grunt of acknowledgement. Chi Xiao immediately shivered, then braced himself and walked to the side of the cage. After talking with his fingers, a burst of spirit energy shot out and cleverly touched the acupuncture points on Feng Yu's wrist.

The hand of the unconscious Feng Yu loosened and the cage rose towards the ground. The cat in the cage sensed danger and immediately became quiet, and just as the cage was about to fall to the ground, Chi Xiao immediately took her time and grabbed the cage into her hands.

After that, he turned around and carried Feng Yu as he walked towards the carriage. Chi Yan had long since been standing guard at the side of the carriage, and when LongZixuan walked over, he lifted the carriage's curtain.

"Master, after you."

LongZixuan carried Feng Yu and stepped into the carriage. Chi Yan carefully put down the curtain of the carriage again.

At this moment, all of Hong Pao Shao Nian's riders were shocked, this Miss Yun San was indeed special, this was the first time their lord had hugged a woman, and it was also the first time a woman had entered his carriage.

Even Miss Wu Ye did not dare to approach the horse carriage, since a woman had entered today.

On the carriage, LongZixuan lazily leaned to the side, a pair of fiendish eyes staring at Feng Yu who was quietly lying on the bed.

This girl, how did she end up like this? Looking at his weak breath, it seemed as if he could die at any moment.

He sighed. It was good this way as long as she was awake, she would be on guard against him. Did she know that since the last time they parted at the bottom of the cliff, they would never be able to separate again?

That was the second time they had met. He didn't think that the person would be her, but since it was her, he wouldn't resist. He even felt that if that person was her, it would make things easier for him to accept.

LongZixuan closed his seductive eyes, his gorgeous lips suddenly hooked up into an enchanting smile. That thing, should be maturing soon, right now he was actually quite looking forward to it.

Chi Yan and Chi Xiao both dismounted, and opened the curtains of the carriage from both sides. The exceptional man who was leaning on the carriage opened his bewitching eyes, he bent down and carried the unconscious girl in a black dress, and stepped down from the carriage.

A red carpet was spread out. He carried the girl in his arms as he walked gracefully towards the luxurious bedroom.

Entering the room with the purple sandalwood carvings, the devilish man bent down and placed the young girl on the bed. He then took off her shoes and pulled up the blanket to cover her.

Suddenly, as if he had thought of something, he took out a bottle from his bosom and took out a pill. He pinched open her lips and placed the pill inside.

The pill dissolved in his mouth, saving him the need to feed it water. As he leaned against the bedside with his LongZixuan, the light in his eyes gradually deepened.

"Water... "Water..."

In the middle of the night, Feng Yu's weak voice rang out intermittently. That voice was very weak, and normal people would not be able to catch it, but the man leaning against the bed actually heard it.

He sat up from the bed and saw the unconscious girl's lips moving. Her pale, colorless lips were peeling off, as if they were lacking water.

He got up and went to the table to pour a cup of tea. He used his spiritual energy to adjust the temperature before walking over to help the girl up.

"small feather, open your mouth."

In her daze, she seemed to hear the bone-piercing sound of a demonic spirit. She seemed to have heard that voice too many times, so she felt that it was especially familiar. Thus, she obediently opened her mouth.

She had no idea where all the strength in her body had gone, but the action of opening her mouth had consumed all of her strength.

Then, she heard the voice of a devil sighing in her ears. Following that, a soft patch of softness covered her lips and a refreshing sensation spread through her limbs and bones, causing all the cells in her body to feel at ease.

As the LongZixuan left her lips, his violent heartbeat was still as strong as before, and he was unable to calm down for a long time. He couldn't help but remember that time at the bottom of the cliff when she fell from the sky, smashing into his embrace.

At that time, he could not help but be confused; it took him a long time to forget this feeling, and now this feeling had returned.

The itch in his heart was unbearable.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped her face a few times. No one knew what sort of miraculous thing was with that handkerchief, but in the end, it quickly wiped her face clean.

Even the scar on the other side of his face had been wiped away.

The face in front of him was only the size of a palm, but was extremely delicate and beautiful. Even Yue Ling Yan, who was known as the number one beauty in the Haoyuan, was not inferior to his in terms of beauty.

LongZixuan let out a sigh. Who would have thought that under that unbearable ugliness, there would actually be such a peerless face hidden? It wouldn't be too much to say that she was breathtakingly beautiful.

He had long heard that the Young Master Yun was a peerless beauty and was the number one beauty in the previous generation. It was no wonder that this girl was his daughter.

His flirtatious gaze landed on her bright moist lips. His Adam's apple couldn't help but roll a few times as a strong conflicted expression surfaced in his eyes. Then, he suddenly lowered his head and heavily kissed her.

Since this girl would be his sooner or later, he might as well enjoy it earlier.

The sunlight was incomparably intense.

On the bed, Feng Yu uncomfortably turned her body, as if she was hearing a cat meowing. Meow meow meow meow meow continuously, Feng Yu irritably opened her eyes and sat up from the bed.

Then, he saw a familiar room. On a table not far away was a cage, and inside it was the black cat that had always been locked up.

Feng Yu frowned. She remembered that because of this cat, she had a conflict with Bei Ming Xue, and was then injured by Yue Ling Yan with a single palm.

He seemed to have fainted and his consciousness completely shattered before he had gone far; then what happened?

She rubbed her head, she could not remember how she came to General's Estate's room, but she was sure that she did not come back.

So who saved her? In a daze, she seemed to hear a familiar voice, so it should be someone she knew. Could it be her brother?

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